The Finals: Steal the Spotlight mode, explained

Promo image for the Steal the Spotlight event in The Finals.

In its latest update, The Finals switched Solo Bank It mode with Steal the Spotlight. Among other balancing changes, the latest patch has brought a new and exciting event mode to the game. This mode offers players a slightly different way to play the game. In addition, this mode brings with it an event bundle with an entirely new player skin

Additions like this can only make the game feel fresh and more engaging. Potentially in the future, we will see more events like this one added to The Finals. Hopefully, we will see the Solo Bank It mode returning to the game as well. In the meantime, let us take a look at everything that Steal the Spotlight offers to players.

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Steal the Spotlight mode in The Finals, explained

Steal the Spotlight mode uses the same format as Solo Bank It with added twists. As in the previous mode, you enter the arena alone and have to collect coins and deposit them in limited-time Cashouts that will appear randomly on the map. The difference from the previous mode is that the arena is exclusively a version of the Las Vegas map, which is always played during the nighttime with dimmed lights. In addition, tripwires and turrets are active around the map, so you will have to be extra careful. 

Moreover, in this mode, you can play only as the Heavy Build. This means that everyone participating in a match will be playing as a Heavy. Additionally, at the start of every match, all players will be assigned a random pre-made loadout. With all the firepower and environment destruction capabilities that the Heavy Build brings to the table this will surely be a fun mode to play during the special event.

This was the explanation of Steal the Spotlight a new event mode in The Finals, and if you want to read more about the game check out our other articles on Is there a Battle Pass in The Finals, Best Ways to Use Thermal Vision in The Finals, and Guide to All Hidden Achievements in The Finals.


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