Where Are the Cyborgs Faction in Helldivers 2 and Will They Appear in the Game

Helldivers 2 image of some Automaton text in-game

In the first Helldivers game, the Cyborgs were one of the enemy factions. Read on to learn where are these Cyborgs and whether will they appear in Helldivers 2.

In Helldivers 2 there are two enemy factions, with rumors that a third one is on the way. In the first installment, we also had three factions, and they are almost copied for the second Helldivers game. The bugs are almost the same, Illuminate are rumored to be coming to Helldivers 2, but the Cyborgs are replaced with Automatons. And yes, there is a difference. So, about that, let’s see where are the Cyborgs in Helldivers 2 and will they be making an appearance in the game.

Helldivers 2: Where Are the Cyborgs

The Cyborgs are contained in Cyberstan, a planet in the Valdis sector. In the original Helldivers game, they were one of the enemy factions, a lot like Automatons today. They separated from Super Earth’s rule and made Cyberstan their home planet. The story goes that colonists in Cyberstan have become obsessed with mechanical bioengineering and started replacing their body parts with machines. During the First Galactic War, they fought against Helldivers, whom they deemed brainwashed aggressors.

Helldivers 2 image of the Valdis Sector and Cyberstan
Image via N4G Unlocked

After losing the First Galactic War, the planet was “democratized”, inhabitants punished and re-educated, and sent to work in the mines, while a Super Earth representative was governing the planet. So, in Helldivers 2, the Cyborgs are still on Cyberstan.

Will Cyborgs Appear in Helldivers 2

During the Automaton second offensive, the whole Valdis sector was taken, Cyberstan included. If the rumors are true, the Automatons were originally made by the Cyborgs, and now they arrived to liberate their creators. Cyberstan now serves as the base of operations for the Automatons, or “Children of the Cyborgs” as they call themselves.

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As for Cyborgs appearing in the game, we have no information. But, knowing how Arrowhead likes to secretly add new enemies, we may see a couple of Cyborgs in the future. What we most definitely expect is a Cyborg appearance when Helldivers push the front enough to reach Cyberstan itself. Time will tell.

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