What Makes Cyberstan Important to Helldivers 2 Players

Helldivers 2 image of the Valdis Sector and Cyberstan

Besides Malevelon Creek, another planet comes to mind when talking about the Automatons. Let’s dive into what is Cyberstan and what makes it important to Helldivers 2 players. 

In Helldivers 2, The Automaton Collective is one of the alien factions that players have to deal with. They are a race of humanoid robots, bent on destroying Super Earth and all that it stands for. But, is it really that simple? Do Automatons have a different motive than just attacking Super Earth? Let’s see about that.

Helldivers 2: What is Cyberstan

Cyberstan is a planet in the Valdis sector. It is classified as an “Ice World” planet and it has the Extreme Cold condition. It was one of the main battlegrounds of the First Galactic War (the first Helldivers game) and it was there that the Helldivers finally defeated the Cyborg Nation. Cyberstan was then “democratized” and brought to Super Earth’s control, and Cyborgs were put to work in the mines.

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Why is Cyberstan Important in Helldivers 2

During the first Automaton invasion, everyone thought that their goal was to reach Super Earth. As time went by, they began shifting their attention northwards, towards the Valdis sector, instead of pushing towards the center of the Galactic map. Players suspected that it had something to do with Cyberstan, home of the Cyborgs. And they were not wrong.

Helldivers 2 image of a bot fabricator with a trooper emerging
Image via N4G Unlocked

A couple of years ago, a post emerged on the Helldivers’s X page, all in binary. It has been translated by MDHX and it says “We, the collective from Cyberstan, unanimously assert our independence from Super Earth. We have the right to defend our home from the brainwashed Helldivers. Our children, the automaton, will not suffer as we have under the oppression of Super Earth!”

As already mentioned, Cyberstan was the home planet of the Cyborgs, a rebel group that separated from Super Earth, intent on fighting against the “brainwashed” Helldivers. They practiced biomechanical engineering to replace their body parts with machines, hence the name Cyborgs. It seems they have created the Automatons, as a failsafe in case Cyberstan loses to Super Earth, which it did. Now the Automatons are hellbent on retaking Cyberstan and rescuing their creators.

Helldivers 2 image of a downed Automaton Dropship with a trapped Berserker
Image via N4G Unlocked

Second Automaton Invasion

After the crushing defeat of the Automatons during the first invasion, a second invasion began, way larger than the first one. This one started with a complete takeover of the Valdis sector (Cyberstan included), and a push towards Lacaille and Hydra sectors.

It looks like the Automatons have heeded the call of their creators, and are doing everything to “liberate” them from Super Earth’s control. Will the conquering of Cyberstan be enough, will we have Cyborgs joining the fray? Or will the Helldivers push back fast enough and retake Cyberstan in time? Time will tell.

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