How to Get Witch’s Delight in Hades 2

Hades 2 Melinoe petting Frinos the Frog

If you want to add more Familiars or improve the ones you already have, you will need special treats. This article explains how to get Witch’s Delight in Hades 2.

Hades 2 is an isometric roguelike game, made by Supergiant Games. You play as Melinoe, daughter of Hades and Persephone, on her quest to rid the Underworld of Chronos, the Titan of Time. On that journey, she will have to fight various enemies, ask gods for Boons, collect various materials and ingredients, and even befriend animals. Befriending animals in Hades 2 requires a special type of morsel, called Witch’s Delight, so read on to see how to get it.

Hades 2: How to Get Witch’s Delight

You get your first Witch’s Delight when you perform the Faith of Familiar Spirits Incantation. This happens as a part of the quest line where you get your first Animal Familiar.

To get more Witch’s Delight, you must first unlock the Alchemy recipe to make it. You unlock this recipe when giving the first Witch’s Delight to an animal, as part of the quest mentioned above. Head over to your Cauldron and select the Alchemy tab. There you will see the recipe named “Beast-Loved Morsel”. It requires one Star Dust and two Lotus, and the result is two Witch’s Delight.

Lotus is an ingredient that you can grow in your garden (you can get Lotus Seeds in Oceanus), but Star Dust is a little more complicated. If you are lucky, you can purchase some from the Wretched Broker, but usually, you’ll have to earn them yourself. 

To get Star Dust, you first have to perform the Abyssal Insight Incantation. You unlock this Incantation after giving enough Gifts to Chaos, in the realm of Chaos. After the Incantation is performed, you can interact with a crystal in Melinoe’s room, and that begins a special Chaos Trial. Each successful Trial grants you one Star Dust.

Hades 2 Melinoe next to a Frog
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How to Use Witch’s Delight

Melinoë can use Witch’s Delight in two ways. If she gives it to an animal that is not already her Familiar (Frinos the Frog, Toula the Cat, and Cerberus, for now), it will turn that animal into one. 

If given to a Familiar, it will “upgrade” it. Each “upgrade” will open up the “Familiar Bonds” menu, giving you the option to choose between three upgrades.

We expect that more options for Familiars will be added in the future.


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