Hades 2 Gifts Guide – Gift Types and Effects

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Apart from all the fighting and vengeance, Melinoe can build meaningful relationships with other characters in the game. Read on to see our Gifts guide for Hades 2.

In Hades 2, you play as Melinoe, daughter of Hades and sister of Zagreus. As the Princess of the Underworld, she’s on a quest to save her family from Chronos, the Titan of Time. On that journey, Melinoe will have the help of various gods and other notable characters. But, those NPCs are more than quest-givers. You can improve relations with various NPCs by giving them gifts. There are a couple of gifts in Hades 2, each serving a different function, so here’s our guide on how to use them.

How to Give Gifts in Hades 2

For starters, let’s see how to give gifts to other characters. When you approach an NPC, either in person (in the Crossroads or somewhere “in the wild”) or their sigil (in the case of gods), you will have the option to give a Gift (G on the keyboard, LT on the controller), besides talking or accepting the Boon. Press the prompted button and it will open up your Indulgences inventory. There you can select which Gift you’d like to give them, and each offers different interactions.

Which Gift to Give

Some NPC may not accept a certain gift at the time and will give it back to you. There is an Incantation, called Empath’s Intuition, which expands your Book of Shadows, giving you detailed “relationship meters” for each NPC. There you can see which exact Gift you should give to an NPC to advance the meter and deepen the relationship.

Aphrodite's attack boon in Hades 2
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Different Gift Types 

For now, there are four different types of Gifts in the game. They each increase your “relationship meter” by one, and offer different benefits.

  • Nectar – The first time you give this Gift to an NPC, you will get a Keepsake in return. There are around 27 Keepsakes in the game, each offering a unique bonus.
  • Bath Salts – If you give Bath Salts to an NPC, Melinoe will invite them to a quick bath in the Hot Springs. This will usually have more intimate conversations, with the possibility to advance the romantic subplot.
  • Ambrosia – This gift is an invitation to the Taverna. There Melinoe and the selected NPC will have a more personal conversation than usual (and possibly advance the romantic subplot).
  • Twin Lures – Gifting Twin Lures is an invitation to a fishing trip. The two characters will have a casual talk at the Fishing Pier.

How to Get Gifts in Hades 2

Giving Gifts is easy, and thankfully, obtaining them is not that hard either. They are usually bought, though some can be found on your adventures or rewarded after certain Incantations.

Hades 2 image of the Wretched Broker in-game
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  • Nectar – You get your first Nectar when you complete the Kinship Fortune Incantation.
    • After that, you can buy Nectar from the Wretched Broker, for 30 Bones apiece (note that this is limited to one purchase per encounter).
    • You can also purchase Nectar from Charon (using Obols, not Bones), find it in the Underworld (as a reward for clearing an encounter with a Nectar symbol on the entrance), and get it as a reward for summoning Moros (the Harbinger of Doom objective).
    • Lastly, you can brew three bottles of Nectar using the Golden Apple (you need the Sweet Nectar Alchemy recipe for that)
  • Bath Salts – You can purchase Bath Salts from the Wretched Broker for 50 Bones, but only after completing the Rite of Vapor Cleansing Incantation (which will also reward you with one unit of Bath Salts).
  • Ambrosia – You can get Ambrosia from the Wretched Broker, for 500 Bones apiece. That option will only become available after you complete Rite of Social Solidarity Incantation (which also rewards you with one Ambrosia, to start things off)
  • Twin Lures – Twin Lures is a Gift that you can get from the Wretched Broker, but only after completing the Rite of River-Fording Incantation (you’ll also get one pair of Twin Lures as a reward).

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