How to Get Glassrock in Hades 2

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You are not alone if you want to know how to get G-Rock or Glassrock in Hades 2. This essential material for crafting Argent Skull has evaded many players, but luckily, we can help. 

In Hades 2, several materials can be mined or cultivated to be used in crafting or upgrading weapons and items, like Bronze or Thalamus. Among these materials is Glassrock which is used for the creation of one of the most powerful weapons currently in the game. To take down Chronos, the Titan of Time, Melinoe will need all the help she can get. And along with the boons offered by the Gods of Olympus, it will also help to have a good weapon.

How and Where to Find G-Rock in Hades 2

Located in the Fields of Mourning, G-Rock looks like a sharp and glossy rock deposit. Additionally, you can use Reagent Sensing after an encounter to locate all valuable resources in the area, including G-Rock. Once a deposit is located, you will have to use the Crescent Pick to mine the node, which will provide three G-Rocks. 

How to Get to Fields of Mourning

Fields of Mourning is the third region that is encountered in the Underworld. It is a rather short region, containing a few large locations before encountering a guardian boss fight. This means that the opportunities to locate Glassrock are sparse and very valuable. Gathering G-rock and getting to the Fields of Mourning will get easier in time as Melinoe gets stronger. 

Image of Melinoe traversing the Fields of Mourning in Hades 2.
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What is Glassrock Used for in Hades 2

One of the crafting materials in Hades 2, G-Rock is used to create and upgrade all sorts of items. Among those are the already mentioned Argent Skull, one of the most unique weapons currently in the game. Additionally, Glassrock is used to upgrade items and, ironically, is needed to bring the Crescent Pick to Rank II. This is great for easier mining of G-Rock in the future. 


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