All Incantations in Hades 2, Listed

Image of the Cauldron and Incantations in Hades 2.

Getting stronger and progressing further is the core mechanic in Hades 2, and luckily, Incantations can help immensely with this. After Melinoe’s first attempt in the Underworld, a Cauldron will appear at the Crossroads. Incantations will now be unlocked after reaching certain game progression markers, defeating a certain boss, reaching a specific area, etc. When new Incantations are unlocked, Melinoe can exchange resources at the cauldron to cast them. 

Hades 2 All Incantations, Effects and Recipes 

Every incantation in Hades 2 unlocks new features in the game. These features include new shops, improvements, and locations in the Crossroads, and some affect the Underworld and surface paths. In the future, it’s possible that we’ll see Incantations that affect the aesthetic of the Crossroads as well. The following table lists all the Incantations and their costs and effects, currently available in the game.

Fated InterventionUnlocks the Fated List, which rewards you for completing tasksSilver x1, Ash x2, Molly x2
Summoning of the Mercantile FortuneUnlock the Wretched Broker, a shopkeeper who sells items for BonesBones x10
Night’s CraftworkUnlocks Gathering Tools, which allows you to gather resources in the UnderworldMolly x1
Reagent Sensing After clearing a room, a visual notification will appear if there are resources to be claimedMolly x1
Kinship Fortune More exotic goods become available at Wreched BrokerBones x60
Gathering of Ancient BonesBlesses one of your weapons for a night, which gives a bonus of 2 Bones for every room clearedLimestone x2
Doomed beckoningSummons Moros to the CrossroadsFate Fabric x3, Nightshade x1
Divination of the ElementsLets you see the elements of each Boon you have and allow for the use of InfusionPsyche x5
Flourishing SoilAdds two Soil Plots at the Crossroads, unlocking Gardening and giving a Nightshade SeedMolly x1
Forge-Me-NotUnlocks the ability to track recipes for items, reminding you what to collectMolly x1
Floral FortuneUnlocks the ability to sell plants for Bones at Wretched BrokerAsh x1, Nightshade x1
Rich SoilUnlocks two more Soil Plots at the CrossroadsLotus x3
Permeation of Witching-WardsUnlocks alternative path to the surfaceCinder x1, Shadow x1, Molly x3
Rite of Vapor-CleansingAdds a Hot Spring at the Crossroads, gives one free point of Bath Salts and unlocks the purchase of Bath Salts at Wretched BrokerMolly x2, Lotus x2, Nightshade x2
Rite of Socal SolidarityAdds a Taverna to the Crossroads, gives one free Ambrosia and unlocks the purchase of Ambrosia at Wretched BrokerNectar x2, Garlic x2
Faith of Familiar SpiritsGives a Witch’s Delight, which unlocks FamiliarsNectar x2, Lotus x1
Consecration of AshesUnlocks the enhancement of Arcane Cards and gives free 3xMoon DustAsh x6, Cinder x1, Fate Fabric x6
Unraveling a Fateful Bond Allows Malinoe to breathe on the surfaceLotus x2, Moss x2, Nightshade x2, Thalamus x2
Verdant SoilAdds two more Soil Plots Wheat x1, Garlic x1
Abyssal InsightUnlocks Trials Malinoe can attempt to get Star DustFate Fabric x2, Pearl x2, Molly x2, Nightshade x2
Rite of River-FordingAdds Fishing Pier to the Crossroads, and gives Twin Lure for freeDriftwood x4, Cattail x2
Aspects of Night and DarknessUnlocks Weapon Aspects and UpgradesBronze x5, Nightshade x1
Attending a Faithful BeastAnimal Familiar will work for you when left  at the CrossroadsTears x1, Wool x1, Wheat x4 
Greater Favor of GaiaUnlocks upgrades for Gathering ToolsMarble x2, Bronze x4, Iron x4
Empath’s IntuitionUpgrades Book of Shadows to show relationship progress with each characterFate Fabric x1, Myrtle x3
Observance of Gaia’s SecretsGain a 20% chance to gain one extra resource whenever one is collectedMolly x7, Lotus x7, Moss x7
Rise of Stygian WellsEnable the spawning of Wells of Charon during a runMolly x1, Nightshade x1
Woodsy LifespringUnlocks a rest area in Erebus that restores healthSilver x3, Molly x1
Briny LifespringUnlocks a rest area in Oceanus that restores healthLimestone x3, Lotus x3
Cleansing of Fountain-WatersImproves fountain healing by 10%Molly x1, Lotus x1
Kindred KeepsakesIt enables the option to switch Keepsakes after a boss fightLimestone x4, Molly x2, Lotus x1
Surge of Stygian WellsWells of Charon appear in transition areas after the boss fightsMoly x3, Cattail x3
Purification of Fountain-WatersImproves fountain healing by 10%Nightshade x1, Cattail x1
Propensity Toward GoldUnlocks golden urns that drop gold once destroyedLime x1, Fate Fabric x1
Reviving a Mournful HuskCreates Golden Boughs in Mourning Fields that point towards the goals of the current roomMyrtle x1
Necromantic InfluenceCreates shades allies that attack enemies, when Melinoe sprints through Lone ShadePsyche x5, Nightshade x5
Unearthed Troves Unlock Infenal Troves that challenge you to defeat enemies under a set time for goldLimestone x5, Nightshade x1
Summoning a Colony of BatsUnlocks an All-Seeing Bats that provides the map of the City of EphyraMoss x3, Rubbish x3
Circles of ProtectionUnlocks Warding circles through ErebusMolly x1, Lotus x1, Mandrake x1
Rush if Fresh AirUnlocks Shrines of Hermes on the surface routFate Fabric x3, Wool x1, Driftwood x2
Golden LifespringUnlocks a rest area in Tartarus that restores healthMarble x3, Shaderoot x3
Sandy LifespringUnlocks a rest area in Rift of Thessaly that restores healthIron x3, Driftwood x3

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