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true. But what's even more funny is that it was submitted as news when the article itself is just stating an "opinion" based on the "rumor" started by And to make it worse, PS3news created this rumor out of thin air....

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fanboys gonna fanboy.

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If people even had the slightest idea of what you're saying they wouldn't be disagreeing with you but what can we do? This is N4G for you. Land of the ignorant.

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have you? Because it looks really bad. Only hardcore weaboos would be able to stomach this filth.

If you thought the fist 2 games were bad then this one is in a whole new level of bad.

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guys she's married. Leave her alone. XD

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zombies have always been popular but when did it become such a phenomenon in games? I remember Resident Evil but for this gen the theme has been used so much it almost a genre of its own.

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both of those screens are pre-rendered though.

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I was expecting worse but this was well written and I agree.

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on top of it submitted as "news". =/

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so many words only to say absolutely nothing. -__-

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they are CPU's for netbooks and tablets after all. x86 Jaguar is more versatile because of stuff like out-of-order execution but nowhere near as powerful as the powerPC on the PS3 or X360.

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maybe a 5/10 at best. The game's not broken but it is so simplistic even a free to play facebook game seems much more complex but Knack costs $60.

Graphics are cool, story is kind of cool but gameplay is lacking on all fronts. The game's mediocre, there's no other way to say it. And there's no excuse for a family game to be this shallow when we have Mario games with incredible level design and gameplay.

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it's only against the rules when's a negative toward anything Sony though.

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yeah. It means the game's not pushing the console at all.

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Locked frame-rate is one thing while Vsync is another. But I'm not gonna explain that here.

The thing is that when you lock a game to a certain frame-rate be it 30, 60 whatever... If the game's not pushing the console then 2 or 3 frames will always go above the fixed amount.

And the judder is not cause by the game or engine but by the display which can't process the frames because it's 60hz native and not 63hz or whatever. 120hz and above TV ...

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not the game or the engine but the display. All normal TV's are 60hz native, only monitors can show higher hz as of now.

When you see TV's being advertised with 120hz, 240hz, 600hz... That's interpolation. A post-process that duplicate frames to reduce judder on movies which are filmed at 24 frames but for games it's pointless because it causes lag.

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oh yes it's very possible!

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Sony don't deserve it but the Sony fanboys from this site sure do.

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this is a dupe

For a momment I thought I was going crazy because I was like, "I already read this...".

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the only reason I was even thinking on buying this game was because of the pantsu shots. =/

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