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never imagined that a prosthetic leg was that expensive, I mean, $100,000! And the poor girl is only 20 years old! At least it was just one, it could have been way worse....

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dude, get a life

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PS4 is already making history.

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not just some but most of them are verified buyers. You just don't want to admit it.

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yes please!

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It was Yoshida who said this but he never said he was expecting mediocrity. I don't even know how this flamebait dupe was approved.

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didn't expect the games to have such bad performance frame-rate wise. Knack in particular has even worse frame-rate than most PS3 games dropping down to only 14 frames at times. And Killzone SF's multiplayer runs at lower than 50 frames most of the time... What a disappointment. =/

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but Sony fanboys will deny this till a PS4 explodes in their face. -__-

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not just that but there pictures of people with PS4's that are missing HDD connections, screws and even buttons!

If things are like this just after a launch then you know things and bigger than they really seem. Even IGN's and Kotaku's PS4's had HDMI issues and Sony had to replace their consoles just to save some face with ...

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lol at people saying that 70w on standby mode doesn't matter... You guys are some of the most hardcore fanboys I've ever seen in any gaming website.

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nope. I love those games but didn't like Knack one bit. Knack is just a dumb and low quality brawler with hardly any platforming or shooting to even be remotely comparable to R&C, Crash, or Jak. Of-course the PS3 fanboys of N4G will disagree and go on a rampage for anything bad that can be said about Sony made products.

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the title is just click bait but by the end she kinds of makes a good point but is never fleshed out. Not very good writing to be honest.

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Amazon forums just exploded. The reports just duplicated and people are pissed as hell. It even makes me scared.

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what? But they just said it was a mistake while doing he testing. And if this true then what's the point of the ARM Chip?

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7 hours is bad when you compared it to the DS3's which was around 30.

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and here we go with the second stage after the hype articles: The Doom & Gloom.

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it exists but the question is, how high is the failure-rate percentage? Because all electronic products break.

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Yes it's pay to win.

If you pay you can get rare items everyday all day but if you don't you only get the chance to get em like once a week. On top of it you NEED to buy at least one of the expansion packs for powers (you get new power and mission) to not be so extremely limited by the amount of stuff you can store in your bag and bank. And believe me, you'll need the extra space, if not you'll be forced to be constantly deleting good stuff and you'll not ...

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I wonder how Gaikai will work for BC because Sony said this was a way to address BC but if it's really like that then I shouldn't be forced to pay for a game I already have.

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and the only ones that say that the PS4's UI is slow.

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