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they work in a house? But when you think about it, why have an office and stuff when the entire company is just 4 people. lol

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don't lie, high end PC's can hardly handle PS2 due to very bad optimization for the CPU and everybody knows that. Go and google it.

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all the shots are bullshots.

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most PS3 exclusive games ran on dedicated servers except for Uncharted. So Uncharted will last till Sony shuts down the PS3's PSN.

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me too. XD

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Gaf should adopt a system where you can discern who is who like on Twitter or reddit.

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who is Matt? Is he a developer or something?

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I too hope turn-based is back after FF15 and what I really want is for it to be more like Chrono Trigger where you could combine magic spells and no silly transitions when getting into a battle.

Although I don't think we'll ever see a FF16 this gen since Nomura said that there were direct "sequels" planned for FF15. Square are really scared to let go of the FF name to make new Triple A IP's like they did back in the day with Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger,...

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if anything is gonna be closer to Kingdom Hearts. A much more darker and realistic version of KH.

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you liked Golden Abyss which was the worst of them all? Have you really played the other Uncharted games for real? 0__0

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if true then I'm not buying a PS4 till 2015 and glad that I wasn't an early adopter this time around since I really don't care about any of the 2014 game releases either.

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since I'm not exactly a collector I don't care much about anything else but the quality of the disc but I do try to buy the most complete if the price's not too far ahead. Although for games like Suikoden II the price is way too steep even for the disc alone... Things have gotten so ridiculous that some people are selling the empty box for like $100 and people buy it!

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don't confuse people with your twisted definition of "niche". Niche games are stuff that don't cater to the masses and LP series was clearly designed as a straight up shooter catering to the western market but it flopped.

Yakuza series in its very nature outside of Japan would be considered a niche game. The game's an oldschool brawler with an rpg upgrade system, sidequests, open-world, dating-sim, dress-up game and many other elements that would make y...

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this game is not only targeting way too many consoles at the same time but its budget is not even half of Gran Turismo's. Project Cars will most likely end up as a flop.

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this always happen to people that play more games than they should.

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that's a long video and I'm not wasting my time watching it.

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Titanfall, No Man's Sky and Quantum Break were all great stuff.

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trending for all the wrong reasons...

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where's the emulator for the original Xbox then? The console was x86 too.

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wasn't even hyped for the VGX but truth is that it was garbage.

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