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well, the title does sound retarded. I don;t know why I was market as offensive for saying that....

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with KH3 going to the XB1 is kinda stupid that there is no KH collection for Xbox.

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such as the fact that the old series sold much more than the reboot. So the excuse of DMC needing a reboot was wrong because all they did was bury the franchise for good.

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Even after all this time I'm still bitter that I'm not gonna see the old DMC ever again. So glad it flopped so I don't have too keep seeing sequels reminding me of the trash that killed one of my favorite franchises.

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a last gen game that can't achive 60 frames on a next-gen console... =/

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considering how little they share of the main story-line they might as well be spin-offs.

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dat title. lol

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the faster they sell the faster we'll get more and better games, so I hope so.

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the 3DS is selling a lot though. Both software and hardware, so even if the Wii U's failing I don't think they are going out of business. The N64 and GC did worse but here they are.

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infamous is an actual next gen game though, not a $60 last gen port.

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if only people stopped complaining about bullet spongers this wouldn't have happened. But when you're a scrub that can't aim then...

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but this is a last gen game and that's what makes it so disappointing.

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true. 30 frames "locked" was/is the biggest lie of last-gen.

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these "next-gen" consoles are so disappointedly weak. =/

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graphics look cleaner and much less jagged.

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I thought exactly the same thing. Like seriously, Transformers?

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everything borrows stuff from something else.

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3 short paragraphs of nothing supporting his argument and there are comments there saying "great article". I mean, the whole point of the author is that he didn't like the game and just because of that it doesn't deserve any GOTY awards. =/

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Nomua has not directed a single bad game in his entire career working at Square. That deserves respect.

No one cares how FF looks or plays, we just was good games which FF13 trilogy aren't....

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