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a necessary evil if you ask me. Emulation is the only way to truly conserve gaming history.

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for a console that is more expensive? And what about last gen when some PS3 multiplats were like 10 20 pixels less but it was like the world was coming down?

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if only the PS4 was the one 720p to see if there would be these many apologists defending the game like this.

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I can play anything from NES and onward because nostalgia helps me enjoy it. I beat the first Dragon Quest game on Nes last year and I'm playing Suikoden I and II this Thanks Giving since I'm not getting a PS4 until around E3 2014.

But I do understand that playing old games for someone that never played the system when it came out must be really hard. Except for some titles like Mario and stuff which even modern indie games still use as reference for their 2D gameplay...

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"extensive"... Dualshockers are a joke just like HHG.

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Sony has "libgcm" but what does MS has? And that is the question... DX is not exactly low level and that's what the Xbox has. MS even forces devs to pass through it every time.


basically that's what Carmack say. That he wouldn't waste his time with it if a wide range of platforms don't support it.

Carmack: "If Microsoft and Sony both embraced it that would be very, very powerful for AMD but it doesn’t look like they are going to, at least Microsoft from the words that they’re mouthing. I mean if I was still doing all of the major technology coding for next-gen game stuff I probably would not be embracing Mantle"

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not to better games but to faster development through all the systems.

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no point in having your library accessible in a friend house unless he has fiber internet or something because downloading 40-50GB is gonna be a pain in the ass. When I can download 50GB's games in no more than 10 minutes that's when I'll go full DD.

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nope. And he's not the only one. The guy that got his consoles banned doesn't even let him access the settings of the console.


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what about the 720p? DRM? He even hinted at the switch flipping.

And there has been reports about the UI crashing with the snap features but that's not something you'd know for sure until the console is out on the hand of the masses.

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This guy's on-point with the rumors. I wouldn't even touch the XB1 with a 10 foot pole.

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the comment section of arstechnica is much more entertaining to read than the actual article. But seriously, I can't believe ars are downplaying the clear HW advantage of the PS4. It's crazy! You only need basic knowledge to realize that the power gap between the next-gen consoles will be much more bigger than the one between the PS3 and X360 just based on the GPU let alone the memory or the overall set-up for GPGPU which the Xb1 doesn't even have.

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the game's a slow-paced micromanagement game and flight simulator. I don't think there's a big enough market for the game on consoles.

And graphic wise, it's not like the game will be rendering a gazillion of animations and effects at the same time. The game just has some nice textures and kind of old school art reminiscent to old-school space movies from the 60-70's like Alien and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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the studio making Knack were the ones that made The Legend of Dragoon.

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A 12 CUs GPU will never beat an 18 CUs GPU built on the same architecture. This is just silly. XB1 HW doesn't offer a single comparable aspect that would make it match the PS4 in any way. That's why all the multiplat launch titles run and look better on the PS4.

XB1 can't even do ALU without trading visual quality for performance because it only has 12 CUs. And ALU is very important because these consoles have extremely weak CPUs that need to be patched by the GP...

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well, she looks like a prostitute.

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Youtube comparisons are pointless. Bitrate is too low and on top of it, the game's 1080p but the video's at 720p and capped frame-rate too.

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I think you mean the power of Gaf....

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no competition will make the PS brand to decrease in value? How and why? That doesn't even make sense.

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