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I noticed it when played the GT6 Academy demo but I thought it was because the game wasn't finished. But if you compare GT5 Prologue to GT5 you'll notice another slight downgrade.

And to make things worse, GT6 no matter if you play it at 1080p or 720p now both have x2 MSAA while on the older games you could have 4x MSSAA if you played the game at 720p. This most likely is to fix the old frame-rate issues although I heard that GT6 still has frame-rate issues at 1080p. ...

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dem fighting words!

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BF4's campaign is one of the worst things I have ever played in my life. The MP on the other hand couldn't be more epic!

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Killzone SF started really strong but mid-way through it you can easily notice they did everything they could to stretch it and that's exactly what ruined it.

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I think this link is very appropriate: http://scelatio.deviantart....

But thank god Toriyama has nothing to do with FFXV, so there's a very high chance that it will end up being a good game ;)

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Killer Instinct's gameplay is like: 1-800-Dial-A-Combo but still very fun if you ignore the fact that it is a fraudulent F2P game. XD

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they can't even make good FF games anymore and you want a FF7-2? You crazy? Can you imagine if they put Toriyama at the helm of that project? Oh dear... Leave FF7 alone!

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he also complained about the lack of variety of enemies which have different colors and names but they still look and behave the same. And it is the same with many of the NPC's... He says the game feels rushed and cheap.

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99% of the time this is nothing but PR. How many times we didn't hear from devs saying that they maxed out the PS3 and then others saying that they could still push it further?

In fact, don't you remember when Crytek were saying that the PS3 version of Crysis 2 was going to be the best, that the console could do things the X360 couldn't, etc.? Well, the X360 version still looked better....

Tell me, which one do you think looks better? On the left ...

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people from Gaf are from all over the world not just America!

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holy crap, this is gonna be like another E3!

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I recommend you buy a PS3 instead, I don't think this Gaikai thing will be that great when it comes to game selection let alone the latency and compression.

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then prepare to be disappointed....

@someoneagain is the only person using reason on this sea of Sony worshipers and apologists.

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At least Windows 8 has Classic Shell but on the XB1 you're forced to live with it. Another point to PC gaming.

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I don't know how he do it but his play is high level:

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not a jrpg anymore, this is an eroge and FF13-3 an ecchi dressing simulator. On top of it, generic as hell.

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I've been bubbled down with trolling, immature and off-topic for much less... What's going on guys?

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having more games is not about playing them all but about variety because not everybody likes the same thing.

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Blog entry of the year!

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