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and you should. PS4's the way to go for true gaming.

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Polygon are easily the most biased gaming website I ever seen.

Just watch this (skip through it), it's Polygon's 12 hours stream about the PS4 and all they do it being super negative about it in every way they could:

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even if they are already investigating, what if when the console comes out on Friday they realize the issue is bigger than they thought? There are already more than a million PS4's already made.

And the IGN's PS4 and the ones of the Taco Bell guys all had the same issue. The HDMI broke, so it seems that there is a pattern in place here.

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Daigo's not going. Why? I have no idea. The rumor is that the $10,000 for first place wasn't enough for him because he's assisting to another one on the same day which is $18,000.

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This guys is the most hated player of the FGC but still, my favorite player of Marvel.

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Full-HD, Youtube. -__-

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only Polygon said they didn't notice a difference. And the funny thing is that they only played the MP which runs at 1080p by default. Those guys are biased as hell.

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of-course! When you upscale, pixels are stretched to fill more space and that causes the image to get blurred a little bit. And the higher the resolution to which you have to scale the more blurry thing will get. So yes, 720p will look much better natively than upscaled to 1080p.

Example: a 720p imagine on a 720p TV will always look better than a 720p image upscaled to 1080p for a 1080p TV. There is no tech that can change this. Software or Hardware based upscaler it doesn...

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Capcom always trolling MM fans. When will they stop?

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this guy is always good.

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Funny that most of the hate in the article comes from Polygon. XD

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and here we go with the articles which only purpose is to rack up on hits. And you guys know what's coming soon, right? The doom and gloom phase. XD

PS4's dead in the water. PS4 has no games. PS4's have high failure rate? rumor, etc.

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other sites aren't on twitter trashing the Killzone franchise like Polygon's editors. Very professional from their part....

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and the report comes from just ONE guy that won a Taco Bell PS4. lol

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because they have rated totally unplayable games much higher. That's beyond an opinion at this point. On top of it, look how their editors are trashing the franchise on Twitter! Polygon are mad.

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easily one of the best JRPG games ever made.

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A story based game for the Dreamcast about a Chinese man looking for some mystic items that were stole from his family by mafia or something and then as the story progresses things only get worse, people get kidnapped, etc. Gameplay mechanics are basically a bit of investigation ala point-&-click games, QTE's on cinematics and a battle system loosely based on Virtua Fighter's.

The games were one of the most expensive flops in gaming history and almost killed Sega....

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you gotta love how these websites distort reality and the fanboys eat it without thinking it twice or even reading. Many even assuming there will be a Shenmue 3. Boyes is not only talking about localization, which only mean a re-release for Shenmue 1 & 2, but the main source was about Yakuza and FF Type-0 too.

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that comment section of Gamespot. LooooL

It's like N4G on roids but with fanboys of all platforms (including PC) trying to troll each other for all they are worth. My goodness. XD

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Yakuza 5 man, that was my most hyped game of the year until Sega crushed all my hopes. If they announce it now I think I'd die of too much excitement.

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