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Same score. The game's mediocre... I bet more popular sites like IGN and Gamespot will agree too.

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"coding for them is less of a day-by-day challenge than consoles of past"

"tapping out their power requires an incredible amount of work."

^That's a contradiction.

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the power of blu-ray + HDD.

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GOW's combat has more depth than this game though.

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modders doing what game devs can't for some reason....

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I seriously doubt this article is speaking the truth:

Sony 94
Nintendo, not even top 600

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I don't know but I felt immersed the first time I played Halo and Metroid Prime.

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but that's not the point. The point is that not every single game will be on the service. So you paying a monthly fee to have access to a digital emulator is not a bad idea from a business standpoint at all you know.

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the FFX legacy is about to get stained... Again. These guys are not even trying to make good games anymore, they are just using a name to sell the games. Square should be ashamed of themselves and Toriyama shouldn't be allowed to be the director of any game ever again after FFX-2 and FF13.

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Uncharted Trilogy for PS4 might be good. I hope it has an online multiplayer though.

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did they confirmed that it will be 60 frames?

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just let them be dude. For years N4G has always been known for its rabid Sony fanbase.

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and this is why a digital only future would suck.

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2014 is not looking good when it comes to games.

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Watch Dogs looks like nothing special really.

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well, they lost the TV market to Samsung, the laptops to Apple and Asus and the same with the MP3's, etc. Music and Video games are the only departments making them some money but the the profits are leaking through the others.

But it's not their fault. The blame's on the weakening yen and exchange rates.

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this is hatred?

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what about the Sony fanboys that after years of trashing XBL for the fees to play online don't even complain now about having to pay to play online on the PS4? What about the removal of PS2 BC only to sell you 720p/30fps "HD collections" and "Classics" on PSN?

Fanboys are all the same, they are all apologist and neither Sony or MS give a crap about you. They just want your money.

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weird that after retailers saying that the PS4's selling much faster than the XB1 that both of them have nearly the same WW numbers. It makes no sense at all. Especially when you consider that on certain parts of the world like Spain the PS4's outselling the XB1 3 to 1. In fact, the XB1 is not winning on any territory which make this be even more strange.

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