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"cinematic", I'm starting to hate that word.

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there's always Gamefaqs. Or these people could start moving their "Let's Play" or whatever to Twitch. Twitch has achieves and is not that popular at the moment, so it's gonna be a while before the likes of Nintendo start ganging up against it.

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niether of them upload videos to Youtube.

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Entertainment is a job and a necesety for the mind.

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now the only question still unanswered is: protect it from what?

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procedural is not all great and good though... If not done properly you would end up with a bunch of uninspired and generic looking areas that kind of look way too much like each other.

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no one lives forever....

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1 million is like pocket change for both: EA and the cancer research. But 99% of the time this stuff is just for the sake of lower taxes.

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I feel like he's underestimating our intellect. =/

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and markers and see through walls and tons of other casual stuff. Kojima's on a journey to expand the series' fanbase at all cost.

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I want to turn the freaking useless thing off completely!

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“I would talk about the social features as both Sony and Microsoft have been touting these for a while but, to be honest, I haven’t really used them.”

Social Features: 3/10


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I still can't believe that pewdiepie is the most popular Youtube channel, it's simply mindblowing. But I'm still very jelly of him because like 90% of his 17 million subscribers are girls. ;(

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indies are hype!

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All I wanted was Uncharted 4 but I'll get nothing? ;(

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It seems that none of the people that approved took a single second to even click on the link because it redirects you to Kotaku's review...

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like comparing vomit to excrement.

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the PS4 of-course... I don't even have a girlfriend.

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Forza has a degree of driving assist that can't be turned off. That in itself makes it an arcade racer or why else do you think the press likes it so much better than GT? Because it's easier. But GT series has always had much better physics than Forza, that's not even debatable.

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while you're right about the shadows GT6 can't be worse at motion blur because GT5 doesn't even has motion blur to begin with.

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