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Vimeo's video quality is so freaking godlike. Its lowest video source looks even better than Youtube's "1080p"!

I wonder why no one uses it for comparisons considering how much better it is than Youtube... And BTW, that delay came in good for Driveclub. The game looks "next-gen" now.

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so true... Have you watched the intro of the game? So cheesy it makes me want to punch Lightning and Snow in the face.

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they already have the engine and the assets, so making these sequels should cost much less than the first game. Another thing to take into account is that if they keep making them it's because they're making some profit, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time.

But seriously, it's hard to believe that FF13-2 sold 3 millions... Although a far-cry from the 7 millions of the original.

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me too. It's annoyingly distracting! I wonder what were they thinking when they didn't gave us a setting to turn it off. It was stupid.

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I find funny that he has faith in the Cloud. XD

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3D Mario games have never sold well in Japan. They always prefer the 2D ones.

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it might be cheaper alright but that's still weaker than the PS4. PS4's GPU > R927OC-2GD. And not to mention that PC games often need more power to run games because of lack of optimization, so this build is useless.

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not many considering that the game a commercial flop twice. On Dreamcast and then again on Xbox. So bad it was it nearly killed Sega.

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you are comparing an exotic CPU to just memory.... -__-

It doesn't matter how much devs learn to use the esRam because bandwidth alone will never make up for less rops and CUs. The Cell had the ability to help the GPU to render graphics and stuff, something that a general purpose CPU couldn't. Ram on the other hand is nothing more than just memory. Memory to bandage the DDR3's bandwidth bottleneck.

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for their own good this game better be good if not there will be a legion of raging nerds and there will be blood.

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yes, let's evolve gaming by limiting its scope... Right? This guy really didn't put much thought on what he was writing and that's clear.

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if it only had BC the transition would have been easier though. Now to pray that Gaikai will be as good as I hope.

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more Tflops, more bandwidth and it allows for more low level programming by completely bypassing Windows and GPU driver layers imposed by DirectX.

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don't think so. Current high-end PC's not only have crazy powerful GPU's which easily surpass 2 Tflops of calculations by itself but they have much more powerful CPU's than the Jaguar dual cluster on the PS4.

PS4's more powerful than the XB1, that's for sure, but nowhere near comparable to a current high-end PC. Not even close.

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the 50% claims are only comparing the GPU's side by side but when you factor in other stuff it becomes even higher than that. If the rumors about the PS4's CPU running at 1.8GHZ are true then that's a performance gain over the XB1 and the same with the memory bandwidth.

Seriously, this is not rocket science people. The PS4's more powerful than the XB1 piece by piece. And not to mention that the PS4 has 256MB of DDR3 dedicated just for the streaming chip, whic...

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no wonder I was looking for it today but couldn't find it. Kinda sad because it was fun to watch the random people doing random stuff.

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PS4 will be hacked too. Both are basically the same console but with very slightly different specs.

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better trolling? He's stating a fact!

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8 years ago I would have said yes but not anymore. Now we have to pay to play online, PC games drop in price much faster and you never lose BC with your old games no matter the upgrade.

Not to mention that you can build a similar priced PC with twice the power of a console... And how to forget the fact that you can make your old games look much better without being milked by a company selling you the same game twice in some sort of HD collection and stuff. Now the problem wo...

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when I first played the UC3's MP 2 years ago I felt overwhelmed by so much customization and dropped it instantly. But after they gave all the Maps for free I gave it a second chance and I was blown away.

Now I feel bad for not playing it more back in the day when there were more people playing. But still, I've been playing it religiously everyday ever since the free Maps for at least 4 hours because it's that good. The MP's might not very casual friendly lik...

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