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You done done it now!!!! #2.1
I'm thinking I should've ordered my Sunset Overdrive bundle from Amazon instead of Gamestop? #2
More fancy terms. Devs are hilarious. #2
I preferred the days of gaming where......

You went into a shop and you looked around. You saw a game you were interested in, you looked at the cover and the back cover, you bought it and you went home and played it. You discovered things on your own. Of course there were magazines around but for the most part you didn't let the internet decide what you liked and disliked.

Those were simpler times, for me atleast, during the ps2/Xbox/Gamecube era. I w... #3
I can strongly agree with that. The contradictions are ENDLESS. I know I told you guys this before but I did get an A on my research paper last year because of this site. I used it, and some members, as a case study. I don't even think people realize their contradictions or remarks.

It was great though. #10.1
That's how I feel. #8.1
It really isn't. It's the console vs console debates that get ridiculous. The only time PC gets ragged on is when someone comes in and tries to throw it in there.

For example: someone says "I got the ps4 because I want the best version of all multiplats. Someone from the PC side says......"well, get it for the pc" THEN ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!!!

That's really the only time PC gets into the mix. Oh, and paying for online play but... #7
For some reason, my kids love this show on Netflix. #2
In reality, if the Reapers were real and the actions of Mass Effect were true, you would have only had two options. Destroy the Reapers, or let the Reapers continue to do what they do. #3
nevermind #16.2
I somehow posted that on the wrong thread. Thanks though. #1.1.1
This is so much worse than Bayonetta though, like 100x's worse.

Edit: The response is worse than the Bayonetta response. Sorry about that. #3.1

Wrong thread #2
Uncharted 4 remastered!!! #16
Microsoft can make 100 more exclusives than sony and have the highest rated games, it still would not be enough for most to buy the console and it will never outsell a playstation console worldwide. It just will never happen. Naughty Dog and Media Molecule could become first party and they would still get outsold.

People have to just face reality and move on. #2.1
Periods........please. #22.1
It's not always about console sales. These manufacturers do make money off of software also, whether its exclusive or not. #25
You cannot compare the pricing structure for 2 different mediums/forms of entertainment.

New Cell phone 400-800 dollars off contract (people replace all the time)
New console 399 people complain they can only own one

You see? There are 2 sides of the debate on both issues and you will get great arguments from both sides. Cell phones are different from consoles. You can get cell phones subsidized if you go on contract. I only keep my phone for 2 ye... #3.3
It's so simple. Get rid of the 4 hour demos priced as rentals. Price the rentals for 4.99-5.99 for a week and call it a day.

I personally think that ps1 and ps2 titles should be cheaper to rent but that is just me. #4
Small development team, focus on the console with the most sales first.

I've liked Ninja Theory since Kung Fu Chaos. The only game since then that I haven't played is DMC. I don't like that series. #9
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