Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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And the UWP program is slowly starting to show some of its benefits.

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When the game is on Xbox/PC, everyone has a gaming rig that blows it out of the water.

When the game is on PS4/PC, everyone knows that devs sell more on console so why buy it on PC.

Of course I'm being cynical, that phenomenon only happens with 75% of N4G users. Yes, I pulled that number out of my @$$

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Not really. If you enjoy playing on console, continue to get the console. It's that simple.

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Because this is an article (and I use that term very, very loosely) about PSVR and not Xbox One, or PS4, or NX, or Wii-u, or Vive, or Oculus.

It's always a fight with you people.

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I only build Mini-ITX now. Have been doing so the past 2-3 years. I don't miss my full tower case and Motherboard, with one GPU anymore lol.

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Everything Minecraft is forced down your throat???????


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I like it. I get games from Steam, I get games from the Windows store.

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I think you read that wrong.

It's only an increase of .45% meaning back in May, 33.7% of users had a card with 1GB of RAM

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I don't know if they are bad for gaming. Pc has upgrades every year, that cost more, and gaming is thriving on that platform. As far as console gaming goes, it's a weird time of transition. The console manufacturers are trying different things to pull in customers. I don't fault them for that at all, but it does seem a little shady. Add to that the fanboy spin on everything on every blog and there is really o clear picture unless you take the time to thoroughly research everyt...

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Sounds Great.

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Cant beat that external storage option. I don't care what anyone says.

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LOL, only on N4G.

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Is Scalebound coming to Xbox Live on PC. I can't remember. It doesn't matter as if/when I purchase it, if it is apart of play anywhere I can play it there also. If it isn't, I will still have a great game.

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"Why would I pay that much for a wanna be laptop............. I would rather get a gaming computer...."

Good luck taking your gaming computer to class with you.

2 different products for 2 different purposes.

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over priced tablet??????????????

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Wow. I'm waiting anyway (for the price gauging to stop on the 1080's or the release of the 490) so this doesn't affect me. I did think about a purchase though lol. I will wait longer.

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............... Of course they are. This is a $200 card and not the flagship.

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You're young. They released slim versions of the original playstation also.

Sega also had slimline versions of the genesis.

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Oh man, the f'n mass confusion that this will cause gamers. WTF is Sony thinking?

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................ Why do I keep thinking that Forza Horizon needs Cops?

could they do it better?

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