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lol, when gamers get into positions of power. #3
Not really because if you are a gamer who wants the higher resolution then you probably don't own an XBone to begin with.

I always say a good game is a good game. Titan Fall plays at a much higher resolution on the PC, but people still say it sucks. #1.2
no problem. #6
that pic, lol #1
wow, I just don't know what to think. #11
Kung Fu Hi Impact is a f'n workout. I remember the first time I played it, I was sore the next 2 days. #4.1
........... because they are in competition. #6
.........Like what? #11.2
Ever since Need For Speed Underground, these types of games need customization (IMHO). Man, that was a good time for street racing games. I still love Tokyo Extreme Racer. #8
Yeah I mentioned that earlier. It's probably gonna be more expensive to buy into the VR experience than to buy another console. You have to buy the camera (50-60). Move (50). and the VR headset (people are guessing 299+).

Sony was very smart in that regard. Create something. Of course make it better with a new iteration. Then create something else that will need the other device you created to work. It was f'n genius.

Like you said, VR will... #2.2.1
They should've come out with a MOVE like controller for Star Wars. It probably would've made it 100x's better. Of course, people would have complained that they were copying. #2
Yeah, ok. If there was no money in gaming for Sony, it would be dumped just like some of their other ventures. #15
I would rate it over Gears. Depends on which Halo you mention.

sidenote: You guys are so sensitive. I mention one exclusive and you can't take it? #11.1.1
Lets debate about this simulator. #11
We need Crimson Skies and Jade Empire to come back ASAP. #5
I would rate "kiddie" Mario Galaxy over GTA IV. Over Call of Duty. Over Killzone. #11
I haven't upgraded anything in 2 years. Still on my HD7950 and it works great. #3
It looks good, but I wouldn't call it great. #2.1
.......... I don't like cats, except lions, cheetahs, leopards, tigers, pumas, and jaguars. #19
Wow #3
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