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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


My Kinect broke!!!!! (Microsoft is fixing it for free) Now I can't say "xbox record that" when I do something awesome in this game!!!

I have encountered 2 bugs in the game. One where I fell when I was fighting Fizzie, and I got in a continuous "portal" respawn loop. I had to end the mission and start it over. Another was when I was fighting the "Norton dragon". In all the franticness I somehow ended up inside it's body. It was weird.... #17
The Fizzie battle was epic!! #2
white ps4 #82
White ps4? Nice #86
....... That's kind of why he said NPD. #11.2.1
My only complaint is the profanity filter. I wish it was actual different dialogue instead of the beeps. For example, instead of "What a beep (F***) up" I would rather have them say "What a screw up".

I hated answering questions everytime my son asked why is that beep there. #5
Medium settings?

I think I would've preferred 900p and higher settings. Gotta have that 1080p on the box though.

Edit: it still looks good though. Not gonna pre-order it. I will wait and see what I'm gonna buy it for about 2 weeks after launch. #6
Title should be.......

DLC totally screws over gamers!!!

Remember when you had to put in codes to unlock costumes and hidden characters? Or beat the game to unlock other levels? #1
You too huh?

edit: The Super Samurai game for the Kinect was okay, the controls sucked though, especially for little kids. It couldn't really read your movements properly. #1.1
Thanks. I was thinking about getting a set for my sons for Xmas. Not sure if they will be interested or not but it's worth a shot. I only let them play certain games, on the weekend, so this seems interesting. #2.1
34 million!!!!!!!!!!

How in the world. #3
Can anyone who plays any of the Skylander games give me some insight on what they are about?

I keep seeing these huge boxes in the stores but haven't budged yet as I already think Disney and Nickelodeon are warping kids minds enough. What are the games about? Do you scan the action figures into the games? #1
Great. I'm happy for you. Doesn't change what happened to me. A web browser is just a web browser and I'm happy with what I use now. #5.2.1
why is everything a troll attempt with you people just because it doesn't agree with your personal stance?

When Chrome first came out I installed it. I used it for about 2 days. On the second day, I SAT THERE AND WATCHED POPUPS GALORE COME UP ON MY PC!!! I'm pretty good with PC's. I somehow got highjack malware. I took my drive out. Scanned it with my gaming pc. Removed all entries. Then once I was able to get my pc started, I uninstalled Chrome and scanned... #5.1.1
So you're rich?

Are you hot? Can you send me a twit pic? #6.1
Chrome......... ewwwwwww.

I stay far far away from that as possible. I watched it download malware some years ago on my PC. Just sat there and watched popup after popup. 1st impressions are everything. #5
Yeah I don't see the big deal with SharePlay. I would probably use it 1% of this console generation. Add to that, I don't want to sit and watch someone play my game. I wan't to play it.

I can see it being useful for sports games where you can play multiplayer together. Fighting games might be interesting also. #8.1.1
You can judge a games......... greatness by user remarks about a month to 2 months after release.

Infamous was/is a good game that left most, even people on N4G disappointed. We will see if the same holds true with Sunset Overdrive, which could happen. The only difference is Sunset Overdrive has crazy multiplayer modes so it might skew people a different way.

But yes, Infamous was a good game also. #5.1
........... Is there really that much money out there? Wow these numbers are staggering. And they say devs are leaving the PC.

Who wants to team up and create a studio to make a F2P mmo lol. #1
But you can share all of your steam games on PC with family members can you not?

Edit: yeah, shareplay is a different concept all together. #2.1
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