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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


This is a disaster. WTF happened? #6
I was gonna wait on a price drop, but I sold a track yesterday and used some of that money to pre-order lol. #3.1
WTF is going on with devs these days. I mean its June. If you need(ed) more time then get more time. Publishers don't care im sure but a 3.5gb patch before launch is sad. #4
Any idea if Kinect games will work? #1.4.1
No one. Next question #7
Can you add me

Cherub2g #2.2
I'm so f'n dumb right now!!! #3.1.1
And for free if you already own it. The f'n nerve of Microsoft!!!! /s

Edit: at lodossrage

you will not have to re-purchase content. #4.3
I thought it came out in October? #5.1

I just hope (wishful thinking) that the new pedals can be added controls instead of mirroring other buttons. Saving your configs in the cloud is a great touch. #3
Sounds fair. #2
I liked what I saw of the game, even though it was just one very very small segment. Looked promising #3
The video that they showed looked like an old video that I had seen before. I could be wrong, but I think that stuff has been floating around the internet for a good while. #1
Please stop this. #1
I have played through Mass Effect (1) at least 6 times. My favorite game from last gen #17.1

I'll put it to you this way. Go trade in your Xbox 360 to best buy for $175, buy an Xbox one for $175. When they start BC, pick up right where you left off. #15
Looks like SFIV (I play on PC) #4
Shadow of the Colossus was 2 generations ago. #18.1.4
I have no idea what you said.

Try typing it in your native language and I will use google translate. #11.1
I kind of agree.

I liked Horizon, other than that, Uncharted 4 in regards to 1st party.

The other 2 announcements are multiplat and aren't slated to come out for atleast another 2 years (FFVII and Shenmue). They did have the most "wow factor" but most of the big games were 3rd party.

Not saying Microsoft's was better, but I don't get where people think this is the best conference ever. I think they were on par, but I... #6.1
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