Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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*DJ Khaled voice*.............. Another One!!!!

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I game on both. Have to have my Halo and Uncharted. I mainly play RTS games on PC. Some multiplats I get on PC also.

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Not jaded, I just don't like to deal with nonsense. I won't call you an idiot because I don't know you personally and I think that word is thrown around too much as far as insults go.

I can take whatever you dish out, with a smile I might add, and an occasional laugh because some of you are funny. I just choose not to. So what you consider weaksauce, I consider an intelligent choice.

Wish you the best. :)

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........ They can do no wrong, even when they're wrong.

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The Xbox One s doesn't add anymore power, it just adds HDR and is a smaller form factor.

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Um no. You're looking at "minimum" $1000 for an all new PC build.

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Why not just get the 480 for $200 and not have to worry about anything?

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yes, just wait

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consoles will still sell. Parents need a baby sitting device for the youngsters. Adults with money can buy the PC's if they want.

Me personally, nothing changes in my household with the exception of owning two versions. I can let my son keep the Xbox One, sell the other, and play the future games on my RIG. When Scorpio comes out, we will sell the last Xbox One and upgrade to that.

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You don't have to buy a console to play anywhere. That's one less console that Microsoft has to manufacture for you at a loss. They will make a great profit off of the software that you buy though.

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Consoles are not PC's

Edit: Well, they are, but you know what I mean.

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So many couch CEO's on N4G.

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This was posted yesterday, possibly twice already.

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Give it up. The ps4 is the media darling this gen. Microsoft is gonna get trounced.

It's the same thing last gen with the ps3 is doomed articles. The 360 was the media darling. No matter how idiotic these blog posters are, we will get the same thing over and over again until a new clickbait topic arises for them to talk about.

I just don't understand how the same thing keeps getting posted over and over again, just worded differently. How...

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*Dj Khaled voice*................ Another one!

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It's literally making my head hurt, and getting me emotional. I just refuse to believe that the mass populace is this stupid. I just refuse to believe it.

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The power of desktop GPU's is severely underutilized. Severely.

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The same people that write these blogs are the same people that said PS3 is doomed are the same people that said Microsoft will leave the console business. IDIOTS.

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.......... New PlayStation hardware is coming out this year? WTF is wrong with you people?

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I'm just sick of the same people arguing back and forth and none of them have any concrete info to go by.

But on N4G, everyone runs multi-billion dollar corporations better than the actual people that do.

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