Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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It's a remake, from 2 generations ago. It should and does look 1000x's better.

I will definitely get this when it comes out since I did not get the upscaled ps3 version. Great game.

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Buttloads. I would contribute to 1-2 of those purchases.

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Plug and Play.

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No. That is not what happened.

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I agree.

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Bumped up res is not that critical, but you bought the pro instead of regular ps4?

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I popped my disc in this morning and let it download as I left for work............... I was sad the entire drive.

Cant wait to get home and give it another go.

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I hope that the think tanks at Microsoft are trying to figure out a way to get online multiplayer back in Crimson Skies.

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Unnecessary, but of course you get upvoted.

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WTF does it matter?

A good game is a good game.

Media really has the mind of the people. Back in the day, we didn't know/care if a game was indie or not. Was it good yes or no.

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My son and I played it after football games on Saturday. Hard as hell, but fun and rewarding.

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............ Forza Motorsport 7 is play anywhere.

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Are you playing on "default" or have you actually gone in and changed the settings to your liking.

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GWG is joke? Even when the months are great?

You guys take this stuff too seriously.

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......... Halo is almost 20 years old. Destiny is something new(er), and a different style of FPS.

It says something for Halo that people have to continue asking this question everytime a new FPS comes out.

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The ones that people play on it.

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It's downgraded, especially in the details of the facial textures. It doesn't mean that it does not still look good.

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Too much sex and cursing in games these days. You have to filter some stuff.

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