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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Visually, Driveclub hits your eyes first. As far as playing them, content, customization, the world, you just have to give it up to the Forza Horizon team. You can turn Forza Horizon into a full on sim or a somewhat arcade racer with a few changes in the options menu. That was a nice touch. Let people race how they want to race. #10
Resolution and graphics are two different things my friend. #6.1
I didn't pay twice, and yes, I also used regular 8 and 8.1

And to counter your argument, it was a major update for the people who complained about windows 8. They brought back somewhat of a start menu. The entire search function changed. Power options on the main screen so you wouldn't have to go looking somewhere to shut your pc down. They changed the infrastructure of the O.S. to alleviate most of the crying.

Now to your argument about what... #7.1.1
There is a desktop mode my friend. #5.1.2
8.1 was such a major update that it was considered a main release on its own. #7
eh, Me personally I would have preferred atleast 1440p. Especially when linking 2-3 together.

That would've changed the price though. #1
..............*gives the Kevin Hart blank stare* #2.1.3
Someone needs to make an HD port of Asphalt 8. I love that game. I can imagine it with better car models and overall better textures. #3
You ordered a game because you heard it was 60fps? #2.2.3
The Forza Demo was good, but I'm just not into racing games as I once was. I need to buy me one of those Playseats Especially the crazy one in the video, and an Oculus Rift then maybe I will get some excitement back....... or break my back in the process. #1
I've given up on those articles. I think I commented on one today but it makes no difference. The internet can make you sad, and this is a hobby not life and death for me. I gave up on the ps3 is dead, Sony needs to leave articles also. It gave me a headache. #6.1
Sunset Overdrive maybe. My educated guess is that it will be Halo MCC and then holiday sales comparisons *bluuuuuh* #3
.......... You mean demoncratize? #2.1
This isn't any new found information. #1
but.............. there's four, no? #2.1
Gotta love that good ole' season pass!!! /s

I would f'n buy a game that I didn't even want DAY ONE if the dev comes out and says we're against the season pass so all content will be unlocked day one. Seriously I would. #3
So can we stop about Microsoft holding back games now? #15
Ryse was 30fps........... sometimes. #2.3.1
I personally think they released the main forza games so quickly because they wanted to catch Gran Turismo in number counting. Now that they have, I personally think they will just try and keep up with their releases, maybe release off years. Gran Turismo releases one year and Forza releases 6-12 months later. They could even release earlier. That's just my opinion though. #2.1.1
................. #2.2
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