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I don't think it's going to be like that. It's more like......

You buy an Xbox One. That becomes the lowest common denominator. Iteration 2 comes out. They still program for the lowest common denominator with a few more settings turned on for iteration 2. Same game, just two versions that can be played on either console even when/if you upgrade.

I liken it to Xbox360/Xbone just different. As it stands now you would have to buy 2 versions of...

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All of that because of an internet browser. It's really sad.

Let me ask you this, if Windows came with no Internet Browser, how were you ever going to download and install another browser (if you didn't have an installation disk? I just never understood what the issue was with that.

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"It’s true that if you dig far enough into Microsoft’s settings-burying UI, you can find a way to install these apps by enabling “side-loading”. But in turning this off by default, Microsoft is unfairly disadvantaging the competition. Bigger-picture, this is a feature Microsoft can revoke at any time using Windows 10’s forced-update process."

.... so you want them to just turn this off by default and problem solved, right?

"This true openness r...

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These headlines crack me up. I miss the days of getting news in the magazines without the sensationalism and instant internet overreactions.

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Oh gawd please

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I have them all on PC. It will be interesting to see the changes that they implement for the console re-releases. I hope it stacks up well.

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Xbox 360 controllers working natively for the PC really changed the game.

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GFWL was crap, especially when it came to prices. I liked the Xbox integration, but I prefer the way they handled it with W10 and the app.

edited for spelling.

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This is an article about Quantum Break, not Uncharted 4

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It's just more fuel for the fire man. The internet, the media, and these last two gens have been hilarious. It's just like the comments on a political website or ESPN. People already have their minds made up and there is nothing you can do to install common sense.

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Clone Dinosaurs and build Jurassic Park.

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.......... The store is just opening itself up for big time releases. I mean, it has been a store just like iTunes, for mobile games, since its release. They say lets take Tomb Raider as an example, what other big time game release example are you gonna use?

The changes will be made and I'm sure once they start to get the steady stream of big releases the code will change. And I'm not sure what they mean about slow downloads. Steam and Windows Store download fine fo...

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I see the point flew completely over your head.

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" I can say Ratchet & Clank on PS4 looks way better than their last game Sunset Overdrive on Xbox One"

......... and here we go.

People just can't accept a good/great game without comparing it to the opposition?

sidenote: I'm not calling you a fanboy. I don't know you and people throw that word around too much for no reason. Kind of like mysoginistic and homophobe IMHO when it has nothing to do with the original...

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Original Xbox: PC games on the Xbox: All people rejoice!!!! we have a console that lets us play some of the great PC games with a controller on our living room tv. (No one argued about exclusivity vs the competitor)

Xbox One: Games on the console and PC: Microsoft sucks!!! They are doomed!!!!

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I know all of those facts. I'm fully digital on Xbox One and steam. My gaming PC runs a Titan Black. I was well aware of the "digital" requirements.

Who is misinformed?

This is an edit- Oh, you thought that I meant SELL for Xbox One. No. I know the difference between the words. What I meant to convey was that it counts as a SALE for Xbox One. That was my fault.

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.......... I'm fully digital on Xbox One and Steam. I have Windows 10 on all of my devices. How am I misinformed?

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Preorder on Xbox One................check
Get a free PC version .............. check
Sale for Xbox One .................. check
Play on Pc ......................... check

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