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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Man, I wish these were the digital codes. I'm so used to just going right to the game that I want to play without swapping discs. Nice prices though. #1
...... it was a joke, but I do appreciate your efforts. #6.1.1
Well........... let me STFU #3.2.1
I've been using it all week.......... I prefer windows 8.1.

I know I'm probably in the minority. I like the ability to switch between Metro interface and the regular desktop. No start menu hasn't hindered my usage of windows 8.1.

Windows 10 is basically windows 8.1 in desktop mode, with metro built into the start menu. It will shut people up about no start menu and desktop (even though there was always a desktop) but it just seems like a hassle. #3
Can someone tell me what the resolution was of the video.

I can't tell. #6
LOL #2
I have played the original Mass Effect all the way through atleast 20 times. #4
A new console generation offers more than a resolution bump. They could make the same game for ps3 and ps4. Both could be 600p (or whatever stupid resolution that was mainly used last gen) and I can guarantee you the ps4 version would blow it out of the water. #6.1
Strategies..... #2

I'm still trying to get 100% on Max the curse of brotherhood lol. #3
What if the Xbox One version was 900p/30fps stable and the ps4 version was 1080p/30fps but dipping like Ryse?

That would bring up all kinds of arguments.

Atleast we have the stable version!!!!
Atleast we have the 1080p version!!! #8.1.2
Still have my copy sitting on the shelf.

What happened to all devs/games from the original Xbox? #9.3
It will prove nothing. For most of Uncharted, you are alone. One person on screen, with environment, then gunfight scenes, then Alone again. Assassins Creed has MANY NPC CHARACTERS on screen all with AI.

When Uncharted, or any game from Microsoft, does Assassins Creed type games with many A.I. on screen, huge draw distances and fx at 1080/60 then let me know. #60.1
The Resolution Gen. People get so emotional about it. I understand where the PlayStation only guys/gals are coming from, but if the power factor was reversed and Ubisoft said this, the Microsoft only guys/gals probably wouldn't make much noise. #40
Who wrote this? That first paragraph in the description was very hard to follow.

Nevermind. It's a foreign site that some posted on here using google translate. #3
Engine is the same, Game Assets are completely different. #2.1
I agree. They should just cut back on style and give people what they want. #3.1
...... that sucks for those expecting/wanting it.

Not stopping my purchase. #5
Call me old fashioned, but I would definitely "prefer" more puzzles like the old Tomb Raider games and less Michael Bay Call of Duty set pieces. The set pieces are great, I just want more puzzles to make me think. #9
Kung Fu Chaos and Vanquish yes.

I could imagine a Kung-Fu Chaos with online multiplayer and Michael Bay type set pieces. #3.1
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