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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


It depends on who likes you. I got flagged for immature but I have seen worse things posted that stayed forever and got many many likes. He'll, I have seen people post the same thing I said just rearranged.

Best thing to do .............. Don't worry about it #1.2.2
Win #4.1
I'm trying to figure out why my ea access games aren't sharing on My home console (for my kids). I have to login and let them play under my account.

Please fix this E.a./microsoft #7
I agree. Bungie, 343, Quantic Dreams, and Naughty Dog should all work together to help each team get the best out of the hardware and themselves. #12.1
If they make a PS Now app for Windows 10, then it is possible for it to also be on Xbox. #9
........ These devs really think the gamer community is stupid. I mean, some of these remarks are worse than politicians in America. #3
Microsoft gets money from subscriptions (I'm greatly assuming and it would probably be a very very small amount) and they probably will not have to host the servers. Plus, it's potential for them to deny a playstation sale.

I don't see how Microsoft would deny the service, but I've seen stranger things in business before. #2.1
Dear Microsoft,

Can you please allow more than 2 rows for "My games and Apps".

Make it more like Steam please. Thank You.

Edited for spelling. #5
Why do people always take "There's still plenty we can do" as MORE GRAPHICS!!!!!!

Could be physics. More cars on track. Better handling or a host of other things. It could also be, you know, fluff! #3
.................. I really didn't think it was needed, but I think you were right lol. #1.6.1
Its not cheeky when Microsoft markets, it's disrespectful. #1
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Didn't we have this comparison last week? #1
4690k, check. #1

NPD is "U.S.".

No one said anything about it being the world. #25.1
Same thing I say every month......


sidenote: good for Microsoft #14
Plus, every game from this gen SHOULD work on next gen if the same x86 architecture is used.

I put the emphasis on should because I understand that there is more to running the consoles than the architecture used. #7
ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm no. #7.1
People (on here) say they can't afford both.

But their very next sentence is....

"I will buy PSVR day one!!!"
"Man this new Xbox Elite controller is great and my Kinect 2.0 is awesome"
"I have 2 600+ video cards in my high end PC" #5.1
Once every................. 2 weeks? Today is the 12th, so I expect another "let us choose your console for you" article before Thanksgiving. We will probably get 6 in December because of Christmas.

Make up your own mind people. Someone telling you to buy a ps4, when you really want to play Halo, isn't gonna help you. If all your friends play on ps4 and you enjoy playing with them, spending your nights on the Xbox One will probably not be as fun. #10
I personally don't think that it is a game changer. I mean, a very very very very very very very small percentage of Steams library will work.

You could just build a dedicated gaming rig with Windows and have it boot up to Steam (big picture mode) automatically. #1.1
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