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They are not out of date. The gap between last gen and this gen is not that huge. It's there but not like ps2/xbox vs 360/ps3.

I still play 360 and ps3 games a lot, on the same television that I play my ps4 and xbox one on.

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The type of data you get will always depends on the audience that you gather it from.

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...... I use it all the time. I know I'm in the minority but oh well.

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I seriously advise you to do some fact checking and some critical thinking. No one is taking over the town violently. They actually hold anti-ISIS rallies, even when fox was reporting it as pro ISIS rallies. Fact check

Now as for the taking over violently, lets use our thinking skills. Dont let Fox or CNN tell you what to think. If people were coming in and violently taking over a town, who would people call? The police who are a part of the town. If evidence was found and ...

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Just not my type of game. I'm just a plain ole introvert who likes to play single player. I will jump into the occasional Battlefield match though.

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......... "just make a console and games and let them speak for themselves."

You hear that Phil, the next time someone asks you a question just don't answer it.
You hear that N4G, stop making 8 articles (loosely) out of one interview. Tyasia0 thinks that Phil is just out spewing randomly into the atmosphere every chance he gets.

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.............. Sleeping on Sony's E3? There was more than one speculation article (I say that loosely) on it recently. Same with the others.

It's like politics. People see what they want to see.

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Neither. I make my own decisions. I have never been to either one.

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I still play Mass Effect 1 on Xbox One through BC. That game still looks good to me. I do wish there were better textures but you can't expect much from a 10+ year old game.

I'm just not that picky anymore.

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I probably can'/couldn't tell the difference. 900p games look good to me.

Give me better textures and lighting. More things going on in the background. Dynamic destruction and weather. 4k is good, but there are other things that I personally care about more.

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I still have this game and my Sega CD

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That was my first thought. They are here, they just don't get a lot of attention.

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Ending sucked, lol

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It's one of the few games that I beat last gen. It didn't get the respect that it deserved because it wasn't AAA and/or an "Exclusive".

Edit: I will say this .................. the first time that I saw the Horizon Protagonist, I thought of Enslaved. Horizon (IMHO) borrowed its art form from Enslaved.

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Not all. Some have been shot for reaching for their wallet after being told to get it. Some have been shot for running away (resisting without force). Some have been shot for other reasons.

Not all cops are bad, but not all cops shoot just criminals resisting.

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.......... I play this game with my family on Xbox One. It's indicative of nothing.

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The majority never touted it as "THE BEST" control scheme. Those of us that liked it, liked it for what it was. A good product in the gaming world, is only as good as the games that are made for it. Kinect lacked the software push from Microsoft. Simple as that.

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....... What do you mean "replace"? Are you referring to if/when one goes bad or just replacing with a large one? If it's the latter then I don't see a reason to complain. You can use ANY external HDD. You don't even have to look at it. Just sit it out of sight.

I was speaking in terms of the Xbox One. I/We don't know enough about the Scorpio for me to be making comments about the HDD.

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The Scorpio and PS4 pro will show their muscle when the new consoles launch (IMHO) and the ps4/Xbone are not the least common denominators.

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