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about how long did they last would you say? #1.1.1
...... that bit about Jesus is my new Sig lol #2.4.1
I will probably get these for the white controllers so my sweat will not stain the plastic. #1
It went on too long #5

is this the same video from earlier? #1.1
They're really screwed either way.

Don't make it, we get blog after blog about why Microsoft hates PC gamers.

Make it, we get blog after blog about why you don't need to buy an Xbox One.

WTF do you do? If I were in charge I would say F' it and just make it, AND, release it same day. Would hardware sales be hurt? Probably. But the software sales would be pretty good I'm thinking especially if you do the steam preorder... #1
.. @Ripsta7th

That was just wrong, but true #7.1.3
Damn, I remember when I used to make PS3 themes. I still have this bad @$$ Halo one but most people wanted this Rihanna one that I made. #7
....... They said the XBone version will not get any special graphical fx either soooooooo how are you playing the XBone version? #2.5
I was all in when the game first went F2P for about 3 months. I had a subscription and everything. Then it just started feeling tedious. I have only gone back once and that was for 30 minutes. #2.1
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not lol #2.1
I thought it was coming to Steam? #4.1


On topic: Says you. You would like to think that don't you. Everyone would. Like I said, I'm not saying it's right what happened but people need to move on. It happened, it's still happening on all sides of the argument. Too many emotions involved with these products for people to think clearly about the subject.

I tell people to boycott something if they don't like it. I haven't bought a pi... #1.1.5
But it hardly makes a dent in the news when Pc gets something exclusive (which rarely happens), or when PlayStation gets something exclusive, whether its a timed gamed or content.

Not saying it's right either way, but why doesn't the internet go crazy as people put it, when its for Sony? We see one article/blog on N4G and people just move on after that. #1.1.1
Do console shooters like Battlefield and COD still use auto aim? I just can't play with a controller anymore it seems. I tried playing BF4 campaign on pc with my XBone controller and it just felt like $h!t. I immediately pulled out my mouse and G13.

How did I do it all those years? #6
They aren't losing anything. Microsoft just paid for them to make something else for their collectors edition. If Microsoft didn't pay for them to make it, then it wouldn't exist FOR ANYONE. It's not like it's a freakin statue or something.

People need to get over themselves. If this were done for the ps4, there wouldn't be some huge outcry, even from the pc fans. This $h!t is getting sickening. #1.2.10
1920x800 or something like that. They said they want it to FEEL CINEMATIC???? #1.2.1
..... does it change the fact that they come up with fancy terms?

You guys/gals are too sensitive. It wasn't even criticism that I typed. The sad state of gaming forums/news. #2.1.1
They can hit 1080p 60 on every console. It just comes with some things scaled back, even on PS4 #4.1
Lower the res or just go for 30. It works for Driveclub it will work for this game. #3
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