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4k depends on if you have a 4k player, 4k Blu-ray, and a 4k television.

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............. So why is Sony making the Neo?

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Scorpio was "leaked" well before the Sony Neo stuff was.

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There is no silence.

Xbox One s is a smaller version of the Xbox One with HDR and 4k disc playback.

Scorpio is a more powerful Xbox Hardware that will play the same games and will release holiday 2017.

WTF is there more to understand?

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Steam was once garbage.

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You would still have people that say they see differences if you pause the video at 4:15, do an 8x zoom into the left corner, and then cross your eyes.

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It's all about the ...................*drum roll* ............ Opinion.

Marketing, PR, public perception, all play apart in the interweb wars of who won a contest that cannot be won.

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4k does not equal graphics. It's a resolution, but your point stands.

Personally, anything over 900p these days is fine with me resolution wise. I just want better textures, AA, lighting, etc. I don't care if any games on the Neo/Scorpio come in 4k. If I can atleast get 1080p with PC ultra settings and maybe a little extra at 60fps, I will be satisfied from a console perspective.

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S model will support Kinect.

The base Xbox One model doesn't do VR, and since the S is a base Xbox One model it will not either.

Samsung Gear VR was used for Minecraft.

Edit: but, I understand your grievances. PR/Marketing gets on my nerves all the time.

This wasn't a "Scorpio" reveal. It was just an announcement. It wasn't a show, in February, specifically to reveal the console.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here we go!

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I love the Crossbuy idea. I can buy a game and let my kids enjoy it on the console, while I play it on my PC and still enjoy all of the perks of playing on Xbox (controller, achievements, friends list, etc).

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It's only that much when you start out. You can upgrade the same core PC build for years with a GPU and Ram (Amount) upgrade. These CPU's will last for a while and still provide great performance.

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All Spiderman games have not been bad. I have thoroughly enjoyed a few.

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My thoughts:

Sonyboy: Who cares about f'n Spiderman? It's exclusive? THIS IS THE BEST F'N GAME EVER!!!!!

Xboxboy: Who cares about f'n Spiderman? It's exclusive? THIS IS SOME F'N BULLCRAP. I LOVE TO PLAY SPIDERMAN GAMES!!!

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Xbox is a Platform on PC. You will have to buy those PC games from the Xbox Store, with an Xbox Live ID whether generated from the console, or PC.

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Leave it in, people complain. Take it out, people complain.

A good move for new customers that don't care about Kinect, but it alters the mindset of current owners who have Kinect and thought about upgrading to the S.

*opinion* I don't care either way, but I'm sure they can come out with a USB 3 dongle like they did for the Xbox 360.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and keep it moving.

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Xbox One will not be doing VR

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I finally found a good shot of the rear of the console and noticed something was missing

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GTX 1080 seems to handle 4k pretty well. Single GPU

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