Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Me too.

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I agree. Gaming can sometimes be a passionate thing, but it's not that serious.

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Yes to all of those. Just unplug your external HDD and you're good to go. I have done it multiple times with the Xbox One X. Of course, you have to have everything saving there for it to work.

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......... shoot me.

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The wii did the same thing did it not?

sidenote: This is not a knock on the Switch (I have one). You have to say these things because people automatically assume that a bad remark means that you are a "hater".

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7? I would give it an 8.5. The mechanics were redundant but you still had to think through many of the obstacles. It was fun and something for the dev to build on.

One of the gems from the beginning of this console gen.

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"Most people arent running high end CPUs and GPUs."

Stop f'n lying. Every PC gamer on N4G has dual 1080's.


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A groundhog gets more things right than Michael Pachter

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I'm tired of graphic comparisons.

sidenote: I've been tired of graphical comparisons since last gen.

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It's not the O.S. It's the million different PC builds that Software Engineers have to deal with.

You kind of proved his point though, even though PC games can never be optimized unless Microsoft puts a strangle hold on the PC Hardware market like Apple has done with their O.S. I pray that day never comes.

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...... So are you saying that the ps4/Xbone games looked like the same games on the 360/ps3?

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People (on here) have been doing it for years.

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You must be older than 25? Most of us older gamers tend to try and find the issue and work through solutions ourselves. We did come from the cartridge generation where you had to blow in them.

This younger generation can have a game freeze for 2 seconds and they go straight to the forums and a "blog" picks it up and make it seem as if the world is burning down.

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1080 vs 900.

You should get the Xbox One X version because the Pro version is too blurry right?

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So now we are questioning performance upgrades? I think that if you can afford it, you should have a pro as well even if you do not own a 4k tv.

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It's all opinion based.

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You and me both.

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.............. That was years ago, and they were.

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