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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


*numbers* #1.1.1
........ Why is it next gen? It's a great game but it's something that we have seen before.

I haven't played a "next-gen" games yet. They are all just prettier versions of stuff we have played. SSO is a little different but I wouldn't even call that "next gen" #4.4
So only this year counts now? #1.1.5
Is it that f'n serious? #5.2.3
Find the best cpu for your money and start from there. Go to Toms hardware and look at the charts or ask around. It's probably gonna be an i5. #3.4
There is always a handicap somewhere. #1.4
They didn't include enough of it. There was no way for them to fit it on the chip. #6.5
Technology constantly advances. We are destined for better resolutions. I play 2560x1440 on my PC, because I can.

When it comes to the consoles, I know what I'm getting into. I'm getting the experience. The community. The games (some of them) that I can't get on PC. I couldn't tell much of a difference last gen between them, with the exception of say a God of War and Halo 4, and I don't see much difference (when it comes to resolution) now. #4.2.2
Meh. People would never know the resolution if no one told them. #4
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I liked Ninja Blade. I liked all of the "From Software" games during the ps2/xbox era. #2
They were comparing resolution, not graphics. #7
Come on guys. If Perfect Dark (360)came out on N64 people would have loved it. No doubt about it!! Things were simpler back then. If the Banjo game that came out on 360 came out to be the same exact game on the N64 people would have praised it to kingdom come. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!!

Different group/type of gamers back then. We were younger and appreciated good games for what they were. Things didn't need to be as complicated as they are now.

Examp... #3.1.4
That was a different time period then. Different types of gamers. If the games that they made for 360 released during the N64/ps1 period, RARE would be looked at as GODS #3.1
............ What the hell does Bloodborne have to do with Xbox One? Bloodborne as I have stated many many many times looks like a GOTY contender for the PS4. Everything and every comment doesn't have to be a vs comment.

Let me rephrase.....

"Something is getting ready to be announced FOR THE XBOX ONE.

This stuff is getting petty. #12.2.1
2 negative Xbox one articles in a 24 hour period? Something is getting ready to be announced, or haters feel some type of way. #12
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There is no secret hardware in the XB1.

sidenote: did I miss sarcasm? #1.3.1
PSN: cherub2g #10.1.2
This game was already in HD with pretty good AA. There was/is no need for a remaster.

They are thinking of all the people that didn't have PS3..
Yeah right. They are thinking this is a quick buck with minimal work.

You don't have to buy it if you don't want it.....
I won't. #10
Like A Boss

Edit: You have to love those GTA physics #5
........... They use different API's now. #5
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