Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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......... All DLC plus an extra mode?

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Nathan Drake, Nathan Zachary.

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You would think, after people begged for years for Microsoft to get back into PC gaming. It doesn't bother me. If Sony dropped games on PC it wouldn't bother me either. I really don't care.

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................. It was probably something in his settings. It's not that serious.

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cheaper than a TV? Tv's are cheap my friend.

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Another one! We the best!

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It's always this one guy that has to turn it into a VS thing because of their emotions.

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............... ok

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People see what they want to see. Sony can do no wrong to some people. Microsoft can do no wrong to others. Republican president in the white house, everything he says is scrutinized by the Democratic swayed media and loved by the Republican media. Democratic president in the white house says and does the same things as republican president and the media switches roles.

I see what I see. I see no mixed message concerning VR. Microsoft is not making a VR device. The...

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Good news for the people ordering.

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At this point, with this long development time, I have a feeling that it's going to be some type of MMORPG. I just have this feeling.

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Oh my gawd I'm tired of hearing about it. Show us something useful. Put up or shut up.

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Wow that first line................. Which side of the fictional war do you think they are leaning lol.

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AMD is playing chess.

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Tell us how you really feel!!!!

If you don't like it, then stay out of the topics. I never understand, on any topic, how the first person to comment most of the time is the main person not interested or has hate built up.

Go outside and breathe.

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Get off it. They both are the same thing.

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I really would love it if some of the very very very small titles made it to BC. There is this indie game 3d Infinity which is IMHO the best 3d game out there. I would love for that to be on BC.

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It's actually the NX, Nintendo Xtra Small. We were played.

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