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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Yeah, I've already decided to get Cuphead. This rut started in the middle of last gen. It's just not that exciting anymore. 5-6 sequels. Remakes. Remasters. I haven't bought a Call of duty since MW2. I got Advanced Warfare on PC because it was free. I haven't even started ORI yet and I bought that day one.

It's just me. I'm surprised I got so many disagrees for my personal thoughts though. I guess I should not have put Uncharted or Halo in... #3.3.1
Hybrid SSD? They are packing it in. Already have my controller Elite controller pre-ordered and I already have a white Xbox One controller.

Great deals for people who don't have the console though. #15
I really don't need anymore Uncharted (I haven't even pre-ordered HALO 5 yet, if I will). I'm personally just looking for something new to grab my interest these days. Hopefully Horizon does it. It looks very interesting. #3
If it is your first foray into the series then it will seem great. Things do get repetitive after a while. They need to do another game/series now. I would like to see them do maybe a spiderman game or Superman. Hell, I would like to see them tackle a more darker Power Rangers game lol. #4.1
I just want them to add digital versions of Mass Effect 2 and 3 then make those BC. #1.1
When it comes to gaming, I couldn't care less about fancy tech words and dx12 mumbo jumbo. Make a good game and I will play it. I might like it, I might not. #5
I'm not tied into them like that, just as I am not tied to Microsoft or Sony. I went from 9800gx2, to gtx 460, to HD 6950, to HD 7950, to my now GTX Titan Black. It just depends on how I feel.

Having said that, these companies need to stop trying to fool the public. I know it's not going to stop, but it's just getting sad now. #1.2
.......... Where the hell did this come from?

Talk about out of the blue. #4
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You aren't the only one. The sad part is, these are the only types of "articles" that generate an emotional response from most on this site. Anything spun negative, especially opinion pieces and side by side comparisons, toward any console.

Cant talk about anything positive, in a non comparison kind of way, on this site. You will get no responses. #17.2
........... wanna take bets on how long before the heat goes up on this "article"? #15
I would like a smaller one for travel. I keep one in the living room. The white Xbox One, in the den, is the one that I travel with.

Make it discless. Make the power supply internal. We have a winner. #10.1
I've been playing with EA access. It seems pretty good. I just hate how because of online it takes forever to get the game started. I want to turn on a game and it's at the play now screen within seconds. It's weird running the ball though. It's like I cant break free for anything, even when it's a clear opening. I keep running into my teammates.

I'm gonna need more practice. #3
I want a discless, smaller Xbox One. I would sell my 2nd Xbox One for it. Make it happen. Like the above stated though, make it an addition and not the only option.

I would love to see a smaller and discless ps4 also. #7
Don't use Facebook, or your IPhone, or Google Chrome, or Android, or the internet.............. #1.3.5
free is free my friend. #14.4.1
I would like the option with the current consoles. I have two Xbox ones and one ps4. I take one of the Xbox ones with me to work when im on night shift and when traveling. I would like a smaller discless version that I could just attach my external HDD to and call it a day. Or at least remove the disc drive and make the PSU internal.

When/if they come out with a smaller PS4 I will get another. I hope they make it even smaller by going discless. I also hope they implemen... #9
I figured that, I just wanted to compare and contrast just for the sake of it. #14.2.1
They have a 4tb on Newegg for 159.99, or a 2tb for 79.99. #12.3
So all these are playable on Xbox One correct? I have Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider on PC. I'm interested to see how the console versions stack up. #14
4 days? Matchmaking down? I've been playing destiny all week at home and work. No issues whatsoever. Weird? #17
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