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The Xbox One S is a smaller Xbox One and will replace it at retail. The Xbox "Scorpio" is a more powerful console releasing next year. That is really all you need to know and I'm not sure how this became so confusing.

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We are talking consoles, not PC. Stop comparing PC GPUs to consoles. A console can get more from a mid range GPU than a PC.

Ive come to the conclusion most people just regurgitate what they hear on the internet

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Wasn't on my Radar until this conference. It looks like a darker tone to the Netflix movie "The Giver".

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Looks to be shaping up well.

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This is for VR. By holiday next year the vanilla PS4 will be off store shelves. By this time next year, there will be no original Xbox One consoles on shelves, only the Xbox One S.

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................. I just can't understand the mind of fanboys. This logic is good, but one sided and flawed. Now I understand politics and why people get so one sided. People actually become blinded by this stuff.

1)Scorpio will play the same games as the vanilla Xbox One, just as Neo will play the same PS4 games. So how is Scorpio starting from scratch? I guess the Neo is starting from scratch also?

2)3rd parties will support both (Xbox One, PS4...

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TF count does not tell the entire story of what a system is capable of. But I understand your concern. More than likely, devs will choose to do 1080p/60 with all bells and whistles and then some. The console will upscale to 4k. There will be some 4k games, but Majority will not be. Of course, this is speculation on my part.

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You've never been into God of War but this is different?

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WTF are you talking about?

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He's talking about the PS4, in a PS4 article, and you bring up Xbox?

Your feelings for a piece of plastic are showing.

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Yeah, that too

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Vanquish to BC please, ASAP!!

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Only 60%? You aren't doing it right.

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I get it now.

These are troll articles that are riding the trending topic. Just like the PS3 is doomed articles. The authors aren't really confused, they are just saying it because it will get hits and it's the cool thing to do. Just like the COD trailer fiasco.

This is getting real sad.

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Sensible reply.

You don't care about the Scorpio because you have a powerful PC. This is the market they were going for with the Play anywhere campaign. You get all the benefits of playing on the Xbox One through the Xbox App on windows 10, without having to buy an Xbox. Microsoft reaps the benefits of software sold without having to build a machine.

To top it all off.............. those games that you buy on your PC will still be available on the...

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I have never seen so many people complain about nothing.

If your main console is Xbox and you don't care about PC gaming, nothing changes for you. Buy the game on Scorpio, have the PC game sitting there as a bonus.

If you mainly game on PC, YOU GET A F'N BONUS!!!!! More games for you (and me). Plus if you decide to get a console down the line the games will be there.

If you game on Xbox and PC, then BONUS FOR YOU!!!! You can...

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4k depends on if you have a 4k player, 4k Blu-ray, and a 4k television.

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............. So why is Sony making the Neo?

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