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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


A guy on Craigslist traded me on of my Xbox ones for a GTX Titan black (6gb). I was like HELLS YEAH I WILL TRADE!!!!

........... I had to buy another power supply lol. Gave my nephew my HD 7950 which has served me well these 2 years #5.1
WTF is going on today? The site keeps replying to the wrong comment.

I apologize #6.1
error #7
This site helped me write a paper in one of my Sociology classes. Got an A!!!!!!!!!

I too believe that the community, or the small vocal portion that shows itself on the internet (this site), is the reason I can't or haven't enjoyed gaming as much as I did in the past. I'm sure other environmental variables go into play, but the community probably holds a very large chunk of that pie. #1.1
You're kind of contradicting yourself in one sentence. #7.1
Microsoft and Sony should just allow steam to sell console codes, or just grow some balls and give bigger digital discounts. I mean retailers have for the most part given up on pc gaming (not Best Buy) but PC gaming is still going strong. #8
You already know that I agree with most of what you say. This blog is no different. I had written a LOOOOOOOOONG response but decided to cut it to this short approval as I didn't want to hurt feelings of some of the emotional members.

It's just the sad state that the media is in as a whole. #4
I'll just pick it up when it releases. #3
touche' #3.1.1
5 games and your deciding factor is on 1 of them? #1.3.2
I need a Need for Speed, but GTA style (better than NFS Run). Missions, Races, customization, escaping the cops, sneaking in hideout, some players cops, sabotaging rival hideouts/garages, bank robberies, etc.

Basically GTA 5 but with the NFS racing engine and customization lol. #7
Walmart has a Halo MCC bundle for $329, plus you get a $30 Walmart gift card. #3
NES #9
I like both, but most of my playtime has been spent on SSO and Halo MCC. Multiplats I buy on PC (if I want them), usually waiting for a steam sale. I'm not the type that has to have every game when it comes out. I have self control to where I can hold out for a great deal. #14
Wish you all luck in winning prizes. #4
Because people will click it and thus add fuel to the flame. #1.1
Rivals wasn't that bad, it just wasn't Underground. They need to bring that back with all the customization. #7
How did I not see that!!!!! #6.1
Man, it took forever for Battlefield 3 to get here, now we are on 5 so soon. Just seems as if things are getting rushed. #5
I'm f'n stuck on Halo C.E. Truth and Reconciliation. 2 hunters and all I have is one health bar left with no weapons around. Been trying to beat them in the back for 2 days lol. #1.2.1
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