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More than meets the I'll see myself out the back door. #5
Games are getting too complicated to make. Even the budgets for small studios is getting ridiculous. #5.2
6 at the most before we see a new console. #9
Nail in coffin for PS Now, not for Sony. #9
hmmm, interesting to say the least. I get confused sometimes because I can't remember what DLC I have and what I don't have. #2
so the conservative communist states just buy American?

Edit: this was a joke, but reading it back I think I did it wrong lol. #6.1.1
How is it the "wrong" system. Please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom on .............. video games. #2.1
Not interested in this title in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. #14
good luck #9
...... Extortion!!! #4
............... blasphemy. That was the best level. There was no other level in my. Memory, of any Halo game, where I felt a sense of accomplishment when finished it. Loved the level. #10.1
I just don't buy them. That's my stance. #8
I'm ok with 900p, but I am getting this on PC anyway.

Ultra settings #4
Why is it a shame? #1.1.1
250,000 polygons per car average.

Wow, that's a big difference. #5
Said no one ever. Besides, playstation only guys despise 720p :) #17
Graphics matter. I'm not even gonna downplay that. Now, resolution on consoles is what I can't get. Devs can't even create great games without someone wanting to know the resolution, even in Alpha lol. 900-1080p, doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.

If Digital foundry came out tomorrow and said Infamous was 900p would it make you feel any differently about how beautiful it looks? Did 1080p help the game play of Killzone? Would Ryse be instantly be... #2
Which is probably why we haven't seen either do it yet. :) #3.2.1
That's a great decision by the dev. #5
Is it sad that I just realized how close 900 and 1080p are? #1
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