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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Need for Speed underground was BOSS!!! I played that game forever on the OG Xbox. The customization, the cars, the colors. I don't know where E.A. went wrong.

Need for Speed Rivals sucked. They need to bring underground back in a Major way or get the license to Asphalt 8 and port it and then add more customization. That is a great game also. #4.3.1
You can do all that in Horizon also.

Edit: I went into the settings on the demo. Gear ratios, assists, etc etc are there. It's probably not as deep as forza but they atleast give it a go. #4.1.1
No credibility......... where was I trying to be credible?

What is a lool?

As you stated, it was sarcasm!!!!!!!!! Glad you caught it. It's kind of creepy that you would look up my comment history though. I've never thought to do that for anyone. Glad you found what you were looking for.

I brought it up IN SARCASM (I already knew what it was) because like I said, the usual suspects didn't put it in their headlines. I'm sur... #6.2.1
I was wondering because I haven't seen it in any of the preview or review titles, even from the usual suspects. #6.1.2
Does anyone know the resolution of this game? :) #6
I play it on PC from time to time. #4.1
Will definitely pick these up. #5
I don't think we're gonna see a driveclub demo. They want you to purchase PS+ for that. #1.1
1 reason...... the team took their time, listened to fans, and did what they had to do.

Are we getting any reviews on the 360 version? I would love to see if there is any real difference in the handling of the vehicles. #3
I don't know, Max and the curse of brotherhood is a very good game. It's simple, but good. D4 looks like a game my younger son would enjoy. He spends hours a week on Adera. I just don't see how that is possible. He has beaten it multiple times (he has his own w8 tablet) and just keeps coming back for more. I had to buy the freakin Adera book on the kindle store. I get his usage stats every week and Adera always leads the way. #5
The things people do for fun. My mind does not go into these areas of thought. My main thought process right now is getting my small beautiful section of grass to overtake my large yard full of weeds lol. #1
Holy $h!t.

They should make a Transformers racing/action game using this engine. Part of the race is driving you then would have to transform to fight through other obstacles etc. #3.1.1
........ These kind of games have been made since forever. #6
For Polygon, 7/10 is pretty good. I think people look for 9+ a little too much.

I understand the concern, since everyone else is using higher marks for their reviews. #14
I don't have a "personal" problem with it. It's just a running gag. #2.1.1
prepare to be disappointed. #2.1
"1080p" in the title again, lol. #2
But they have great games out and coming out. It's just in the courtroom of public opinion (and fact) that the xbox is less powerful, therefore their games must suck (not fact) #3.1
This is actually old news. It was announced HERE ON N4G a while ago. They are just moving up the date. #1.2.5
bought two, they both broke within 2 weeks #3.1
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