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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


@ Cloud

I agree. I should have just downvoted and kept it moving, but I chose to engage.

Will use better judgement next time. #2.2.3
Don't call the one in Washington.......... too soon? #2.5.1
I like this version of BC because ALL OF MY DIGITAL GAMES will also be included. I will not have to rebuy or pay to play anything that I already have.

Even if I never touch those games again, the option is always there to just start up Mass Effect, will all the functionality of the X1, and have a great time. #6
Touche' #1.2.1
........ My comment was racists? It was a response aimed at the original poster.

In the words of Bill Maher you guys need to learn how to take a joke. He made a derogative remark I (attempted it seems) to flip it back on him.

Now I see why Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld says America can't take jokes anymore. #2.2.1
I completely understand.

But, Devil's advocate, that is the job of their research team. That is what they get paid to do. If they want to do the game, do it, and deal with the profits/losses. If you don't want to do the game then don't. It happens all the time.

Why not do a kickstarter to see if the public wants Horizon or any other game? Kickstarter is not the TRUE WAY to garner public interest on a video game. #8.1.1
If you stop buying, he will stop selling. #2.1
I still have that game on the shelf. I bought it at gamestop (so many years ago) after playing it on one of those demo discs from Official Xbox Magazine.

They need to bring the demo discs back!!!! #13.1
:) #12.1
I got my CDkey last night. Can't wait to play it (but I've been grinding in Destiny lol). #2
Cinematic trailers always look nice.......... #7

Shady tactic and they knew what they were gonna do before presenting (IMHO).

buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttt, people do what they want to do with their money. I personally don't invest AN ANYTHING if I'm not expecting a return. In hindsight, Sony played with emotions so they wouldn't have to pay the entire bill.

Sounds great!! #1.2
The look on her face............... looks like she's been kidnapped! #13
No. Microsoft was not in my thought process. Microsoft didn't win either. #2.3.1
Really? They aren't coming out for years!!!!

I guess they might as well show them every year until release if that's all it takes. #2
How? Uh you can just pop in COD 4 (xbox 360) into your Xbox One and play it there, with all the features of the Xbox One. That is, of course, if Activision allows it on the list. #2.1.1
The game looked beautiful. Underground 3 beautiful, but the camera sucked. #3
This is a disaster. WTF happened? #6
I was gonna wait on a price drop, but I sold a track yesterday and used some of that money to pre-order lol. #3.1
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