Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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It's the devs. Capcom can't even get it right on PC. Stop turning this into something that it isn't

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So, will the 970 drop in price? It almost has to, but doesn't at the same time.

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Another one!!! We the best!!!

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If one game needs a rebuild from the ground up, it's Ninja Gaiden Black. The game is still great regardless.

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*DJ Khal.............nevermind

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I actually use it. The 10 minute bootcamps (abs) and the Russell Wilson workouts are great. It took my body 2 weeks to get used to the 10 minute bootcamp ab workout to the point where I could complete it.

Luckily it will still be available until next summer.

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He has GOT TO BE the worst tank shooter in the world.

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LOL, Oh man this site gives me the best laughs.

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Maybe because he's fine with his PS4 and wants to play some games that are on the Xbox that he missed?

People trying to tell people what they buy doesn't make sense, don't make sense. If someone wants to buy a Neo, more power to them IMHO. If someone wants to buy an Xbox One S, more power to them IMHO.

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oh Gawd

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*DJ Khaled Voice* ........... Another one!!!!

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@Naruga............... are you serious. I'm asking a serious question here. Are you serious?

Nokia was dead before Microsoft bought the name. Lumia phones (the high end models) are great. Nokia is now rumored, because of the cash that Microsoft gave them, to be in the market to make Android phones.

Sony tried to partner with Nintendo but was denied (before they came out with the playstation). I guess Nintendo saw what was coming and denied the ...

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*DJ Khaled voice*.............. Another One!!!!

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I game on both. Have to have my Halo and Uncharted. I mainly play RTS games on PC. Some multiplats I get on PC also.

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Not jaded, I just don't like to deal with nonsense. I won't call you an idiot because I don't know you personally and I think that word is thrown around too much as far as insults go.

I can take whatever you dish out, with a smile I might add, and an occasional laugh because some of you are funny. I just choose not to. So what you consider weaksauce, I consider an intelligent choice.

Wish you the best. :)

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........ They can do no wrong, even when they're wrong.

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The Xbox One s doesn't add anymore power, it just adds HDR and is a smaller form factor.

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Um no. You're looking at "minimum" $1000 for an all new PC build.

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Why not just get the 480 for $200 and not have to worry about anything?

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yes, just wait

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