Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Not bad for $30.

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I would like to personally thank Microsoft for the Live Rewards/Bing Rewards programs. The programs are great and have awarded me so much actual money through the years. I'm sitting with $30 in my xbox account right now just because of Bing rewards. After I bought the games that I wanted a few months ago, I was able to get Star Wars and Batman vs Superman free by purchasing them with the money awarded to me. Please don't get rid of the program.

After saying that...

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Another one!!!!!!! We the best!!!!!!!!

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Holo-Lens is for more than gaming. Microsoft doesn't need Xbox to survive. It isn't their bread and butter.

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What console it's on (or isn't) and how it looks are the determining factor for most people.

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Crimson Skies needs a sequel or a full on remake.

............................. ...... Come to think of it, HOLY $H!T

Nathan Zackery looks eerily similar to Nathan Drake.
They both have the same mannerisms.
The characters could really be interchangeable and no one would notice (except for the name).

Edit: They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery. They really need to bring the game back and make it a series....

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You're right. I wasn't signed in.

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$10.49!!!!! Headed to purchase now.

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reminds me the cliched untalented painters who try to show off their non existent talent and just mixing and matching everything wiht some ridiculous titles in order to appear a deep with artistic meanings in the eyes of illiterate people

LOL. I thought that I was the only one that didn't understand why some trash sold for millions, and other trash is considered................. trash.

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Why do they have to be numb skulls?

Oh, I see (your screen name). They choose to use a different product than you use so they are immediately deemed stupid. Dumb. Idiots.


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This has nothing to do with Microsoft.................... or the actual Steam store for that matter.

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If you only see one double standard, then you are ..................... a blind fanboy, whether you want to admit it or not. Both sides put up double standards everyday. It's sickening and makes my head hurt. It's gotten just as bad as politics

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Meh, if the 490 doesn't impress me (price/performance) then I'm just gonna a 1080 once the price gauging goes away. It will fit my 1440p needs perfectly with room to spare for a more extra years.

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No one said anything about the S having higher frame rates. I truly believe that people make up these fantasy worlds in their minds.

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You mean like every PC player?

Emulators aren't the main/only benefit of the program. Other Apps will slowly make the transition to the Xbox One from Windows 10.

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Sooner than expected? Don't you mean not as late as we assumed but still piss poor late.

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It will sell less consoles, but Microsoft will make more money. They initially lose money on consoles sold for the first year or two. Plus add in manufacturing costs, etc, etc. Sellling software, especially from your own digital store, is profitable from the get go.

Will they still sell consoles? Yes. I will still buy them for my kid and grandparents will still buy them, and parents will buy them as gifts and people who prefer to game on console will continue buy the...

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And the UWP program is slowly starting to show some of its benefits.

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When the game is on Xbox/PC, everyone has a gaming rig that blows it out of the water.

When the game is on PS4/PC, everyone knows that devs sell more on console so why buy it on PC.

Of course I'm being cynical, that phenomenon only happens with 75% of N4G users. Yes, I pulled that number out of my @$$

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