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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Maybe I'm misunderstanding something. I'm streaming my games for free, within my home network, now. I will have to pay 49.99 to stream my games or is this another optional device (steam link)?

edit: after reading the paragraph three times I'm guessing its a device sort of like PlayStation TV. #13
My next monitor will be either a Gsync monitor (24") or one of the 21:9 dual input monitors (34"). I haven't decided yet. #2
What about the HD remasters of the HD remasters? #9
I would buy it if it were cheaper. The physics in this game are really good. I was surprised at how it was a struggle at first to keep the car on the track around some of the turns. #2
eh, I have two of those games for PC. I still haven't played Red Dead though. Might pick it up.

I just don't have the time to play like I did when I was in College lol #1.2
They should have released this game alongside Hololens. It would have been a great complement to that device. #6
............ I'm pretty sure you missed an "/s" somewhere. You might just need to turn up your sarcasm meter's power. #2.2
.......... I said this when the Xbox One started handing out free games.

I should've made an article!!!!!!!! #7
Really? Where. I haven't seen it or come across it

......... thinking back there was one time where I got caught in an infinite "Portal" respawn loop. I had to shut the console down and restart. But that was during the first few days after release. Haven't encountered anything since. #2.1
The writing in this is bad. Wrong "there". Incomplete sentences. I had to read it a few times. #5
We have this same "article" a few listings down. #5
Kung Fu High Impact.

Now that game is a workout. #17.1
Sites were trying to tell everyone what The Order was about MONTHS AGO. Nothing but praise for Bloodborne starting MONTHS AGO.

Nothing to see here. #9
...... Arms prepare to be tired. #5
It's THE BIG GAME for windows 10 and Xbox One. They have to get it onto as many consoles and PC's as possible. It will be used as a "see what we can do" type of deal.

I can see why they did it from a business standpoint. This will be one of those defining moments for the integration.

Side note: I wasn't gonna purchase the game as I'm not really into multiplayer buy it will now be on my PC and Xbox one #2
I think there next game will be all gunplay. #4
I'm f'n double pissed lol.

I bought it two weeks ago when it was 19.80 on the store. The next week it sells for 9.00 Now the next week its free!!!!

Oh well. My only real gripe with the game are the graphics and the handling at times. #9
Sunset Overdrive?

That game is fun from beginning to end. Multiplayer is great. #4.1
.......... That was a terrible argument.

Chess hasn't changed at all. #2.2.1
Apparently it doesn't need to change anything because people still bought it for what it was. I say do the same thing. #2
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