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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


The ending of that game made no sense to me whatsoever. #2
Yeah, I was playing it yesterday and one of my friends came over. He couldn't believe it was the same GTA that he had played on ps3. It's a great game. I just with Rockstar had put this much effort into the PC GTA IV port. #2
....... That has to be the flattest butt in the world lol. #1
This is just sad on so many levels. #13
I love the game. I keep going back to it. The new DLC is great. The only thing that I didn't like was the invisible wall lol. I know why its there, I just hate it. #6
I will play and enjoy the games on both. I'll let other people argue over specs. Specs will not bring Halo, Sunset Overdrive to PS4. Specs will not bring Uncharted or Infamous to XB1. #10
^^^^ It will look the same, just sharper on the PS4 is you play them side by side. #1.1.2
how so? #1.1
........... My.......... my mind just doesn't go to these places lol. #1.1
I just want more realistic textures. Ryse, Infamous second son, and The Order come to mind. #7
I have had it on PC for a while. It's a good game. Reminds me of the Splinter Cell games from the OG Xbox era. I have not beat the game as of yet (backlog and work is just f'n terrible this time of year) but I will soon. The first 2 levels are classic Splinter Cell. #4
Is Raiden channeling Dr Who? #3
touche' #2.1
During the time that devs were not worried about HD and/or AA lol. They just made what they could and made it fun. #3
There is only one gaming community. #1.1.1
I'm glad that many pc players get to enjoy this optimized game at good settings. Having said that..............

I truly wish that there were some sort of "Ultra Texture Pack" or something. I wouldn't mind more realistic textures for the rigs that can handle it.

Great job by Rockstar nonetheless. #3
How is it embarrassing? #4
I'll play it once I finish my PC move to a new case. Will probably be this weekend. Have it preloaded though. #2
Man, I can't wait to play this. Max settings, 3440x1440, Mods, 60FPS!!!!!

I just hope that it is as optimized as they say. #9
They are not having problems selling. They are having problems keeping up with ps4, yes, but that doesn't equate to them having a problem. #2.2.2
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