Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Metro Atlanta!!

So many one way streets. So much traffic.

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My only complaint is, if it's in fact because of PSVR, are people gonna complain about false advertising? If PSVR games can barely run on PS4 and you have to purchase a new(er) console to reap the full benefits where will the outcry come from? Are blogs gonna raise pitchforks? Are gaming sites willing to call a spade a spade when it comes to an accessory? Will people look the other way, again?

Of course this is all speculation. They can get PSVR to run properly o...

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Wait a minute wait a minute. You mean to tell me that when the rumor was out Microsoft was contemplating an Xbox 1.5 the Sony faithful was full of joy? No. Most were hating the idea and calling it desperation. You have to open your eyes and pay attention.

Most of the people that like the Xbox 1.5 idea are liking the Neo idea. Some of the people hating the Xbox 1.5 idea are liking the Neo idea. Some people hating the Neo idea are liking the Xbox 1.5 idea. It's tha...

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You would trade two consoles in just to be able to play 4k blu-rays?

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I have both. No need. Nice offer though.

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Soooooooooooooooooooo PS3 is the doomed has turned into Xbox One is the doomed.

It will survive. Move on people. When Microsoft was doing their best to release exclusive Japanese RPG's last gen no one paid attention. So the Japanese game support stopped. Nier was a multiplat and no one paid attention. Now its exclusive and "THIS IS WHY I LOVE SONY!!". It's now the greatest game ever. When Microsoft was outselling the competition software wise, it wa...

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It's not for 4k gaming.

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**sound the alarm** **sound the alarm**

Tool Alert! Tool Alert!

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Same thing will happen to PSVR. That is one of the main reasons pre-orders of electronic devices go so fast. Resellers. I sold my Xbox one elite controllers for $300 a piece. Of course Ebay sucks and took a chunk of that money but I was still able to buy another controller and have a profit.

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On second thought, I will wait until it goes on sale or is offered through games with gold. $20 is too much IMHO

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Mass effect 2 and 3 please. I'm headed to marketplace to buy Halo Wars now.

Sidenote: They need to add a metro tile (or the ability to) for Xbox 360 games. Going through the store is tedious, too many steps.

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WHO THE F&&* cares at this point in time?

Halo is Halo. Uncharted is Uncharted. Multiplats are multiplats. Consoles are consoles. One will always be better than the other in some area whether it is hardware or software.

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I personally, thought that I built the best mini pc I could. It might not have the fancy case of the revolt 2 (it uses a Lian-Li) but I'm sure it holds up.

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....... There are pc's with millions of hardware combos and different amounts of ram. They still play together with no problem.

Other than that I agree with you.

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We have A.I. trolls now? What has the world come to.

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.......... you can trade your console in to Gamestop.

Edit: Other than that part, I understand where you are coming from

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For me, it was the ESPN basketball game for the Dreamcast. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW

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If they tried that, people would say they were trying to create a racing game monopoly /s

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When did everything become offensive? Conservatives are offended. Liberals are offended. (I hate those two words by the way, I am offended that we still use them) Women are offended. Men are offended. Blacks, whites, Asians, and latinos are offended.

Comedians can't even tell funny @$$ jokes anymore without fear of being trampled on social media. Chickens are offended by the Chic-fil-a commercials. Panties are offended...

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The only thing that they are doing differently than the others is pricing.

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