Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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I just don't understand it either. Suspenseful, yes. No gameplay, left me wondering what is the game even about, yes. Greatest moments in gaming history........... NO.

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Lost Planet

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For me personally, I just want a diskless system. They really need to offer that as an option, even if it's only through their website. New system looks sleek though.

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.......... You can't win it. Just show what you have and move on. Some blogs will focus on the negatives, some blogs will focus on the positives. You could show the most powerful console ever, drop the Xbox one to $99, say all future games will be $29.99, announce free Xbox live....................... and someone will still be pissed and say they will never buy your console(s).

Just keep it moving.

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WTF is up with these Sony vs Microsoft - Microsoft vs Sony blogs today?

It's the same people arguing back and forth.

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Will this game come out already

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Plan "crashes" into dirt field in America............. nothing left at all
Plan crashes into HARD ASS MOUNTAIN in Europe, debris everywhere.

Yeah, I can totally see how a plane can disintegrate into dirt and not a mountain.

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I just want a good single player. I'm not a big online player.

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Looks like concept art to me. I've been wrong before.

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911, illuminati confirmed!!!!

no sarcasm

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It will support 1080p/60 gaming

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......... The Vita still exists?

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Can her computer play Crysis?

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nevermind/ disregard this post

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$20 would be a great price for PC (with all DLC, lol). Yes, I am greedy.

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Hopebully it's cross buy or a huge discount.

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.......... So what are the excuses for games that are PS4, or PC exclusive, that aren't a commercial success?

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Put "Why did I sell my ........." in the title, guaranteed hits.

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Put Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and the remaining Mass Effect games on the store pronto.

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