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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


It's THE BIG GAME for windows 10 and Xbox One. They have to get it onto as many consoles and PC's as possible. It will be used as a "see what we can do" type of deal.

I can see why they did it from a business standpoint. This will be one of those defining moments for the integration.

Side note: I wasn't gonna purchase the game as I'm not really into multiplayer buy it will now be on my PC and Xbox one #2
I think there next game will be all gunplay. #4
I'm f'n double pissed lol.

I bought it two weeks ago when it was 19.80 on the store. The next week it sells for 9.00 Now the next week its free!!!!

Oh well. My only real gripe with the game are the graphics and the handling at times. #9
Sunset Overdrive?

That game is fun from beginning to end. Multiplayer is great. #4.1
.......... That was a terrible argument.

Chess hasn't changed at all. #2.2.1
Apparently it doesn't need to change anything because people still bought it for what it was. I say do the same thing. #2
Damn Killa!!!!!! #1.1.1
I expect 9-10's for Bloodborne. It looks good. #1.3
Man, there is even a roadie run. Game looks great though. Anyone who says it doesn't is blind. #7
You mean to fool the fanboys? I've said it for years. Swap the videos and see what people say, or just don't label videos, especially comparison videos, and see what people say.

You would be amazed at how quickly people change their tune when they realize they were wrong. #7.1
Uncharted was praised when it came out. People love making up stuff. It was one of the biggest releases for the ps3.

Edit: Review scores are rubbish. You can't single out uncharted for getting low review scores and high review scores. Hundreds of games have gotten that treatment.

Like I said, as a whole, Uncharted was highly praised throughout the industry. #1.8.1
What? #5.1
I say unless Sony shows/announces something, all websites and N4G "articles" need to just give up on reporting about it. IMHO it's as good as dead. If they show something at a show then good for them. #4
I plan on starting one in the coming years. I'm in the mid stages of designing a console style mini itx pc case ala DigitalStorm Bolt. I just have to finish some more small things and get it built at the machine shop.

Here's hoping for the best. I'm trying to pay for as much as I can. #6
LOL #3.1
People who hated the gameplay and over the shoulder feel of Gears will/should hate the gameplay of The Order. People who loved the gameplay of Gears should love the gameplay of The Order.

Of course, that reasoning goes out the window when it's an exclusive. It's actually reversed (not for all people of course) for a good portion of the community.

Edit: on topic. I think it's gonna be a good game. Length doesn't bother me. I never really... #6
I don't think we need to be compensated, but it was kind of the old "bait and switch".

I'm not losing any sleep over it though. #7.3
I see what you did there! #6.1.1
Man my PC can't wait to play this game. #1
You mean like A.I.?

I was f'n embarrassed that I took my wife (then girlfriend) to see that. We looked at each other with that same "WTF is going on look" lol. Movie should have ended an hour ago. #1.2.1
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