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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


I'm all digital right now. I plan on buying the discs used later on down the line just to have them on the shelf. #11.1
The feminist would've had a field day. #3
lol. you made me sit some sprite out #6.1
Crazy Taxi was good times. I wish we could go back to that time of gaming. Cut the internet off, let the devs make their game, and we go play it.

It's sad to think that with the mind of the gamers today, crazy taxi would need to be considered an arcade/indie game to sell. It has no guns.

sidenote........... what happened to your news blogs? #1.1
touche #1.1.1
I don't want porn in my game. I could do without sex scenes also. Just make a good game. Let them kiss and then go to a black screen and show them the next day or something.

I wonder how the programmers feel when they are programming these scenes in lol. #3
Grahics still do matter. It's the reason we go from one gen to the next. We expect better textures and AA. More lush enviornments. Better mapping and more geometry used.
The big thing to talk about now is resolution, but last gen resolution didn't matter when it was used by PC gamers who by the way have been gaming above 1080p forever. You, as a console gamer, still bought and enjoyed your games. You loved the stories, gameplay, art direction, even if most of the gam... #8
We can all be sure about one thing though, if it's 1080p all hell will break loose against Rockstar. #15.2
It was a joke girls.


And I'm getting this on PC when it drops, if they haven't screwed us over again. #13.1.5
900p/60 #13.1
For the console and game, that is a great deal. I just don't like the color scheme. Im happy with what I have right now. #5
I think most of the online only games will make whatever use of them they can. Whether that is A.I., Physics calculations, dedicated servers, etc. It is up to the dev. #5
Yeah, but you dealt with it and made your own decisions. You didn't make an "article" about it. #1.1
I don't know, Final Fantasy usually takes the cake. #3
If it streamed at 1080p/60 I would get it. #5
I wish they used the scan feature of Kinect Sports Rivals and let you scan yourself in the game. #2
My downloads are pretty fast. I get my full 60meg bandwidth when downloading (around 5.5 megabytes). Installing does take longer than usual. It seems like it was quicker on the 360. This isn't a problem for me right now as I digitally preorder all the big games so when its time to play, its time to play.

I can see this being an issue for those with disc based games and those that buy digital on day of release. Here's hoping they can rectify this issue. #6.1
Probably won't happen.

1)They are outselling the competition
2)They need the profits #5
I just don't get it? No one knows who you are on the other side of the television/screen. People say derogatory remarks towards blacks, gays, uglies, fatties, men, women, boy, girl. It doesn't matter.

Who is conducting these studies?

I still go back to when the 360 first released and I had UNO with the vision camera. This guy came to the studio and his girl was one of the baddest women I have ever met in person. She was in the gameroom playing... #1
You noticed that also lol. #9.2
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