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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


The Last Guardian.......... People just need to let it rest, just like Agent. If it's shown or mentioned then get excited. Otherwise, pay attention to other games. #7
Oh stop it. We were pissed last gen because ps3 updates took us for f'n ever and the bulk of them did nothing other than "stability". #1.2
But it got approved so fast!!!!!! #6
I wonder if they are gonna release it on Windows 8 with achievements. I would rather play it on my tablet. #7
Wouldn't it be great if all games launched at 29.99.

I truly believe that the industry would sell more titles that way. I mean there is no difference, with the exception of manufacturing costs of course, in selling 500,000 at $60 vs 1,000,000 at $30.

I understand the economics of why it isn't gonna happen, but it would be great. #1.1
I really with they would've full remade it. #1
What? Where did this come from?

TLOU was a great game but by no means was it proving anything. #4
Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

"Why would I buy a PC when I can enjoy great games on the consoles"
"Oh, one less reason for me to buy the console now. My PC can play it at max settings and 60fps"

Every week it changes. #15
Has nothing to do with Sony whatsoever. Microsoft has been releasing games on PC since the original Xbox.

...... I fell for it. I see you only have one bubble. Shame on me. #12.1

You must have a beefy PC because even when making the .ini file to unlock the framerate and adjusting the resolution, it requires a lot of CPU power and a good overclock to get steady 60fps. #1.1.3
Ok, it's been one hour and I'm the first to comment yet I have sat here and watched this story, that no one has commented on, gain heat.

Abriael how do you do it? I don't submit but I'm still curious. I mean I just don't see how more relevant news or stories don't gain heat. What is your secret? #1
I'm not whining #1.3.1
I like these types of games. Max The Curse of Brotherhood is still one of my favorite games this gen thus far. Will be picking this up. #4
I dont have a problem with the site, I find the wording of their/his titles hilarious though.

I'm just amazed that no matter what the article is about theirs/his jumps to top news no matter what. I still don't understand how the system works, but I can see something fishy from a mile away. #2.1.1
........ no hoverboard? #1
The editor-in-chief needs to go back and re-read that review. Spelling and grammatical errors galore. I'm not a grammar nazi but even I noticed them. #3
I'm in the same boat. I just can't find the time to get into it anymore. I think I have a level 44 Jedi that I need to finish up. I was so lost when I tried to go back a few months ago. It's like learning to ride a bike for the first time. I couldn't get my controls right for anything. I might give it a go soon. #5.1
They must be making a helluva lot of money on SWTOR to just not give a damn about KOTOR 3. #1
This is f'n ridiculous. Why did this gain heat so fast and how in the hell is this to news? #16
.......... So is birth, I don't need to see a head popping out of a Vagina for 5 minutes either. You can't come up with a better reason than that? #3.2.1
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