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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Is it just me or do the trees look better on the ps3/360 version? #1.5
That's what I'm thinking.

edit: or spring 2016 #3.1
I have no issues with the X1. Great console. Max the curse of brotherhood is probably my favorite game thus far this gen. #6
THE BRAND!!!!!!!!!

more games on multiple platforms
product placement
etc #10.2.1
It's for the BRAND, not Minecraft alone. They will make the money back in no time. I'm glad you internet CEO's aren't actually running companies. #10
The ps3 could've launched with DVD and the ps4 could've launched with a cdrom drive and Microsoft still would've lost. The xbox one will never catch up to the ps4 in sales even if they buy Naughty Dog and they make the best game ever. #6
I thought we were over this. #10
Damn Big Ben got accused of the same thing twice? Once is suspicious but twice is a cause for concern. #9.2.1
If only it came with a DVD drive, things would've turned out differently. #8
It just goes from bad to worse for this guy. He should have learned from Jay-Z and not hit her. Let her look like the bad one. I tell my sons all the time, no matter what a women does, unless she is coming at you with a knife and you can prove it in the court of law with video evidence, restrain a woman and call the cops. Never hit her.

Edit: Having said that, I'm sure these execs have done worse to women at Frat parties. #2
Bungie does it again. All these years so many people doubted them and hated them, now it's all love. Good job, I hope the game does well. #11
I play this game atleast once per week on the PC. This will be a welcomed game on consoles. I love it. It will probably be easier to get groups together with your friends list on the consoles. #2
Sony is opening the checkbooks. #6
Who won the first one? #9
I'm pretty sure this was in their plans all along. #7.1
If it's just like Origin "gametime" and the free Steam weekends then yes.

... Microsoft had a lot of plans for the digital age. #3.3
Why intentionally embarrass yourself? #6
I think the W8 version is the best one. I hate the Vizio Netflix app #6
Man it's sad how Sony learned more from Microsoft last gen than Microsoft learned from it's own self. I loved it when I was able to customize the faceplate on my 360. I remember having all the NFL teams and some other niche items.

It's truly is like things just reversed. I guess we can look forward to another reversal next gen.

edit: I know this is a buy online thing, but it would have been cool if you could just pop off the cover and replace... #2
I still say they should've done it in 3D, with glasses. #1
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