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Pros and cons for both

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All of a Sudden Spiderman is the game that will sell consoles and end the Xbox? We have had great Spiderman games before. Being multiplat doesn't mean its a bad game just as a game being exclusive mean it's automatically a good game. I'm not even going to jump on the hypocrisy. At this point, it will be null and void because both sides do it to fit their agendas.

I'm sure Sucker Punch will provide a great experience, but I don't think this is as big o...

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I see a SLIGHT difference but nothing major or WOW. Its' like X360 vs ps3 or, XBone vs PS4.

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So you would take 900p with issues?

These arguments are getting ridiculous.

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Damn, what Microsoft supposedly sells gets you this upset? It's not that serious.

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Trolls say it. "It hurts my eyes" is the excuse.

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They are not the first to do this.

Dynamic resolution. So it can drop to 720p during Action Mode. The game looks great (in Alpha) but they need to get that resolution up because many say that they can't play a game at that resolution /s.

900p is the target resolution for the final build (Action Mode). It reminds me of Onimusha, but with a western looking character. As the commentator stated, this is a mixture of many games.

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Xbox 1.5 gained no traction after the first day.

Dragon supports Sony (they are his preferred brand) so he doesn't have much to say about Microsoft and their Xbox. I applaud him for that. Why talk about something you have no interest in (for the most part)?

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I never like clouds. The rain kills it for me.

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lol wut?

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That's not what I said, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Wow. That's pretty good.

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.......... When they only talk about games, which they have done the last few times, people say it's a crap show. When they add other stuff people say they didn't talk about games enough. WTF can they do?

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Because resolution means everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

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Might be a trade off. First game gets preview on XB1. This game gets early beta on PS4.

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uuuuuuuuuuuhh, its on PC already.

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Metro Atlanta!!

So many one way streets. So much traffic.

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My only complaint is, if it's in fact because of PSVR, are people gonna complain about false advertising? If PSVR games can barely run on PS4 and you have to purchase a new(er) console to reap the full benefits where will the outcry come from? Are blogs gonna raise pitchforks? Are gaming sites willing to call a spade a spade when it comes to an accessory? Will people look the other way, again?

Of course this is all speculation. They can get PSVR to run properly o...

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Wait a minute wait a minute. You mean to tell me that when the rumor was out Microsoft was contemplating an Xbox 1.5 the Sony faithful was full of joy? No. Most were hating the idea and calling it desperation. You have to open your eyes and pay attention.

Most of the people that like the Xbox 1.5 idea are liking the Neo idea. Some of the people hating the Xbox 1.5 idea are liking the Neo idea. Some people hating the Neo idea are liking the Xbox 1.5 idea. It's tha...

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You would trade two consoles in just to be able to play 4k blu-rays?

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