Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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It's not going to be top tier every month. They have been pretty good lately. The sine curve was bound to hit the bottom at some point.

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It takes more to produce games these days. More time and talent. If they did things like before, people would complain about the resolution, or the frame rate, or other missing graphical features.

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Do they even make flightsticks for consoles anymore? The last flight stick that I had was for the original Xbox. Now that was a great game (AirForce Delta Storm).

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I agree. I just hating seeing the same article subject multiple times. Same thing with all the Xbox One X negative articles. Or the PS3 is doomed articles. It's just going to be the same people going back and forth with no real debate, just fanboy pandering and slandering.

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Stop beating a dead horse.

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Oh well

Edit: oh, this is not the card that i thought it was. Not the gaming variant

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LOL. Probably not gonna happen.

Edit: Well, maybe it will happen. Just a 6 months to a year later

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Im going to go with Google Cardboard and/or cell phones as paving the way for usable versions, especially when it comes to the masses.

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I hope that Sunset Overdrive is one of those "enhanced" games for the Xbox One X.

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I could come out and say my $h!t was brown yesterday, and someone would still ask me to clarify. Was it dark brown or more beige? This is the world we live in.

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WTF are you on? He said it would come to Xbox first and other platforms later.

Give it up dude.

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Why not just make one console, with one huge @$$ rom that can play them all? Just plug/play with the usb controllers.
Plug a controller in and the console recognizes which platform you want to play on and shows you games from that list.

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It looks like it will be a pretty good game.

This, Cuphead, and Ashen look like Day One purchases.

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It will open the door for even worse practices later down the road, just as the advent of Paid DLC opened the door for this (locking out content).

Apples and Oranges (one you have spent your money, the other leaves you with a choice to buy the game or not), but I would say that both practices are bad. But for the sake of debate.............

This opens the door for future games to leave out stages, levels, and other i...

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It will magically appear. It has already been purchased, but the content is locked away for a time period. It has to be one of the worst gaming practices in history.

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........ You can just plug in any USB 3.0 external and it works fine. No Assembly (Disassembly) required.

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Im sorry for being ignorant on issues but................

When people say "Outcry", is there like a number that they are looking for, say 200,000 people? Or does it take just one person for it to be considered an outcry? Where do they look for these outcries?

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People find something dealing with the Xbox One X to b!tch about every week. There is always "the new problem."

I ran out of space on my 2tb external for my Xbox One. You know what I did? I went out and got a larger 6tb external, transferred my games, and kept on playing. I didn't blame Microsoft for anything.

When Sony added external HDD support to the PS4, I went out and bought an external drive immediately.

In the HD ...

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Doesn't mean that it will not look better than Forza 7. Resolution is just one piece of a large puzzle. I do wish that they can get the game to 60fps

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Ashen does deserve the praise. I did like the trailer and the visual art style. They should have focused on this game during their conference instead of bringing a Porsche on stage.

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