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Dreamcast was not supported by 3rd party. Everyone made games for ps2. It was a DVD player.

Oh, and GTA3 really started the boost in ps2 sales. Killer App that no one else had. #13
Fable is just one series that I cannot get into. I don't know why. Just not my cup of tea I guess. #1
Good job Microsoft........

But F'n Gators played like pansies tonight. #9
touche' #11.1
............... He just wants to play Halo. Is that a crime? #24
I didn't like a cerny article every 5 minutes and I don't care for the spencer articles every 5 minutes. I was just pointing it out. #2.1.1
It's becoming Spencer4G. I remember when it was Cerny4g and people loved it. You have to be able to give and receive. #2
Why is something always "groundbreaking"? #5
Why, why, why? Just leave it alone and make great games. Leave the spec talk to fanboys. #17
"Better" exclusives is subjective.

What they need to do is bring back old franchises to go with what they already have.

Crimson Skies alone would do wonders. #3
...... Are there any "GREAT GAMES" on Wii-U as of yet?

They should have named it something else IMHO. I think that is it's biggest problem. Should have named it the original Wii name, REVOLUTION. #5
I pay 55.00 a month for 30meg svc. I get about 3.8 to 4 megabytes of download speed.

I have Charter. #2.1.10
Why do we have to put 1080p in every headline? It's getting ridiculous. #1
Because being "the best" game console is subjective and really about the games.

Resolution has nothing to do with it. It's about the games you like. #2.3.5
Its called CONTRACTS. You know, the thing everyone ridiculed M$ about during the ps3/360 generation. #2.2
Looks like his shoulder has a cramp #4
Touché #12.1.1
Looks unbelievably part of the game? #2
Dont tell Amazon you need prime to use their box. They will think you're a Microsoft fanboy #9.1
So its a black Vita TV? #12
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