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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


You COMPLETELY missed what he said. You just wanted to instantly attack. #1.3.2
Looks good........... anyone want to buy a used ps4 lol.

J/k #5
....... second GPU? I haven't heard that since early 2014. Give it a break. #7.1
I'm not into gory games #3
BUT the thing is I keep buying new games.

That's the sad part 😒 #3.1
Life. Work. Wife. Kids. More sleep needed. More sleep wanted. Obligations. #2
Stop talking about it if it's not an issue then. It seems, after the excitement of the reveal at e3 at least, that we get more "articles" talking about how it isn't important than we do those saying how they love it.

It's a great feature to have. POINT BLANK!!! Will it cause the Xbox One to have a sale surge and pass the ps4. NO. Will it move more people to purchase an Xbox One, yes. Will it move others to purchase, no. End of story. #6
No. Stop asking. #12
If Microsoft (and the publishers) were smart, they would create an Xbox 360 store tile for the Xbox One and sell BC games there. #2
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People were jaded by the Wii. #2.1
No. They have to be on the same network. #4.1
........ The bone can't handle 1080p?

That is just dumb. There are plenty of 1080p games on Xbox one. Do Sacrifices need to be made to reach 1080/60? Yes. That is also why we don't see many 1080/60 games on PS4. If they targeted 30fps I'm sure they could get it to 1080p.

This article is about FPS though, not resolution. If it's 900/60 then fine. That is what they thought would be the best for their game. What is wrong with that is th... #2.1.1
They are not going to catch up to Ps4. EVER. Give it a break. #6.1
All DLC should be free for the PC version. #1
No. No perfect score. #3
I'll just be happy that I can use something besides "push in left stick" to run on a few games. #2
Had it happen to my launch 360. Got it replaced for free then bought the newer slim model when it came out.

YLOD of 60gb launch ps3. They wanted $150 and no promise I would receive the same model. Just waited and bought a slim model for cheap off of ebay. #6
looks like an interesting game. #17
LOL #4
They had a promotion last weekend to trade in your xbox 360 for $175. I traded it in with a controller ($8) and bought the Xbox One. #9.2.1
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