Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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People must have forgot about this..........

I never did. It just took years to implement.

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Not that big of a difference. They should have (Like I actually know what they should be doing with their business) making a Burnout Paradise 2. It's funny, I was actually playing this yesterday on the Xbox One X.

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If you didn't like it, don't let the opinion of others sway you into thinking that you should buy it. If you can't help it then buy it, but make sure you buy it because YOU want to. If you don't like it trade it in. If you like it, play the hell out of it.

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Why do people always want the overzealous Microsoft guys and their multiple accounts to go away, but have no problem with the overzealous Sony guys and their multiple accounts?

I don't have a personal problem with either subset as I just come to check out articles and not nitpick on users every comment, I just really want to know. I do read comments and have good laughs throughout the day though.

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They never made games like this.......................... ...... but it's a remake???

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This is crazy. The next 3 games have already been funded, and they still have a profit!!

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It's a full on remake.

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"Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner for the 'Most Deluded Comment on N4G - January 2017' award, TheColbertinator!
'Netflix can do as they please'? Do you own shares in Netflix? Have you heard of patents and copyrights?"

So his remark January of last year was his most Deluded?

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You aren't Septic?????? ******MINDBLOWN******

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If Sony had time travelers and took the PS4 back to 2000.

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...... If it's a complete rebuild, then it SHOULD look like a brand new game. Or am I missing something?

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It says it in the article, $450(u.s.)

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You can't do a direct component comparison when it comes to PC vs Console.

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It was sarcasm.

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Everything they do is wrong. On to the next one.

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Bring back the atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, and RPG elements of the original.

Everything does not have to be an action packed shooter. Stop trying to make every game so complicated.

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People use this argument (it is a fair one), but this can be said about any game and any console. Let's just remaster every game every new gen since I'm sure there were some people that didn't buy every game for the console previously.

sidenote: Just playing devils advocate.

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What does this have to do with a game from another console? Or even another game at all?

You voice your opinion about a practice that you don't like on Machine 1, the machine 2 emotionally involved fanboys come and turn this into a war. You voice your opinion about a practice that you don't like on Machine 2, the machine 1 emotionally involved fanboys come and turn it into a war.


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WTF are you talking about. Everyone on N4G has a PC 3 times as powerful as even the Xbox One X, and paid less money. 8k/60 is like butter to those rigs.

You need to update your PC and get with the program.

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