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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


VR and Hololens are two different things I am fully aware of that. As it stands........... Hololens can also be used in that same sense, just in a different way. Main output to monitor/TV, the rest of your environment displayed around you.

Difficult, yes. Impossible, no. #3.1.2
VR/Hololens with racing games (where you can actually look around and get the feel of your enviornment) will be the future. I cant wait until this happens. #3
My point was, this game isn't reaching 60fps on either consistently so therefore they should've just locked it at 30. #6.1.1
From the videos it is a very nice looking game. They should have conceded though and locked both at 30 fps.

Edit: Even at 900p the Xbox One version looks very sharp and good. If the versions weren't labeled I would've thought that the one on the right was PS4 at times. #6
It's clear that some of you are truly delusional. #3.2
Physical version that comes with a steam code..... #4.1
This is getting ridiculous. First PC games start to creep up in price to be inline with Console prices........... even though they pay nothing extra (well there is Steam). Now no Mods.

A slippery slope, A slippery slope. #9
This #5.2.1
Your external internet speed provided by your ISP should have no bearing on your internal device-to-device wifi speed. Unless you're using an old router. #3.1
Great job. #1
It's food for the piranhas!!!!!!!

Everyone likes to see piranhas eat. #14.1
You can't fix slow internet...


... With a patch #5.1.1
Monopoly Deal with Hololens and an update to Screamride please. #3
With the exception of Resolution, the gameplay is basically identical, but can we give it a rest?

The PS4 has more powerful hardware (they both are cheap). Give it up. #11
WTF........... $40
You know who's gonna buy it.............

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Or just buy the WD 2TB 2.5 inch external drive for $99. Mine just sits behind the Xbox One. You can't even see it. #4.2
I would like a smaller, discless Xbox One please.

Thank You #9
Why? #6
I would take a complete remake over an HD remaster of KOTOR 1. I have it for PC so just upping the resolution does nothing for me. #3.1
Well there you have it. No replay value whatsoever!!! #2
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