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4k does not equal graphics. It's a resolution, but your point stands.

Personally, anything over 900p these days is fine with me resolution wise. I just want better textures, AA, lighting, etc. I don't care if any games on the Neo/Scorpio come in 4k. If I can atleast get 1080p with PC ultra settings and maybe a little extra at 60fps, I will be satisfied from a console perspective.

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S model will support Kinect.

The base Xbox One model doesn't do VR, and since the S is a base Xbox One model it will not either.

Samsung Gear VR was used for Minecraft.

Edit: but, I understand your grievances. PR/Marketing gets on my nerves all the time.

This wasn't a "Scorpio" reveal. It was just an announcement. It wasn't a show, in February, specifically to reveal the console.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd here we go!

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I love the Crossbuy idea. I can buy a game and let my kids enjoy it on the console, while I play it on my PC and still enjoy all of the perks of playing on Xbox (controller, achievements, friends list, etc).

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It's only that much when you start out. You can upgrade the same core PC build for years with a GPU and Ram (Amount) upgrade. These CPU's will last for a while and still provide great performance.

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All Spiderman games have not been bad. I have thoroughly enjoyed a few.

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My thoughts:

Sonyboy: Who cares about f'n Spiderman? It's exclusive? THIS IS THE BEST F'N GAME EVER!!!!!

Xboxboy: Who cares about f'n Spiderman? It's exclusive? THIS IS SOME F'N BULLCRAP. I LOVE TO PLAY SPIDERMAN GAMES!!!

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Xbox is a Platform on PC. You will have to buy those PC games from the Xbox Store, with an Xbox Live ID whether generated from the console, or PC.

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Leave it in, people complain. Take it out, people complain.

A good move for new customers that don't care about Kinect, but it alters the mindset of current owners who have Kinect and thought about upgrading to the S.

*opinion* I don't care either way, but I'm sure they can come out with a USB 3 dongle like they did for the Xbox 360.

Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and keep it moving.

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Xbox One will not be doing VR

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I finally found a good shot of the rear of the console and noticed something was missing

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GTX 1080 seems to handle 4k pretty well. Single GPU

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That goes both ways.

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The Scorpio wasn't a "reveal". It was just an acknowledgement of the rumors. They showed nothing. Told you NOTHING about the actual specs of the console. They just let you know, Hey, it's 6tf. No games shown. No tech shown. Nothing.

Sony, also confirmed the rumors, but showed nothing. Told you nothing.

I put them both in the same boat.

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I just don't understand it either. Suspenseful, yes. No gameplay, left me wondering what is the game even about, yes. Greatest moments in gaming history........... NO.

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Lost Planet

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For me personally, I just want a diskless system. They really need to offer that as an option, even if it's only through their website. New system looks sleek though.

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.......... You can't win it. Just show what you have and move on. Some blogs will focus on the negatives, some blogs will focus on the positives. You could show the most powerful console ever, drop the Xbox one to $99, say all future games will be $29.99, announce free Xbox live....................... and someone will still be pissed and say they will never buy your console(s).

Just keep it moving.

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WTF is up with these Sony vs Microsoft - Microsoft vs Sony blogs today?

It's the same people arguing back and forth.

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Will this game come out already

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