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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


I'm just guessing........ but if they can emulate the 360, then they can emulate the original Xbox games that are available on the 360 through emulation also........ right?

Paradox lol #2
People need to learn the difference between "dislike" and "hating". They are not interchangeable. #1
G13 saved my life when it came to FPS on Pc

Edit: Or any game for that matter. I cant use a keyboard properly. #1.2
I picked up lego Batman for the boys, if they ever put down split screen MineCraft. #3
I like that. #4.1.1
Angry birds? That's so 2013. I will be streaming Kim Kardashian dress up!!!!! #1.2
Man, the textures in the Menu vs the actual gameplay are drastically different. The non gameplay textures are outstanding. Still impressive though.

Edit: before anyone starts. No I'm not bashing the game. The in game textures look great, especially considering the engine has to render more than the inside of a chopper. It's just that the transition caught me off guard with Snakes textures. Great looking game. #3
I get in trouble for that. They send me a PM and say .................... stop, lol #4.2
Jetforce Gemini <3 <3 <3 <3

Edit: If a current gen remake needs to be done, that is the one with multiplayer in tow. #3
Scalebound and crackdown are my main interests at this moment in time. Hoping Scalebound has some RPG elements where you can upgrade your character(s). #6
Moderators????? What are those /s #1.1
Playing Destiny (I just bought it last month) has made me realize how much I miss playing SWTOR. I just don't have the time to be at my gaming PC lately. They need to bring that game to consoles. I'm sure it could be done. #1.1
You COMPLETELY missed what he said. You just wanted to instantly attack. #1.3.2
Looks good........... anyone want to buy a used ps4 lol.

J/k #5
....... second GPU? I haven't heard that since early 2014. Give it a break. #7.1
I'm not into gory games #3
BUT the thing is I keep buying new games.

That's the sad part 😒 #3.1
Life. Work. Wife. Kids. More sleep needed. More sleep wanted. Obligations. #2
Stop talking about it if it's not an issue then. It seems, after the excitement of the reveal at e3 at least, that we get more "articles" talking about how it isn't important than we do those saying how they love it.

It's a great feature to have. POINT BLANK!!! Will it cause the Xbox One to have a sale surge and pass the ps4. NO. Will it move more people to purchase an Xbox One, yes. Will it move others to purchase, no. End of story. #6
No. Stop asking. #12
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