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obviously, lol #11.1
.................. WTF are they trying to expose? A secret game? People just get a rush out of the internet going crazy over their name linked to information. He gave me this info. She is a great insider.

Let us be surprised by what the publishers, manufacturers, devs have to show. Let them do it their way. Stop trying to be the "snitch" when it comes to video games.

Now, all that other stuff you rambled on about, yes. Let us know we're... #8.1
Don't people do that today, in real life? #3.1
Its always good to be excited about games. #1.2
This is an edit:He's talking about the red car. Right before it makes the car flip it hits an invisible wall on the left. #4.2.1
Glad you liked it. I'm sure I will probably like it as well. Right now in my life though, I think I'm looking for a robust single player experience. Offline. I know I'm looking forward to The Division, but I think not as much as I was a few months ago. I seriously hope Bioware/E.A. dont f' up Mass Effect.

I want.....
MC Collection to play all of the single player campaigns
Mass Effect
Arkham Knight
GTA V #5.2.1
I did not know that, not that I'm keeping up with details. Thanks. #2.1.2
I'll hold judgement until I see something tangible. I don't currently see a problem with the XBone. It plays games at a lower resolution than the PS4, big deal. If you buy for power, then get the PS4 (I won't even get into the PC aspect). If you want to play Sunset Overdrive or Forza, then get XB1. If you want to play Uncharted, get the PS4. It's as simple as that. #4
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Because that makes the game so unplayable and automatically terrible!!!!!! /s #3.1
...... they must've had actual damage off, and at that speed it would have flipped a lot more. #2
You hold small meeting groups and tell each group different information. You don't tell coders what game they are working on or name the game something different to throw them off. There are a lot of ways to either weed the leakers out or give out false info. #4.1
.......... ouch!!! Every game is not for everyone. #1
Make a game work without the need for internet, as they are doing now, add extra things if the connection is there. Simple as that. It's being done now.

You don't have internet, play the single player experience. You do, why not jump into some multiplayer? It's kind of Apples to Oranges, but the underlying premise is the same. Internet-no internet. #1
Wow, glad to finally hear it from an actual player. This basically plays like Halo reskinned. The first enemies move exactly like Elites. The guns look like Halo. The controls feel like Halo. Just looking at it, they move in packs like the Covenant. Their weapons look like they perform the same, even the same sounds.

If anyone says they didn't get into Halo because they didn't like how it plays but loves this........ well, you know. It would be like Guerilla m... #5
Microsoft should let Rare work on Voodoo Vince and Blinx. Bring those games back #2.1.1
Day One purchase #3
If you actually had a bit of knowledge, you would know I have been saying the same thing the past 7 years. But you're just so gosh darn clever with your expected response you should get a nobel prize #8.1.1
I can understand people have preferences. We're human. Each of us has our reasons as to why they feel a certain manufacturer 'won' E3. You don't like Microsoft's games, probably because they are on their platform. That is your choice. Some people don't like Sony games simply because they are on playstation. It's all subjective.

Having said that.......... No one won by a landslide. I'm sorry. All opinions included, that is just a fact.... #3
These articles were not absent. Stop lying. The question is asked all the time, its just that last gen we also got a lot of PS3 is doomed articles as well. #9.1
Graphical power matters, that is why we move from generation to generation. But once the new generation starts, games should matter most of all. #8
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