Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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I see you've been losing bubbles also?

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disregard this response.

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This is your favorite topic. You just eat this white/black stuff up.

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Yeah, I started getting burned out with gaming last gen so I missed A BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH of games on 360, PS3, and PC. My PC backlog on Steam could last me this entire generation. I still haven't finished TLOU for PS3. Mass Effect was my favorite series last gen but I haven't even started Mass Effect 3 (here's hoping it gets added to the BC list).

I have a lot of catching up to do. I will add this game when it's available.

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I need to buy it. Never played it.

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Huh? They both offer free games. Some good some not so good. End of story.

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Between Xbox one games and the 360 games, I only have 500gb left on my 2 Tb. I need to buy another one to add......... But not this one

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I have the game on PC.

Sales, yes. Sales imply that it would be cheaper than the normal price. I'm talking about the normal price (on the digital stores atleast). I have seen the game on sale digitally for around $35.

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..... WTF are you talking about?

I guess I should've been more specific in my response and not so vague, but I'm not looking to buy the game. I bought it day one for PC and still play it from time to time.

I just happened to go on the PlayStation and Xbox digital store today and saw that it was still 59.99 after all these years which I thought was funny, but if people are still buying it then heh, make your money.

Black Ops 2?...

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Why is this game still $60 f'n dollars lol.

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I Agree. It will be on PS+ at some point. I will play it once it releases on E.A. Access.

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The ground never changed at all. That would've been impressive.

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Price is still too high IMHO. I can and will wait until it gets a little lower. Plus, the sales are on Xbox Also. It's EA not Sony.

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Neo Geo

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This is just getting ridiculous. I mean beyond ridiculous.

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N4g is down more than PSN, but it is free.

The down times don't get to me on either network (Live/PSN). I don't do a lot of multiplayer gaming and I can find something else to do if it is really bad.

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