Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Scorpio = Xbox one performance boost?

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It's looking like a fast paced shooter (from the 2 minute video). I'm sure they are waiting to show all the actual good stuff.

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Oh, the resolution game.

I played Lost Odyssey last night, and never even thought about what resolution it was running at. I just enjoyed it.

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I actually did not buy any this time around, or even over the summer. I have such a huge back catalog of games that I need to play that it made no sense for me personally, to go spend more money. I usually buy gifts for my steam friends but none this past holiday.

I can't wait until next year though.

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Isn't Sony?

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Good for Sony, and those who only care about if their console is winning in sales, because that automatically make games on the other console(s) worse.

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......... That's why it's called NPD.

This is edit: I didn't realize the article was about more than the U.S.

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They said from t beginning..................... ............. "digital purchases".

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One yearly???????

Where was this stated?

I was getting ready to state that the game library features have been there for a while, but I forgot that I'm in the preview program and have been using them.

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It was an "article" a few weeks ago

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.............. of war!!!

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......... All DLC plus an extra mode?

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Nathan Drake, Nathan Zachary.

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You would think, after people begged for years for Microsoft to get back into PC gaming. It doesn't bother me. If Sony dropped games on PC it wouldn't bother me either. I really don't care.

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................. It was probably something in his settings. It's not that serious.

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cheaper than a TV? Tv's are cheap my friend.

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Another one! We the best!

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It's always this one guy that has to turn it into a VS thing because of their emotions.

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