Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Looks like concept art to me. I've been wrong before.

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911, illuminati confirmed!!!!

no sarcasm

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It will support 1080p/60 gaming

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......... The Vita still exists?

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Can her computer play Crysis?

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nevermind/ disregard this post

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$20 would be a great price for PC (with all DLC, lol). Yes, I am greedy.

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Hopebully it's cross buy or a huge discount.

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.......... So what are the excuses for games that are PS4, or PC exclusive, that aren't a commercial success?

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Put "Why did I sell my ........." in the title, guaranteed hits.

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Put Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, and the remaining Mass Effect games on the store pronto.

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Seriously. It's not that serious. If it happened to Mass Effect I would be like oh, ok. Then continue my 100th playthrough.

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Mass Effect 1
Gears of War 1
The abundance of great Arcade games
Lost Odyssey

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One paragraph is an article?

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Oh Gawd!!

Any article with PS4 vs "anything" will get out of hand in a hurry.

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Witcher 3? I mean it doesn't have set pieces like modern warfare and UC4 but the lighting, the gameplay, the textures are top notch. Cap it at 30fps and turn the graphics up. Of course I'm talkin PC since you said that you OWN a gaming pc. It might not be a great gaming pc.

Uncharted looks and plays great but I think all the action and movie set pieces causes people to overvalue certain things.

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Stop following him around. It's creepy.

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So now we're going back to 2014? The first article was comparing 2015, I guess that didn't work out as well.

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The E3 build looks more natural. The lighting is better and colors are not over saturated, but it's nothing to get mad over. They both look great. If it were a multiplat it would be like a ps4/Xbox One comparison. Differences yes, major no.

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