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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"



I'll put it to you this way. Go trade in your Xbox 360 to best buy for $175, buy an Xbox one for $175. When they start BC, pick up right where you left off. #15
Looks like SFIV (I play on PC) #4
Shadow of the Colossus was 2 generations ago. #18.1.4
I have no idea what you said.

Try typing it in your native language and I will use google translate. #11.1
I kind of agree.

I liked Horizon, other than that, Uncharted 4 in regards to 1st party.

The other 2 announcements are multiplat and aren't slated to come out for atleast another 2 years (FFVII and Shenmue). They did have the most "wow factor" but most of the big games were 3rd party.

Not saying Microsoft's was better, but I don't get where people think this is the best conference ever. I think they were on par, but I... #6.1
They had a good conference.

Horizon is right up my alley.
Of course Uncharted.
Everything else I was interested in is multiplat. FFVII and Shenmue.
I already have Arkham Knight for PC.
Not interested in COD. #10
I was thinking last night that both Sony and Microsoft could donate 1-2 million and help it along. They probably need an astronomical amount to get a full fledged experience. #2.1
This was my fear. Everyone hyping the Final Fantasy remake and the Shenmue 3 announcement, we probably will not see these games for a few more e3's. Nothing this year, definitely not next year, a possibility for 2017, could be in 2018, if they are not out by 2019 it was pointless to add them to this show. #1.1.1
....... I haven't noticed anything. A few people, out of millions, doesn't mean the entire community. #6
Pretty good show.

The mechanical dinosaur games looks good. Kind of like Crysis, meets Enslaved, meets, ........ dinosaur mechs.

The big Announcements (IMHO the big announcements) were FFVII (multiplat), and Shenmue 3 (multiplat). They came out of nowhere. I seriously hope they aren't 3+ years from coming out. #11
I could tell, during the Microsoft conference, that The Division had been downgraded. It still looked good though. Here's hoping that we see more gameplay. #6
All Day!!!!!! I will be buying 2. #8
Came from nowhere. Glad to see it.

That controller though.......... #22
That controller looks bad@$$. Will be mine. #31
Holy $h1t........

Backwards compatibility #17
Are we still talking about this?

We know its "more" difficult. Make a good game and people will buy. #1
I buy digitally now, then years later go to gamestop during their sales to buy the games very cheap to stuff my shelves. #12
They take up the same amount of HDD space. #1.2.1

Let's just end this rhetoric and make good games devs. More pixels does not make a game automatically great, or even good. You have more power to work with, good, now just focus on the core experiences. #5
Oh Gawd, please don't let it be another Prologue (even though I bought the first one). #6
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