Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Edit: I hate to do this........"you're

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I didn't like running around as the monster. Too sluggish.

I did like the game Evolve Hunter Quest though lol.

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I still have not done either raid :(

I can't find a group to do it with. I found a group one time, but in the chat I mentioned that this was my first time doing the raid.............. they dropped me lol.

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...... Most retailers get games before the official release date (hard copy). So, technically Wal-Mart is holding off on giving people the game when its available.

When a game goes gold, it should be available digitally for everyone who wants to purchase it that day but it isn't........ because it has a release date.

This is just a perk for E.A. access members. Like special parking at Six Flags because you pay more. The parking spots are available...

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Controller is sold. Thanks.

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You can go to and buy it.

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That's good to know!!!!

I haven't turned on my Xbox One in over a week because of work so I haven't been aware of the changes (I'm in the preview program).

Thank you for that.

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I want digital versions of Mass Effect 2 and 3 please. Plus all games with more than 1 in a series (Gears of War, Halo, etc) for the 360 should be sold as 1.

sidenote: Microsoft, please make a digital xbox 360 store tab on the xbox one.

Thank you

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............... No Mario love on the Xbox? Man you guys/gals really take this stuff to the highest heights huh.

edit: I agree about going software. I said it last gen.

Edit: No harm no foul.

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Cant wait to try it out.

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You fell for the bait.

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steering wheels can run more than or at the same price of a console.

I get what you are saying though. If I were younger, no way would I have purchased this controller. I wouldn't have had the money.

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If anyone wants to buy one, Microsoft sent me two (yes they charged me for it) for some reason. I will sell it for what I paid. Just PM me if you're interested.

My personal opinion on the controller:

It's still not perfect (for me) but no controller will ever be. I have this idea that I wish I could mold, but hand sizes are so different. I want the bumpers to be where the triggers are and the triggers to be around the grip area. Now I will say t...

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On this website, I agree, the agree/disagree buttons need to go.

If they can't/don't go, atleast make it where you can see who is disagreeing/agreeing.

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I got mine!!!!!

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Sooooooooooo.... I'm not even gonna do it lol.

Hopefully Capcom does the PC justice.

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Metacritic............. again. :(

As a gamer, metacritic doesn't help me determine what games I like. I wish people would stop using it for their cause (either side)

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A Microsoft console will never outsell a playstation console. NEVER EVER EVER EVER.

Stop looking for it to and just enjoy the games and console.

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.......... Like I said, it would have been better if they just had one lone Spartan. NO ONE has created the perfect A.I. as of yet (when it comes to shooters). Some games get away with it, others don't.

I'm sure if you played on easy (ewwwwwwwwwwwww) they would've revived you more, but you probably would not have needed it though.

Not knocking your review at all (if you took it that way).

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