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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


I bought Lords of the Fallen, Temple of Osiris, Kinect Sports Rivals, and Trials Fusion. #6
I haven't even touched multiplayer yet. Too much single player goodness #5.1.1
I put more hours into Mass Effect 1, than all Halo's combined. But the replay value for Mass Effect 1, and 2 for that matter, is through the roof. #1.5
And here we go. #10
Thanks. It also states that some sales have started early. Just go to your respective console page (xbox 360 or xbox one), click on games, and browse the library. You have to click on each individual game to see if it's on sale.

As I noted above, I got some good deals on games. Can't wait to play Kinect Sports Rivals with my sons when I get home. #13.2.1
I really find this game interesting but my limited game playing availability time shuns me away from online games. Does it have a single player campaign? If I were to get this game it would probably be on PC. #8
Ok thanks.

I just bought....

Lords of the Fallen
Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris
Trials Fusion (regular)
Kinect Sports Rivals

All for a total of $35

Cant beat that. #13.1.1
Am I going to the wrong page? I don't see the sales.

Sidenote: Got to love good ole' Activision. Destiny and COD Advance Warefare give no extra discount for Gold members lol. #13
Now this is the game I have been patiently waiting for. Mass Effect was my favorite game last gen. Here's hoping for a wonderful RPG experience. #3
I will admit............

When the game was first revealed, they made it seem as if it were a multiplayer survival game with a top tier horde mode. Yes, as we got more info I was disappointed, but the game looks good still. #3.2
This would be great with their AR device. Building coasters on your living room floor and watching them go. #2
touche' #1.2
Uncharted was being praised before it's release. I remember because I couldn't wait for it. It helped me ease my pain because LAIR was a big let down. #4.2.1
You could say that for everything. Not just this one game. It's on every internet medium.

Post something positive on facebook, get 20 likes.

Post about how you had unprotected sex with 3 strippers last night because YOLO. Or how you slapped your mom because she yelled at you. Get 10,000 likes.

It's just the nature of the beast. #4.1.3
Just make good games. Just make fun games. One console will always, ALWAYS, have an edge in some way, shape, or form. Things have never been 100% on par. Power wise or multiplat wise. There are always gonna be minor differences. Some you can see and most you can't. #2
Yeah, we are about due for a gamer-gate "article". It's gonna come from left field. #6.1.1
........... Because that is how long it too you to finish the game?

Why would you finish Gears of War in 8 hours? Because that is how long it took you to finish the game.

The Order is being used for website hits. Nothing more nothing less. #6
There was an xbox live outage? #9
And it begins! #6
Consoles selling great. #8
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