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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Huh? They both offer free games. Some good some not so good. End of story. #10
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Between Xbox one games and the 360 games, I only have 500gb left on my 2 Tb. I need to buy another one to add......... But not this one #3
I have the game on PC.

Sales, yes. Sales imply that it would be cheaper than the normal price. I'm talking about the normal price (on the digital stores atleast). I have seen the game on sale digitally for around $35. #13.1.1
..... WTF are you talking about?

I guess I should've been more specific in my response and not so vague, but I'm not looking to buy the game. I bought it day one for PC and still play it from time to time.

I just happened to go on the PlayStation and Xbox digital store today and saw that it was still 59.99 after all these years which I thought was funny, but if people are still buying it then heh, make your money.

Black Ops 2?... #13.2.1
Why is this game still $60 f'n dollars lol. #13
I Agree. It will be on PS+ at some point. I will play it once it releases on E.A. Access. #4.1.2
The ground never changed at all. That would've been impressive. #2
Price is still too high IMHO. I can and will wait until it gets a little lower. Plus, the sales are on Xbox Also. It's EA not Sony. #4
Neo Geo #4
This is just getting ridiculous. I mean beyond ridiculous. #3
N4g is down more than PSN, but it is free.

The down times don't get to me on either network (Live/PSN). I don't do a lot of multiplayer gaming and I can find something else to do if it is really bad. #9
Ok? #4
Might check it out, although I prefer AR as I don't completely separate myself from reality. #3
You guys care too much. Hypocrisy is par for the course in gaming when it comes to console wars.

For the record, I don't think the Xbox guys "hate" indie games, they played a boatload of them last gen. They (fanboys) were complaining because it's all that Sony touted in the beginning. Anything to add fuel to the fire. You know how it goes.

Having said all that, the author knew what he was getting into. No sense in crying about it afte... #6.2
If I wasn't told that it was 1080p/900p, I would not have known. They both look good IMHO. Shadows?

This will get 200+ posts because it's a comparison article #32
It's the same people. They just switch consoles. #3.2.1
.............. what? No, it is not. #7
Give it a break. It really doesn't matter at this point (to grown men) who sells the most unless stocks go up. #7.3
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No Mass Effect?

Free for EA Access members since we already use the same EA Id or at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT? #3
It happens. I've been feeling this way, really since Mass Effect 2 came out. I still want to play but I find myself doing other things with my time like cleaning up the house, sitting in the den, talking to my wife?????????

I don't know, I guess you get older and you change. I have bought so many Steam games and haven't even started them. My ps3 backlog and xbox 360 backlog is huge. I have games for the ps4 and Xbox one that I haven't even seen the start... #1.3.6
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