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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


They are not going to catch up to Ps4. EVER. Give it a break. #6.1
All DLC should be free for the PC version. #1
No. No perfect score. #3
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I'll just be happy that I can use something besides "push in left stick" to run on a few games. #2
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Had it happen to my launch 360. Got it replaced for free then bought the newer slim model when it came out.

YLOD of 60gb launch ps3. They wanted $150 and no promise I would receive the same model. Just waited and bought a slim model for cheap off of ebay. #6
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looks like an interesting game. #17
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LOL #4
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They had a promotion last weekend to trade in your xbox 360 for $175. I traded it in with a controller ($8) and bought the Xbox One. #9.2.1
I got a white one with Halo MCC for $186 after taxes at Best Buy last weekend. Stays in the den.

Sidenote: I think a lot of people are underestimating the ability to install your games to an external HDD. My living room Xbox one has all the games installed to internal. Just the games that my kids play. I had copied my entire library to my external 2tb drive. When My new xbox arrived I just plugged in my external drive and started playing. I can take the drive in my poc... #9
I think you mean "with the arrival of DirectX 12".

sidenote: Are you guys accessing the normal site or the mobile site? #1.2.1
Can any of you guys access the normal site ( I have not been able to for 24 hours. I can access the mobile site (which I am on now). #10
These narcissistic generations. Who cares why you wont buy an item? What happened to actually buying an item and giving a review? #4
They should just give up there or do ship-to-order. #1.2
When they had some great JRPGs Las Gen people still paid no attention.

The argument was...... "the devs were stupid to put them on Xbox. Should've released on playstation" #1.1.1
..... It's "ether" #9.2.1
How many are you gonna buy though? #9.1
I hate when people say that. You can't play Halo on Playstation. You can't play Mario on playstation. You can't play Uncharted on Nintendo. You can't play Bloodborne on Xbox.

It just depends on what you like. #7.1.1

I give up. I truly give up. #4
I traded in my Xbox 360 to best buy this past weekend just because of the BC announcement and the special that Best Buy was running. I purchased the white Halo MCC edition. I paid $186 after taxes.

I plan on selling the MCC code which will take the price down even more. To top it all off, some of my digital 360 games started showing up in my games list.

I say roughly $150 for a second Xbox one was't a bad deal. #1.1.2
I agree. If you are not going to put the time in to make a freakin proper PC game, then just don't make it. The PC should not be getting ports of games released at the same time as consoles. #6.1
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