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Same thing they did with GTA IV. They funded some of the development #4
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I will co-sign. #5.2
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Devs explaining why a game is a certain fps, every other article, is different from fanboys going back and forth over minor differences.

The latter has been going on since the beginning of console gaming. #5.2.1
Devs have to explain their fps for every game now? #2
Wow, so sad. #3.3.3
Its not selling poorly. The PS4 is just selling outrageously great.

Sony did a great job with it, especially the pricing. #6.2
And here come the N4G sales analyst to give us their infinite long paragraphs of wisdom. #9
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That is what I want. It would be great if you could street fight, lol. #9.1
If it can get me giddy and make me feel the way I felt the first time I played NFS underground then I'm in.

Edit: I wish I could go back to some of my posts, but alas :(

Many years ago I stated that my dream game would be an MMO style racing game where you travelled state to state and raced. Bought parts from different shops. Had to put up (virtual) money when you raced. I wanted a story though. Sort of like GTA. I wanted the cops invol... #6
I just haven't, and probably wont', get into the game on any platform.

Can anyone explain to me exactly what you do in the game. #2
Oh NOEZ!!!!!!!!! it broke the web. #1
Vectorman!!!!!!!! #5
ResoHos......... I'm gonna steal that from you lol #5.1
They should just drop the resolution to get 60fps. I think devs are becoming victims of the sensational headlines. They have to find a way to get 1080p in there.

This is gonna be one of the roughest console generations yet. I thought 360/ps3 was bad. Lets just go back to Xbox and ps2 and let devs make what they want. The good times. #11
Wow. You guys are terrible. Would it have made you feel better if the ps4 version was 1080p 30 and the XBone version 900p 30/60?

Its the same game. If you like it you should buy it.

This is the exact reason I think game specs should stop being lauded before release. Too many angry gamers won't even take the time to see if a game is good.

Release a game, let it be judged on its good/bad qualities, then one month after release let digita... #4.2
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Classic. Loved the game. I just can't understand, even at that time in gaming, how people hated the game. #2
They actually tracked 278 wii and 71 psp's? Who the hell is still selling psp units? #3
I like the third person aspect of Mass Effect. #3
ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SPIT SPRITE ON MY TABLET. #2.4.1
........... Over? Wow buddy, talk about exaggerations. It's not that serious. #1.9
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