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They will be called "new features" next year. #7
Microsoft wanted to do calculations in the cloud Sony wants to be like Onlive and stream games anywhere. We've seen games streamed (onlive) before. We haven't seen games done with cloud calculations for physics etc. Hopefully Crackdown can show what an online console can do with the help of the cloud.

Here's hoping it doesn't fall flat. #1.4
Yes I have that game also. One of the best 3D games I have played (if you have a 360) is an indie game called 3D-infinity. Great 3D game.

I always felt as if Ikaruga would do great in 3D. #2.1.1
It would've been great if this were an actual 3D game where I had to wear glasses. These types of games are what can push the tech. #2
Just do weekly rentals for 4.99-5.99 just like the old days. #4
You need to go on a diet Val #1.1
A good game is better. Just ask Haze or Too Human. #6
Why is this such a big deal? The heat is going up. #6
Man, that paragraph is all me lol #1
Should have named it Revolution. #3
I don't even believe that and I have stated it many times. #1.3.1
Not necessarily, if you're Nintendo that is.

I honestly think the media and publishers, for some reason, want to get Nintendo out of the hardware game.

I own a ps4 also. I currently don't have an XBone because I sold mine so I could buy the white bundle. I know you find it hard to believe since you constantly label me because I don't kiss the @$$ of Sony for every little thing they do. I criticize both. I applaud both. #1.2.1
I think the message really screwed them over.

But I'm not a stockholder so I don't care about sales of either. #1
What are the top selling games on PlayStation? #11.2
LOL, we get an opinion article, responding to an interview question posted as an article, over the internet backlash from a reveal. #9
It will probably be just a small delay as the game syncs with the other ps4 waiting for controller input. Its just streaming like Onlive.

It will not be instant. If it is I will be very, very surprised. #11.3 have to be online to use this feature of the ps4.

this is an edit: I understand the whole DRM thing. We are past that. They F'd up with the 24-48 hour check in. That turned a lot of people away. #8.3.1
sooooooooo everyone is on this killer feature but when Microsoft was allowing people to share their games (just like steam does now) it was bad?

edit: Spencer did say they were thinking about ways to bring some of the features back. Microsofts first offering and Share Play go about things two different ways.

In no way is this feature gonna bury the Xbox as the Xbox feature was not gonna bury the PS4. #8
People don't read. #1.1.1
I'm only here because Gamepro died. Most of the people on my friends list for ps3/360 came from gamepro. I do fantasy football league with guys from gamepro. That was a great forum. I helped a few people build PC's. Made some music for a few guys. Those were good times. #8
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