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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


ok?????? #2
F'n wow. Thanks!!!!

edit: Now just bring on Halo Wars please. #15
Does every game get a bundle? #8
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG!
Please be an RPG! #5
Glad I haven't bought the game yet. This is the type of thing gamers need to debate about and support each other on. Instead they argue back and forth on sales articles. #4
More $h!t for you girls to argue about. #30
You wrote this story to stir up fanboys.

The heat on this will most certainly go up higher than more important topics.

People love to argue back and forth it seems. #2.1.1
Looks like SFIV but PC frame rate. The backgrounds look better. #1
You hope its better than a game you haven't played? #7.1
Wow, this is the early 360 years all over again. I had all of the NFL faceplates.

What a difference a generation makes. #10
Too many online games to play these days. #6
This is the reason people look for flame bait articles.

Sidenote: I'm glad Rambi80 won with his blog. #8
I wish they would make a discless version, even in a limited run. I traded my second one away and want another to travel with. Smaller/discless would be preferred. #6
PS4 board will have more palm trees #2.1.1
Online multiplayer would be cool with this. I'm wondering if it will have a save game feature so you could continue later on #3
A guy on Craigslist traded me on of my Xbox ones for a GTX Titan black (6gb). I was like HELLS YEAH I WILL TRADE!!!!

........... I had to buy another power supply lol. Gave my nephew my HD 7950 which has served me well these 2 years #5.1
WTF is going on today? The site keeps replying to the wrong comment.

I apologize #6.1
error #7
This site helped me write a paper in one of my Sociology classes. Got an A!!!!!!!!!

I too believe that the community, or the small vocal portion that shows itself on the internet (this site), is the reason I can't or haven't enjoyed gaming as much as I did in the past. I'm sure other environmental variables go into play, but the community probably holds a very large chunk of that pie. #1.1
You're kind of contradicting yourself in one sentence. #7.1
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