Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Ryse Son of Rome?

I thought people hated that game

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More like.........

Nvidia: Getting our chip on atleast one console was "top priority". We couldn't be completely left out.

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Hopefully it works like the Xbox One, and you can use it on any PS4.

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NO. Next question.

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Whenever someone brings up "the founding fathers" or this country isn't what it was, I'm like ........ they owned slaves, and lynchings were legal?

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Who cares. Everyone fishing for Likes and approval.

If you switched from Playstation to Xbox ....... its not that big of a deal. They are just games.

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It's always been that way on here. N4G speaks for the world remember

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N4G is like the American political system. No research is needed, just say what you want and make it sound good.

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No, because everyone who didn't own or want a microsoft console stated that it looked like trash.

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No one cared about the series when it was multiplat.

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I need Mass Effect Trilogy on XBone/PS4 please!!

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Scorpio = Xbox one performance boost?

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It's looking like a fast paced shooter (from the 2 minute video). I'm sure they are waiting to show all the actual good stuff.

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Oh, the resolution game.

I played Lost Odyssey last night, and never even thought about what resolution it was running at. I just enjoyed it.

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I actually did not buy any this time around, or even over the summer. I have such a huge back catalog of games that I need to play that it made no sense for me personally, to go spend more money. I usually buy gifts for my steam friends but none this past holiday.

I can't wait until next year though.

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Isn't Sony?

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Good for Sony, and those who only care about if their console is winning in sales, because that automatically make games on the other console(s) worse.

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......... That's why it's called NPD.

This is edit: I didn't realize the article was about more than the U.S.

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