Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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I'm not an idiot guys.

I very well aware of what can be done with a laptop when compared to a gaming console. That was not the point that I was trying to make.

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.......... so you're gonna sell the Xbox One S for maybe $100, then spend atleast another $900 to play a game that you could play now by spending $30 at most?

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........ Huh. I think you have your years mixed up.

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............. are other games not coming out? I could have sworn that I have been playing games on Xbox right alongside God of War.

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People only +1 to Pachter when his personal views matches theirs.

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Everyone will not like every game. Everyone will not like every aspect of a game that they enjoy.

But, some people just hate everything.

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I've probably played more God of War than you have bud.

My ps4 is the Uncharted collectors edition. I don't have to kiss Sony or Microsofts butt to enjoy good games. You should try giving your lips some rest.

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Looks like a great game. Will definitely enjoy this one once it's added to the collection.

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I'm not interested either. I will get the collection for my kids though. Not enough kid friendly non shoot-em-up bang bang games out.

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Damn, I guess you have to choose a side Krib and beatdown the other.

Stop buying games for your PS4 because the fanboys on that side don't want you to.

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....... These games are nearly 20 years old. Not last gen.

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........... I buy and play BC games that I like. It doesn't matter in the "console war" but if you want to enjoy older games it is a good model.

Since when is adding value seen as something bad? I just don't get it.

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The Hypocritical stances are funny.

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........ NASA? Really? We went from making video games to going to the moon.

Extreme is extreme.

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I'm sorry, no game should cost this much to make.

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When given the choice, I always play on the most difficult setting. This will be no different.

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PS4 has (atleast) double the install base remember? Considering analytical information it should hold a 200% edge (when calculating percentages) in all multi platform game sales over the Xbox One. If Xbox sells 100, Playstation should sell 200. It doesn't always work out like this but you get the point.

In this case, 2015-2016-2017, the percentage differences were 233%-300%-240%.

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I bought one, but I never get into these class action lawsuits. Too much effort for nothing. If my "Fat Chrome" still worked though, I would be happy.

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