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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


I should be able to run it pretty good. Still not buying at launch though. #4
Nice product. I always had the idea of "folding triggers". The triggers fold sideways when putting the device up and become flush. When you're ready to use just fold them back out and you're good to go. I have lots of ideas just no rich person to fund me lol. #21
It's a port all day. Some good areas but the facts don't change. They made more money lol. #3
I think they need to make more games that used the last gen version of "the future of gaming"............3D #6
You just have to find a tablet with a standard usb port. I have one. Or you can go to amazon and find a micro-usb to usb adapter. #4.1
I hope I can transfer my character #14
And it begins. I'm not even gonna get the popcorn as I have no interest in this argument. #6
Skepticism is always around with everything.

I do love the direction and innovations in the new web browser. Looks promising. #4
I barely finished after 1. I muscled through 2 (even though it did have some great parts), and I haven't finished 3. I've become more of a slow evolving story guy. That is why I liked Mass Effect 1 so much. I have played that game 100 times. It ruined me last gen. I just hope they go back to the RPG routes.

I do love Halo though, lol. Not for multiplayer as much as others. #11.1.1
It "looks" like Gears gameplay with a better story. If you like Gears you should like this game. From the new trailer it looked like it even had their version of "curb stomps" in there.

Looks good. #11
:) #2.1.1
Hopefully he doesn't "choke" on some chips while playing.

too soon? #2
This is about Remote Play, not PS now. They are different services. #6.3
LOL #4.1
There is an article on here from a guy who did have a physical demo, although it was in a lab I will say. #3.1
Edit: should have read it first. #2
People are very observant. I just thought it was a regular T-shirt like you get from JC Pennys lol. I have a lot of those. #1
"A horror film with an image of a ghost that pops u next to you"

........ I'm sorry but F**k that!! #11.1
Xbox 360 development must be taking them through hell. For those interested, with only an xbox 360, atleast there will be a release on the store. Just not retail disc. #1
That's my main concern with VR. I've said it before. Some gamers are already wearing Headphones and can't here what's going on then add another headset that covers the eyes. Anything could happen. #3.1
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