Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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It's downgraded, especially in the details of the facial textures. It doesn't mean that it does not still look good.

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Too much sex and cursing in games these days. You have to filter some stuff.

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...... That is not what I said at all.

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If the games lineup were reversed (with the exception of the JRPGs because the Japanese would not buy into xbox anyway) the marketshare would still be the same.

For as much as people bicker on this site, most are still loyal to a brand and not the games.

Uncharted would get trashed by playstation loyalist for being a tomb raider rip off with movie set pieces. Halo would get trashed by Xbox loyalist for being a generic shooter. Etc etc.

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..................... This is not about Microsoft!!!!!!!!

Both camps need to stop the deflection on every topic

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....... people recognize good/bad games?

Different studio, crap DLC, etc. this game also released on PC (digital?).

It also says something about your emotional attachment to an electronic device if that is your first response. Are you the only one, no.

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no $h!t Sherlock.

If they released it on Mobile it would have had more sales as well as it would've been on more than one platform.

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Its called having a choice, for those that are interested.

There are multiple hardware manufacturers but many people only choose to buy one. There are various ways to buy games on pc.

Wow, there are even multiple games that come out every week but we dont buy everyone. We make a choice.

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The downplay is real, and getting ridiculous.

It will be the most powerful console, until PS5/xbox come out, period.

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Its an Xbox game.

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Copies available in Daytona Beach. Fly over and come get them lol

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So we do stories on 2+ year old games and price drops now?

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I guess I have not seen any issues with Halo MCC since launch because I don't play multiplayer.

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You guys are ridiculously over dramatic.

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No, It's just getting boring (for me).

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Convert a few non believers of what, to what?

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Good screenshots tend to fool a lot of people.

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I applaud your efforts but nothing will ever be perfect. People are emotionally attached to these machines and any slightly positive news for one brings out the negativity from the fan base that does not have that particular machine. Any quote that can be misconstrued will be approved as news. Logic goes out the window. They can't help it.

Good luck

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