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I remember stuff like this was hidden on the disc, no matter where you bought it from, and you got it when you beat the game. Or you put in a code. Anyone remember Noob Saibot codes lol.

Big business is big business, even when it comes to our hobby of video games. #4
If they stop producing cards and just let the devs focus on what is out, atleast for 2 years it could do nothing but help the industry.

1)Devs can focus more on the hardware that is there and optimize games for it on the pc side

2)The cards will become cheaper to produce over time and it would do nothing but help the bottom line of Nvidia/AMD

3)Devs can focus on the hardware that is there and optimize games for it on the pc side
Too many petitions for nonsense. #7
The lighting looks good and although this is one scene, from this one scene, I'm not just like WOW OMFG!!! I wait to pass judgement once I play it, but from that little bit I don't see what all the hype was about that the journalists (blogs) were trying to stir up. It looks great, but so does The Witcher 3. #12
lol, everytime I see that I laugh. #5
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....... Its not a new game. It's just a graphical upgrade. #6
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Damon. Didn't realize it was still worth that much #4
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Better graphics, thats why we move on to console generation after generation. Resolution is just one aspect of that.

Hell, most HD shows only display in 720p, they look good to me. #2.2.1
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No one really cared/talked about resolution last gen. I think the biggest thing was when Microsoft took out of their contract that every game had to be 720p. That was only talked about for a short while though. #2.1.3
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The same people that hate Sunset Overdrive...... will love this.......... and vice versa.

Go figure? #9
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.......... that has to be satire. No way would a dev say that and its not anonymous #2
Microsoft needs to come out with an Bone app. Stream your X bone games to any windows pc or tablet within your home network.

I know if steam does it they can do it. I would love to stream X bone games on my device. #3
That's good to hear although I haven't purchased any new PC hardware in 2 years. My mini-itx rig is still going on strong. I do want that new Silverstone Raven (RVZ01B) case. It looks nice. #7
so, we're now talking poly count after just one screenshot? This is gonna be a long generation for the blogs. #4
Or maybe, because people only seem to care about 1080p they did what they had to do on both consoles to hit that? The ps4 has a better GPU, that is a fact that will not change. #14.2
Doubt if they will hit 1080p by launch without cutbacks.

sidenote: I know there are cutbacks on the ps4 to hit 1080p also, there will just be more cutbacks on the XBone. I would rather them just do 900p and call it a day. Let the fanboys on the internet argue.

All devs should just make the best game they can. #7
different architecture. Takes time to code #5.1.1
That's why he spoke about proper hardware #2.1.1
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I think that is a great point. If you truly like a product, I see nothing wrong with accepting money to promote it. #6.1
So it's okay for gaming sites to do it but not youtubers who are just trying to make ................. money?

If they are just showing themselves playing the game, I see no problem with them receiving money (although now I think they will have to pay some money out). If they are reviewing the game, understandably that is a conflict of interest, but I myself have never looked to youtube to decide if I'm going to purchase a game or not. #8
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