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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Did you go into the settings and change it to your liking? #4.3
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I'll probably pass on GTA V for a little while. #1
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People are so concerned about gaming journalism which I never cared about. I don't put too much stock in reviews and never really have. I like hands on. If a game passes the "it looks good test" from videos and what have you. Demos (even though those are getting scarce). Etc Etc.

Now where I have a problem with "journalism" is in the actual news: Fox, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. We aren't getting news, just soap operas and reality shows masquerading... #3
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I like the fact that you still have the ability to turn the driving assists on and off.

It's meant to be arcade but you can turn it into a full blown sim (driving wise). #4
I like the price. Will purchase. #9
....... Isn't this how it was done in the old days? You play a demo, you determine if you like it or not. Am I missing something?

I do agree with you that journalist/media try to get too much information on games and end up spoiling everything for the rest of us. It's a sad state of affairs.

I don't think anyone is saying the game isn't gorgeous though. The remarks are kind of looking like infamous again. I think its gonna be better th... #2.1.1
For Kinect. I basically got Kinect for free.

But its worse.................

I bought an xbox one. Then saw the white bundle and said I wanted that. I sold my xbox one. I saw a great deal on craigslist for the madden bundle $300.00..... I had to get it. It was gonna be a while before the Sunset Overdrive bundle came out anyway. Then Yesterday, I saw the Day One bundle unopened for $360........had to have it. Bought it took the Kinect out, put everything... #8.2.1
Meh. Not the best looking thing. #7
Locked 30 and I'm good with the advances. I understand the "need" to get it to 60fps as if they don't we will get headline after headline, but just focus on making a great game.

Having said all that................ they are cutting it pretty close don't you think? #6
I agree. Horrible idea to meet at night like that. #11.1
No $h!t Sherlock!!! #4
Can't trust a lot of people on Craigslist. I did buy a day one unopened Xbox one today for $360 off of their today though. We did meet at an Atlanta Police station. Neither one of us wanted to take the risk. I usually meet in the always busy Ikea parking lot during the day.

Now I just have to sell my other Xbox one. #8
females were hot, he almost got a boot to the nuts.

"Aye Bro" lol #8
I think it safe to say that the majority of console players have not played MMO's.

This reminds me of Mass Effect. The game didn't get good until you became a specter. A lot of people called the game boring and never even got to that point. #10
Wow. #1.5.1

Does it take this much purchase justification to talk about GTAV? #4.1
..........worst leaked videos ever.

sidenote: That acceleration sound, sounds just like Asphalt 8 lol. Now that is a racing game that they need to bring to consoles. I love it my my W8 tablet. #3
I remember saying that years ago. Just do a roster update for 15-20 bucks. #1.3
It just seems like the same old game to me. I popped Madden 11 in my 360, then popped Madden 15 in the XBone and other than a few graphical modifications, nothing felt different.

I wish they would stop f'n changing the pre-snap buttons every year. It gets confusing having to re-learn how to move your defensive linemen and cornerbacks every year. Just leave it alone. #2
I really wish Microsoft would implement the retail/digital format for some of us that would prefer it. I'm buying digital, but I would rather buy retail, install, and not worry about putting the disc back in.

Does anyone have a "No CD" crack lol.

My options now are to buy digital, then buy retail when the games are 10.00 and under just to add to my shelf/collection. #4
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