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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


free is free my friend. #14.4.1
I would like the option with the current consoles. I have two Xbox ones and one ps4. I take one of the Xbox ones with me to work when im on night shift and when traveling. I would like a smaller discless version that I could just attach my external HDD to and call it a day. Or at least remove the disc drive and make the PSU internal.

When/if they come out with a smaller PS4 I will get another. I hope they make it even smaller by going discless. I also hope they implemen... #9
I figured that, I just wanted to compare and contrast just for the sake of it. #14.2.1
They have a 4tb on Newegg for 159.99, or a 2tb for 79.99. #12.3
So all these are playable on Xbox One correct? I have Crysis 3 and Tomb Raider on PC. I'm interested to see how the console versions stack up. #14
4 days? Matchmaking down? I've been playing destiny all week at home and work. No issues whatsoever. Weird? #17
I'm pretty sure I went in and changed the file to go over 30fps but I'm not sure. I will have to go back and check again. If any issues arise I will let you guys/gals know. #5.2.1
Yes PC. I bought it so long ago just didn't have the time to start playing. I found an hour last week to give it a go. I got to the batmobile missions. Like I said, I haven't gotten too deep in the game (Destiny and Rare Replay are taking up my time) but I will give it a good playthrough this weekend.

EVGA Titan Black
MSI z97s #5.1.1
I finally got around to playing it last week and I couldn't notice anything game breaking. I only played for an hour or so and got bored though. I will get back to it eventually. #5

BC isn't anything new and innovative. There I said it. Shareplay isn't new and innovative (it's basically Remote connection which I have been doing on PC forever). There I said it.

I can't believe you guys are arguing over these petty things. Everyone looks for an edge in life I guess. #4
Could they atleast add matchmaking to all of the Prison of elders? I mean DAMMIT MAN!!!!!!!!! #4
exactly #23.1
No. People don't play games anymore, they play the systems.

People Hate Halo (for the gameplay) but love the feel of Destiny (same gameplay as Halo). Hell, even the "Spartan abilities" from REACH made it into Destiny. That was enough right there to show me where the mindset of people was at.

People Hate Uncharted but love Tomb Raider. People Hate Forza, but love Gran Turismo. People trashed COD and Xbox last gen, but love COD and PlayStation this... #18
The design of the console looks like it took no thought at all. I'm not impressed. #39
Its the marketing team. Sony hired the 360 marketing team for the PS4. Smart move from the get go. #3.2
Stop doing side by sides. People only play one console at a time. Just bounce back and forth between both versions, without labeling them, and watch the comedy ensue for about a week. After that reveal which is which.

You'll see more back pedaling than an NFL cornerback. #11
Why is it never people that I see on a regular win these big contests? #11
....... if this were a disc based game it would be the same outcome. #1.2
Add an Xbox 360 store to the Xbox One and I will buy this game. I never played it last gen. #8
Some people will be very happy to hear this. This will be the only opinion that matters #14
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