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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Reminds me of Adera for Windows 8. If it is in that same genre then I will get it. Hopefully it has a great story. #11
I swear, the same topic pops up every 8 hours on the main page #7
No one is complaining about bugs. #21.1.2
In all honesty, I don't even think the last Unreal Engine was maxed out by the consoles. #1
The problem with metacritic (which I have never been to and probably never will) is that it's subjective. He lost thousands of dollars because someone thought his game wasn't as good as he thought it should be. Well, tough
Sh!t. It happens to everyone.

I love the Tesla Model S, but there are others who think it is a piece of crap and then there are those who are in the middle. I like Mass Effect, there are those who dislike it on their own merits. There... #9
You have to play it first, but yes first impressions are everything. #8
Cuphead is going to be boss #12.1
The main people that complain are the people who prefer to game on PS4. Great Indie games come to PS4. Great Indie games come to the Xbox One (policy or no policy). If a dev really, really wants his/her game on Xbox One they will do what they have to do to get it there. The internet blows everything out of wack.

Now, should the policy be there?................. who knows. No one on this website knows every single detail about the policy so we shouldn't even be speak... #7
how did I miss this?????????? #1
If people stop hyping up every f'n game that is announced....... #18
I wasn't referring to fanboys, at all actually.

I was referring to the website/blog that keeps hyping up everything the execs say. We don't need to hype up ON LINE that an exec says and make an N4G article out of it. Hell, I've seen the site make 4-5 "articles" out of one interview.

It's just sad. #3.3.1
Nothing from last gen needs to be remade (imho) unless its in a bundle.

I would like to see............

a new Crimson Skies
a new Jade Empire
a new Kung-Fu Chaos
a new Blinx (we need more of these games)
a new old school side scroller or top down shooter (think Ikaruga) but in actual 3D. #7
I have both Otogi games on my shelf.

From Software is now on Bloodborne though. #6.1
This is atleast the 5 vs topic in the last 8 hours. Sad. #9
For the sake of my sanity, please just stop. #3.2.1
OMG will you people quit hyping up everything. I mean every little thing. #3
Not even close????

What are the actual sales numbers my knowledgeable friend?

Edit: I feel so stupid. I just saw the one bubble :( #6.1
Windows 7 great
Windows 8.1 great

If your family is having issues weekly its not the O.S. fault. #4.2
Hasn't this been done to death already? #4
ok #6
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