Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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.......... you can trade your console in to Gamestop.

Edit: Other than that part, I understand where you are coming from

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For me, it was the ESPN basketball game for the Dreamcast. EEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW

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If they tried that, people would say they were trying to create a racing game monopoly /s

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When did everything become offensive? Conservatives are offended. Liberals are offended. (I hate those two words by the way, I am offended that we still use them) Women are offended. Men are offended. Blacks, whites, Asians, and latinos are offended.

Comedians can't even tell funny @$$ jokes anymore without fear of being trampled on social media. Chickens are offended by the Chic-fil-a commercials. Panties are offended...

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The only thing that they are doing differently than the others is pricing.

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Expensive when you purchase separately. Bundle just shows near total price.

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I agree. Poor has nothing to do with it. If that were the case, then only a few on N4G would buy it because most say that they don't have the money for 2 consoles. As we can see from the positive response, most of N4G will be buying.

Personally, I'm going to wait a bit (I'm doing the same with hololens and Rift). I congratulate Sony on winning phase 1, the pricing war. Looks like they are going to win the marketing war also.

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Look at the Hololens virtual screen videos on youtube. I'm sure it will look something like that.

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Your fanboy is showing. Better cover it up and then tell us how you really feel.

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An official charging stand? An ugly official charging stand? Whatever works I guess.

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Great trailer!

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1480p? Was this sarcasm?

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Their computers........... next question.

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Wait a minute. You're okay with choosing an inferior product, just as long as it has the games you like? Man that is a radical concept. /s

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Looks nice, but it just doesn't give me that WOW FACTOR like the ps3 game did. Nothing this gen really has. I'm sure that once I get my hands on it, it will definitely feel better and more responsive. Visuals aren't always the revolution that we should be looking for, and I have to remember that from time to time.

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This is just trolling to the next level :)

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How can anyone quantify who listens the most? I'm asking a serious question.

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Internet. 24hour news cycle. All the new kids on the block wanting attention so they post stupid stuff, but it's the stupid posts that do not get ignored.

Everyone needs to get out of their feelings and just enjoy games. I mean in the old days if you had a Sega and your friend had a Nintendo, you would trade systems. Take the system to their house. He comes over to play. You go over to play. You just enjoyed what you didn't have because it was still video games...

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Dumb question

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People like new toys.

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