Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Everything they do is wrong. On to the next one.

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Bring back the atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, and RPG elements of the original.

Everything does not have to be an action packed shooter. Stop trying to make every game so complicated.

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People use this argument (it is a fair one), but this can be said about any game and any console. Let's just remaster every game every new gen since I'm sure there were some people that didn't buy every game for the console previously.

sidenote: Just playing devils advocate.

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What does this have to do with a game from another console? Or even another game at all?

You voice your opinion about a practice that you don't like on Machine 1, the machine 2 emotionally involved fanboys come and turn this into a war. You voice your opinion about a practice that you don't like on Machine 2, the machine 1 emotionally involved fanboys come and turn it into a war.


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WTF are you talking about. Everyone on N4G has a PC 3 times as powerful as even the Xbox One X, and paid less money. 8k/60 is like butter to those rigs.

You need to update your PC and get with the program.

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......... You can't go back to flat screen gaming?? Give me a break.

I mean, I'm glad that you are enjoying your product (that is what we are here for) and to each his own, but man.

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I forgot about the $600 ps3 (I had that version), furthermore proving my point. Microsoft will never win against a Sony machine, even if they have better (subjective) games.

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It's PlayStation.

Microsoft could have Naughty Dog and all of their games and they will still get outsold (hardware).

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Your false sense of "loyalty" and your way of thinking is what's wrong with the gaming community.

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You obviously waited for this one "article" to post that response.

I'm glad you got it off of your chest. The Pro is nice.

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Stop. Just stop.

Next week, when they have a downplaying Xbox article..............

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PC game

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I agree. But free is free.

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Same ole' $h!t just a different day. If you don't like Xbox or Microsoft, dont write about them. If you don't like Sony or Playstation don't write about it.

It's the same thing I have to tell parents during youth games. Cheer for your team. Hell, if they make a mistake yell at your team. Stop beating down and yelling at the kids of the other team. It serves no purpose.

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Show me. Don't just say something to get agrees. Show me, since it bothered you that much to actually take a look at my comment history instead of taking what I said for face value, where I "consistently" spark up fanboy(fangirl) jargon. I game on all 3. I have an X. I have a pro. I have a switch. I used to be an avid PC gamer but not anymore. I prefer to play multiplats on Xbox. Never shied away from that. But show me 3-4 comments on my first pag...

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How/Why do you guys turn everything into a fanboy(girl) thing is beyond my realm of comprehension.

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Man, just bought Forza Horizon 3 with Hot Wheels DLC for $32. Thanks

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I've had a 4tb drive for the longest. Almost time to go bigger.

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So the many "articles" on Xbox has no games were just an N4G illusion?

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