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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


LOL #2.2
Solution to what? #5
I just want a smaller, discless Xbox One. That is all that I ask for. #8
The new Xbox One controller. PS4. Hmmmmmmmmmmm?????? #17
It's Japan. It's Xbox one. #7.1.1
Basically. #10.1
........... You wrote all that to say

900p is GREAT NOW!!!! As long as it's higher than Xbox One. #2.2.2
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Why does this get posted? How about post when Xbox sales in Japan go above expectations.

obvious is obvious #7
You could at least get a months subscription and play dragon age and plants vs zombies garden warfare. If you have played those then don't bother. #6.1
......... I really didn't give a D**n. I just went and did something else, like work. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. #20
............. And how many are you buying from either one? Quantity isn't everything. Last Gen it was "quality over quantity" but things change every Gen depending on which team you bat for.

I haven't come close, nor will ever, own all exclusives for ps3/360. Most do not interest me. #15
I got nothing. #6
...... A chance at more money? #14
So much has changed. It makes me want to start a new character from the beginning. The drops for The Taken King have been good thus far. #9
I can carry my entire catalog of games to a friends house in my pocket or bag. Plug it up, sign in, and its a go.

Easily one of the best features. #4.1.1
I still can't believe that people actually think, and say, that having external HDD support is a negative. #4
Anyone on Xbox One wanna do some prison of elders hit me up. I don't have it for ps4 but I'm definitely thinking about buying that white taken version and selling my black ps4.

Live: Cherub2g
PSN: Cherub2g #4
100% Halo reskinned with a different story and bigger production value. #5.1
I like it. I picked it up on Xbox One with all the DLC and Taken King. The new update changed a lot of things. It will be new to you either way. I like some things and I don't like others (when it comes to the update) by kids and I have a blast on missions together.

Edit: The gunplay, and art style, IMHO is all Halo. Even the "Titans" with their abilities is from Halo Reach. The ground smash especially. My wife came in 2 nights ago and said "that loo... #3.1

Still no one that I see on a regular. #2
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