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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


Nice job. Now get some metal, and a 3d printer that can cut metal then................ just asking for trouble. #1
It's like Crazy Taxi with no car. Atleast that is how my wife described it too me last night as I snuck in some play time. We need more games like this that remind me of the ps2/xbox era. Why does everything have to be so serious these days? #6
HD is 720p and above, I'm pretty sure of that.

Uncharted 3 was 720p so there is no reason to call it an HD remaster. I'm just being "technical" right now. They need to call it something else. #3.1.1
Don't feel bad, I bought my 60 gig fat ps3 for Lair.............. the hype killed it. Granted, it was a good game, just not the great game I thought it was gonna be. At any rate, I enjoyed many great games on my ps3 even though Lair didn't turn out how I had hoped.

I'm thinking this will be the issue with the Order. It will be a decent game, just not what people are hoping for, but the people that bought or will buy their ps4's for this game will have other ga... #7.1.1
Wasn't Uncharted already "HD"

Edit: I'm pretty sure Naughty Dog isn't scrapped for cash. WTF is going on? I guess you could always use more money to put in investments. Who am I to judge!! #3
Take note, Ebola only matters and is an "epidemic" when Americans start to die. They could/should have been more serious about it before. #3.3

Now I'm sad it's no controversy #1.2
What! #1
It didn't matter to me, I always said that the ps3 would catch and surpass the 360. It took a little longer than I expected but it happened.

I do need to get out of my personal bubble though. The world doesn't revolve around me or how I think. #3.1.1
Wow, those versions must've been craptastic. #2
Why is everyone so obsessed with them catching up. PlayStation 4 will sell more consoles than the Xbox One. Live with it. Move on. Love your games. #3
I love it. Plants vs Zombies Garden warfare made it even extra special. My kids can't get enough of that game. #7
"hire geeks"

Tell that to Best Buy. I went in one day and asked do they carry any KVM switches. yes I was in the huge Computer department in the back. The guy looked me in the face and said He never heard of those and doesn't know they are. I explained to him what it does and he said they didn't carry them..... I found them while I was looking for something else 2 aisles over. #6.2
I will admit I was trolling. I'm pretty sure the servers won't go down. It was more asking a question in a sarcastic manner.

I just can't believe no one caught it and disagreed actually thinking I believed the servers would go down.

sidenote: Newtons law, they still might. #3.4.2
You scan your Walmart receipt with the app (google play or ios) and it searches competitors nearby. You have to create an account on though.

You have the option to let it accrue and then get a gift card or you can get a bluebird account from American express (free at Walmart) and it will give you double the points until feb. 2015.

It takes 3 days for it to find prices. I don't always get money back on receipts. The most on one receipt tha... #8.1.1
I go to Walmart for the savings catcher. I get receipts of friends also. I've gotten back about $100 in two months. I just got one of those free bluebirds cards and it doubles the amount you get back. You have to spend it at Walmart of course. I thought it was a pretty decent trade off. #8
Do you guys think the servers will be able to handle this game when it comes out? I'm expecting a big overload and most of us won't be able to play.

edit:................ too early lol #3
Hopefully it will all be sorted out when I get off in 5 hours :(

I will update my ps4 then. Hell, I probably won't even be thinking about it as I sneak in an hour of Sunset Overdrive or try to atleast. #29
I think you're insulting chimpanzees. #1.2.3
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I called it yesterday and I'm sad that it happened. I was really hoping that it wouldn't. #8
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