Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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Ashen does deserve the praise. I did like the trailer and the visual art style. They should have focused on this game during their conference instead of bringing a Porsche on stage.

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.......... so nooooooow people care again about the entire quote and its context?

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I dont know, Anthem looked like the game of the show to me.

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Internet forums have ruined the true essence of gaming ...................... having fun.

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People Complain About Everything!!

I miss the Xbox/PS2 days when devs just made game after game after game and people bought and played them.

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But he's not talking about the hardware of the Xbox One X, he's talking about how the software performs within the System.

Edit: Now if he said, our hardware compares to ....... blah blah blah "Multi-Thousand" then we could debate over hardware.

Even though, these systems are made specifically for gaming, and a lot of custom tuning goes into them, you can get better performance than a similarly spec'd PC, I think this "Multi-Th...

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Give me 1080p/60 or Dynamic/60 with more going on on the screen, better fx, better textures, better AI, better lighting, etc.

Resolution is cool, but at this point in the game (HD-era) it will not make a bad game good, or a good game great.

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....... Its the same game whether you buy it from W10 or Steam. They make money either way.

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It was pretty big IMHO.

They should make part two.

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Get one if you want one. That has always been my motto. I have no reason to tell others what to do with their expendable income.

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No one is saying that Microsoft has the edge over Sony, just that they were pretty even with the slight edge going to Sony.

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They were pretty even IMHO, Sony has SLIGHT edge because ........

SotC was unexpected and good to hear. Anthem looks like the game of the show. We knew Spider-Man was coming and we knew God of War was coming.

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So you guys now agree that Sony changes their E3 depending on what Microsoft does?

I just don't get the beliefs of either side anymore, unless I missed the sarcasm.

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Very disappointed that Bungie will not be able to get the game to 60fps on console (Scorpio).

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They were both pretty even if you ask me.

Anthem was a good looking game/surprise

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I use it everytime I play.

Astropop is my go to just chill out game. Between that and Mass Effect It gets plenty of use. I'm currently trying to go through the Assassins Creed games from last gen (when I get a chance). It's a great feature to have.

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I thought thank you's were usually free?

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WTF 29gb????

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No one wins E3. Why do we go through this every year?

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