Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!
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You've never been into God of War but this is different?

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WTF are you talking about?

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He's talking about the PS4, in a PS4 article, and you bring up Xbox?

Your feelings for a piece of plastic are showing.

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Yeah, that too

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Vanquish to BC please, ASAP!!

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Only 60%? You aren't doing it right.

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I get it now.

These are troll articles that are riding the trending topic. Just like the PS3 is doomed articles. The authors aren't really confused, they are just saying it because it will get hits and it's the cool thing to do. Just like the COD trailer fiasco.

This is getting real sad.

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Sensible reply.

You don't care about the Scorpio because you have a powerful PC. This is the market they were going for with the Play anywhere campaign. You get all the benefits of playing on the Xbox One through the Xbox App on windows 10, without having to buy an Xbox. Microsoft reaps the benefits of software sold without having to build a machine.

To top it all off.............. those games that you buy on your PC will still be available on the...

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I have never seen so many people complain about nothing.

If your main console is Xbox and you don't care about PC gaming, nothing changes for you. Buy the game on Scorpio, have the PC game sitting there as a bonus.

If you mainly game on PC, YOU GET A F'N BONUS!!!!! More games for you (and me). Plus if you decide to get a console down the line the games will be there.

If you game on Xbox and PC, then BONUS FOR YOU!!!! You can...

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4k depends on if you have a 4k player, 4k Blu-ray, and a 4k television.

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............. So why is Sony making the Neo?

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Scorpio was "leaked" well before the Sony Neo stuff was.

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There is no silence.

Xbox One s is a smaller version of the Xbox One with HDR and 4k disc playback.

Scorpio is a more powerful Xbox Hardware that will play the same games and will release holiday 2017.

WTF is there more to understand?

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Steam was once garbage.

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You would still have people that say they see differences if you pause the video at 4:15, do an 8x zoom into the left corner, and then cross your eyes.

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It's all about the ...................*drum roll* ............ Opinion.

Marketing, PR, public perception, all play apart in the interweb wars of who won a contest that cannot be won.

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4k does not equal graphics. It's a resolution, but your point stands.

Personally, anything over 900p these days is fine with me resolution wise. I just want better textures, AA, lighting, etc. I don't care if any games on the Neo/Scorpio come in 4k. If I can atleast get 1080p with PC ultra settings and maybe a little extra at 60fps, I will be satisfied from a console perspective.

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S model will support Kinect.

The base Xbox One model doesn't do VR, and since the S is a base Xbox One model it will not either.

Samsung Gear VR was used for Minecraft.

Edit: but, I understand your grievances. PR/Marketing gets on my nerves all the time.

This wasn't a "Scorpio" reveal. It was just an announcement. It wasn't a show, in February, specifically to reveal the console.

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