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"Yeah......... well............ yo mama!!!!!"


I'm only here because Gamepro died. Most of the people on my friends list for ps3/360 came from gamepro. I do fantasy football league with guys from gamepro. That was a great forum. I helped a few people build PC's. Made some music for a few guys. Those were good times. #8
Most people like myself stated the same thing then. Stop with the ps3 articles. #1.3.1
...... but the hardware won't advance. #1.1.1
It's all about headlines this gen. I agree with you, keep it 900p and 60, but we all know how HEADLINES work here at N4G. I fear this isn't gonna be the first and only game that sacrifices frame rate to get the resolution-gate up to par. #1.4
But...... no one actually PLAYED MGSIV

I'll see my way out --------> #4.2
Now if only cable companies weren't allowed by the government to make all digital cable signals require a stupid box that you have to purchase from them this would have been great. #4
Nvidia is also the reason the original Xbox got shut down so early. You figured they would have learned. Maybe that's why they are so butthurt this gen. #1.2.1
I'm over the console resolution comparisons. There are more things to judge a game/console on, but if that is your thing then go for the ps4. You know you will always have the higher resolution (for consoles). I will just play where I feel most comfortable, but anything under 720p is unacceptable.

I get multiplats on pc 80% of the time anyway. #13
Man, I can just imagine a new KOTOR or even a remake looking like Infamous or Ryse. #3.1
They just need to add 360/Xbox one streaming to the smartglass app and it's a wrap for me!!!

I love the Steam In-Home streaming and now I feel as if I need it for the Xbox. #5
I apologize, I completely read the title wrong. #2.1.1
large SSD's are a waste of money IMHO. I use a 256gb for my windows install, but my games are stored on a 3tb HDD. I just don't see the gains worth it for the dollar amount they are asking right now. #2
....... they're still making games for the 360. #2.2.1
They must really be making money on those ps3's. I still say it's weird having the systems out so long and they still not hit the 99.00 price point, with a pack in. #1
And then it will be free when the next Madden releases (or atleast that is how I interpret it).

Am I wrong? #8
That would be over 9000 and melt N4G down. #6.1
+ we have seen no gameplay whatsoever and just a couple of months ago Ninja Theory were "terrible devs". Just depends on which piece of the cake you get.

There are only 12 people working on this game so they have to focus on one console at a time. They chose the ps4. Move on (not you). Nothing to gloat or get upset about. #4.1
It will never happen. It's the bulk of this site. The random opinion pieces get the most hits and responses. #3.1
No money for a 3ds but they have a more expensive Ipad? #1.3
Can't wait until mine is shipped. I hope Insomniac's next game isn't Sunset Overdrive 2 though

I think this dev should be the ones (even though they aren't 1st party) to resurrect Blinx and Kung Fu Chaos. #3
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