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Some people just can't take a joke. #3.1.1
Am I weird because I don't really care to be involved with betas? #7
........ You're obviously a stalker who is hooked on phonics. This will be my only reply to you ever.

Hope you have a blessed day and play the games you like. #8.1.1
It might be a Japanese thing. I enjoyed the Godzilla movie. This game might make a profit if it sells only in Japan though. Seems Niche' but I could be wrong. #12.1
Dat 15fps though!!!!!!!

On a serious note, if you had a great 5.1 or 7.1 system with a woofer I bet that roar would be bad ass #8
Wow, you guys/gals are so.......... sad.

1st) NextLevel, read my post. I said ON N4G. NOT EVERY OTHER SITE IN THE WORLD.

2)whatever the hell your name is, multiple accounts don't count. Most people on here seem to have 3+ accounts. I can tell by their writing style. Like I said 2-3 guys.

3)Flutterby......... gamechanger, and up to PS4 levels are 2 different things. A "gamechanger" can be something like a pc game taking... #2.3.6
Article 1.......... Early Adopters should feel screwed by Microsoft after price drop

Article 2.......... Did Microsoft drop the price too late

You cant win them all #9
The only people that keep "talking up" DX 12 bringing the XBone up to the PS4 level, on N4G atleast, are 2-3 guys. Yet, you still see more Sony fanboys in the articles. Even when someone says it's not gonna bring major changes.

Will it bring changes to XBone, yes. How so? It will make porting PC games easier. #2.3
This is old. I remember when this was an article right after e3 #15
Imagine if XBone launched with MC collection. #3
The XBone controller feels kind of small to me. I don't like the smaller thumbsticks. My older son (turned 8 in May) used it for the first time to play on the pc and his words were......"Daddy, you know that new controller you got for your PC, the xbox controller, it doesn't feel like the other xbox controllers. It feels fake". His exact words. He should know, all he does is play basketball and play NBA 2k when he's not playing basketball (and reading).
... #2
Thank you Apple for the patent trolls!!! #11
More than meets the I'll see myself out the back door. #5
Games are getting too complicated to make. Even the budgets for small studios is getting ridiculous. #5.2
6 at the most before we see a new console. #9
Nail in coffin for PS Now, not for Sony. #9
hmmm, interesting to say the least. I get confused sometimes because I can't remember what DLC I have and what I don't have. #2
so the conservative communist states just buy American?

Edit: this was a joke, but reading it back I think I did it wrong lol. #6.1.1
How is it the "wrong" system. Please enlighten us with your infinite wisdom on .............. video games. #2.1
Not interested in this title in anyway, shape, form, or fashion. #14
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