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Yeah I want a price drop because there is literally zero third party support, im buying it for the nintendo exclusives and hell its a last gen console of course they're gonna do a price drop by the end of this year! I'm not being "ungrateful" by wanting to buy a WiiU when there are actually some good games for it

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I hope the next AC game after AC4 is Aveline in the french revolution

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Okay but what about the games? Monster Hunter 3, Pikmin 3 and Bayonetta 2 are coming out soon and they're gonna be great but lets keep it real guys, they wont be system sellers
The big guns start in late august with the remake of zelda wind waker then I HOPE mario kart and the new 3d mario come out at the end of this year, that and a $50 price cut would make me buy a WiiU even though I'll also be getting a ps4 ;)

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Those screenshots look more like a vita version of this game lol seriously, that does NOT look like a console game, especially if the screenshots were taken on the PC and were supposed to blow people away..

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You would think so, but if you played pokemon black/white you know they've started to run of out good names for pokemon..

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There are so many interesting time periods in history that Ubisoft could choose like London in the 1660s during the Great Plague and Great Fire of London or the French revolution in the 1790s would be great too, or the War of 1812 here in the US, the freaking British burned down the white house and were literally just a few feet away from killing President Madison..that would be an AMAZING set piece if Ubisoft decided to make a game during the War of 1812 but NOPE playing as Haytham Kenway...

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"I am not so sure many people would be fond of a video game with references to slavery." AC3 had tons of references to slavery and freedom and I didn't see anyone complain about it so thats a terrible excuse. Assassins Creed set in the Civil War would be amazing especially on next gen consoles
I agree that WW2 is too modern so they should do an AC game set in World War 1

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This post is complete and utter bullshit. The real reason is that Polyphony didn't even have a ps4 dev kit when they started work on GT6, why would they throw away all that they've done, build a brand new engine and THEN start making GT6 for the ps4? Do you have any idea how long that would take? THAT is why GT6 is coming to the ps3 and that is why Evolution Studios' Drive Club is a ps4 launch title, Gran Turismo for the ps4 would have taken 4 more years, at least.

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God I hope microsoft does it so they see the xbox brand crash and burn

"Yes microsft blocking used games and offline gameplay is a marvelous idea, everyone wants it! and you will still charge me for xbox live? Amazing, I'll be happy to!"- Said no one ever in the history of mankind

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If microsoft is stupid enough to still charge for gold, not allow used games or offline gameplay in the next xbox they will have a really hard time competing with sony this holiday season
and here's the other dilemma, ship with gdd3 and risk being labelled the "weak" console or switch to gddr5 but delay the launch by 6 at least 6 is between a rock and a hard place on this one

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If that were true it would be horrible for consumers.

But the sony fanboy in me wants this to happen so bad lol
Yes microsoft, blocking used games is a really good idea, gamers all over the world cant wait for this incredible feature ;)

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If you like platformers you need to play sly cooper 4, its a great game
sad not that many people bought it

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When the game was first revealed I didn't even bother to think "Oh shes black..wait a minute" that NEVER occurred to me and it doesn't matter, she's a good looking character(very sexy) and she seems to have an interesting story and the game itself looks cool so WHO CARES if she is black it simply doesn't matter, would the story of the game change if she was white? Probably not, does that mean that the character has no distinguishing qualities? Probably but we haven&#...

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Costs $899 and Civ 5 looks stunning on it and its optimized for touch controls, of course if you want you could always use an xbox 360 controller and have an amazing experience while on a plane, train, long car ride,etc.

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" next-gen consoles will most likely not be backwards compatible" something tells me EA hasn't heard of Sony's plans with Gaikai, also interesting that he points this out, maybe he's talking about the next xbox and how it will now play blurays and run on windows 8..maybe the next xbox will be the one thats not backwards compatible

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EA says gen four because they're counting from the playstation 1 not the magnavox odyssey

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It will be a new character considering what rockstar has done in the past BUT I think it will be set decades before red dead redemption since read dead is set in the year 1910 right before world war there's no way they would have a western set during or after world war 1 that just does not exist. So I'm guessing the next red dead will be set in the mid 1800s either before or after the civil war

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a sexist douche? I was pointing out a specific example and I want MORE women to be gamers..geez

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There aren't enough gamer girls in this world. In my school if you dont play football, drink beer or do drugs your chances of getting a girlfriend are slim to NONE. It really is quite depressing and at school I dont even act like this hardcore nerd who has a passion for games,films,and tv but event then they're all like "You dont party all day every day so GTFO"..*sigh*

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yeah lol i called to ask if they had nino kuni and she didn't even know what the flying fuck i was talking about and said they didn't have it, when i went there they actually did but she didn't even bother to look..women

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