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Post E3 AND during the summer? Rockstar isn't THAT crazy...or are they?

Probably not.

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lol why is there a picture of blake lively??

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I fucking love wolfpack mode in AC3 easily the best multiplayer mode because its so freaking fun to play WITH friends instead of against them so a free-roam multiplayer mode like Read dead's MP would be fucking awesome.

and lol its funny how they ask people how much they like Uncharted 3 to see if they should do linear set piece moments or varied, open ended gameplay

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I'm 90% sure you haven't played black ops 2's campaign, hell I'm pretty sure you don't even know what its about. Those that have played it loved the story and the huge number of changes to a franchise that was starting to feel dated. The choices you make have real effects on the world(unlike me3) and the character moments are simply amazing. Also, some people like playing with their friends(zombies) or pwning noobs(multiplayer)

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Wait in the gamestop listing it also shows Unit 13 as a free game..I guess that's next month's free game for the vita

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"For old school gaming fans" Legend of Dragoon?? New metroid or donkey kong for Wii U? FF7 remake??

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3d pokemon game with MMO elements

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I got forza horizon for just $15 at walmart on black friday, I just noticed how no one really gave a shit about it..thinking about returning it now, are a lot of people playing the game or not really?

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Sorry but I believe its $10 for a 1600 MS point card AFTTER buying a game because you get a $10 gift card ;(

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Take notes, Sony

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This is cool and all but I would rather wait til you tried to find most of it on your own, its more fun ;)

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is it weird if i fap to cortana every now and then? lol

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GOTY? That title belongs to Assassins Creed 3.

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Capcom's main goal this day is money. Selling an XBLA game is a dumb movie profit wise because no one will buy it so thats out of the question. 3D? when has capcom ever done 3D?

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Leon's campaign is pretty good but man is chris' campaign horrible. anyone played the quantum theory demo? Its like that. lol

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I doubt halo 5 will be out next year, halo 2 anniversary as a launch title for the 720 would make more sense.

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Am I the only one thats genuinely excited for this game? Yes, Chris' campaign is gears of war but leon, jake and ada wong's campaigns are way more horror oriented, a lot like RE4 actually ;)

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Getting a Wii U on day 1 is rather pointless, especially when you could spend that hard earned cash on actual games that you never played

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