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holy shit this is amazing!

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He doesn't want to fight with COD because he cant win

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I understanding wanting to change the ending, but fucking film grain?! lol

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If the mass relays are destroyed, how the hell is there gonna be a new mass effect?

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Man, she's so sexy, in a weird, milf sort of

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Mass effect 3!

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Red Dead meets uncharted meets AC2. Watch out ME3 and bioshock infinite, assassins creed is coming for you!! ;)

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Multiplayer should stay but needs a huge revamp. Maybe a free-roam multiplayer like RDR or coop missions like ME3. Either way, from what I've read on the newest gameinformer, AC3 is already my most anticipated game of 2012, cant wait!!

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Sony should directly compete with Onlive for the PS4. That way the graphics would have no real limit, only the quality of your internet connection.

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Huge mistake by not making it a 3DS exclusive. Huge mistake.

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Those who say Star Trek or even star wars is better than mass effect simply dont know what they're talking about. Sure, I can understand you liking Star Trek more since you have been fans of the franchise for years, even decades and its the same thing with star wars. But when you compare the actual depth and the gigantic level of detail and realism the mass effect universe has, no other sci-fi series can compare.

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Nintendo has been losing a lot of money lately, no one can deny that. Also, saying that the Wii U will be a sure hit is beyond ignorant, we simply dont know for sure yet, too early to tell, maybe at E3.

But one thing Nintendo is doing badly is how to handle the 3DS and its much needed killer app, a pokemon game. Not only have they done the unexpected by doing a true sequel to pokemon black and white instead of the more obvious pokemon gray, the fact that its still a DS game ...

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Interesting. Maybe this will end up being the ps vita cod game thats supposed to come out this year!

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Who's getting the Collectors Edition at midnight?!

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So basically go to Target and Toys R US if you want the xbox 360 version

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Galactic Invasion. that would be pretty cool and a clever way to create new species and enemies!

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she looks weird as fuck in mass effect 3. in real life she's tall and pretty but in the game she looks like a skinny midget.

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Why WW2 again? I would much rather have World War 1 games with an emphasis on story, that would be awesome. Especially if at the beginning of the game we could play as the guy who killed Archduke Ferdinand in Austria!

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Funny. Thats exactly what Interplay is trying to do but in a massive scale. They were trying to make a Fallout MMO and then Bethesda got in the way and almost got it cancelled..thank GOD they can finish it!

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Legend of Dragoon 2!!!!!!!!

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