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Ground zeroes will NOT be the last metal gear. Not even close. Kojima already said he wants to do a 'the boss' game set during world war 2, he also wants to remake mg1,mg2 and mgs as a 3 act story. So dont worry guys, he's just getting started.

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I dont think people should look at this stuff, spoils the fun of the game. I lost my shit when I saw that pizza & rats reference, those who know what I mean... ;)

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there's currently no dlc for borderlands 2, also the gamesharing has been limited to only 1 additional ps3 since last year. The region-locked specifics vary by game, better to contact sony costumer service to be 100% sure.

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You already have a ps3. Plus getting the new ps3 is dumb because it has the cheap slot-loader. Please dont.

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Sony's marketing has been horrible this gen compared to microsoft and even nintendo. They said they won't release the cheaper 12gb ps3 in the US because "its not what this market wants.." Then WHY is the $99 xbox selling so much? Fools.

I love sony and I buy most of my games for the ps3, but man are they stupid when it comes to figuring out what consumers actually want.

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They REALLY need a 12gb $99 model..that would slow down Wii U sales by A LOT.

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So its a smaller,and easier to manufacture but same price? Not even that rumored 16gb model?? Sony..what the fuck are you doing?! All my friends who have xbox were gonna buy a ps3 if it dropped to $99 YOU FOOLS!

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This is cool but I dont wanna look at it, seems a bit spoiler-ish you know?

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I played this a few weeks ago and MY GOD is this game fun! I owned everyone as kratos, felt like a badass ;)

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This is quite possibly the best launch line up ever. BUT most of these games will have been released already, thats the problem. So other than ZombiU,rayman legends and MarioU there are no games I'm interested in...release Guild Wars 2 for it and maybe I'll buy it.
What it also needs is a mandatory achievement system and a competent online(which strangely enough they have BARELY mentioned at all)

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Man those wingsuits are badass!

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COD4 is by far the best multiplayer game I've played this generation, man those were the days...

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they dont give scores like that anymore. Its 8,8.5,9,etc

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This looks like a fan-made short film..very disappointed

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Wait...Kevin Levine just tweeted "No WiiU vers announced" Is it happening or what?! I'm confuzzled here! lol

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Borderlands 2
NFS Most Wanted
Halo 4
Black Ops 2
PS All stars

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People who leak stuff really need a new anyway yeah it looks real and adding cloud is a no-brainer!

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"Definitely an Italian Plumber"
- Kill Donkey Mong

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Yeah but 'next day' doesn't cut it. Some hardcore gamers (me included) prefer buying games at midnight or on day 1 ;)

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They're trying to change things this year, the branching story, revamped zombies, the 10 point system in multiplayer, the futuristic setting..come on give them a break!

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