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I hope they bring back customization! Don't fuck this one up Criterion

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Batwing, Deathstroke and Batman's new armor look badass. Loving the look of this game, so far so good. Hope Warner Bros Montreal can deliver an awesome game

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Halo needs to go back to basics. A Halo 2 remake with the classic multiplayer would be an awesome launch title for the next xbox

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If they end up remaking Halo 2 it will most likely be a launch title for the next xbox

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I dont think you can and that wasn't the point of the article. Its more about spending time with that girl gamer right next to her not online when she's in another state or something. Long distance relationships do not work, ever.

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Bhahahaa I knew it! lol you really think current xbox gamers are gonna like this? They are gonna be PISSED

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That may be bad for gamers but thats nowhere near as bad when compared to what the banks have done over the past few years, stealing millions of dollars from the poor and middle class, shitty business practices(like making bad deals on purpose so the guy they sold them to gets f*cked) the corrupt banks are 10x worse than EA being greedy

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dat cleavage.

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I was planning on buying this game before this but now I'm preordering and buying day 1 just to prove these assholes wrong.

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Wait CliffyB was at the VGAs when The Phantom Pain was first revealed and he was genuinely surprised when he saw this game, so I really don't think he's involved in it at all
But only time will tell

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Told you guys it was gonna get patched!
Haven't played it for myself but if people got stuck for hours to the point where they couldn't play anymore then of course they needed to make it easier
Still, if you wanna see how challenging it was for yourself just unplug your ps3's internet ;)

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Its not a new hero it just means that Mithras will bring Kratos back to life in GOW4

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If you guys had actually played it, you would understand how painfully difficult it really is
Disagrees are understandable since you guys havent played the game

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instead of changing the name of the trophy why not patch the game so 'The Trial of Archimedes' section isn't such a pain in the ass??

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I still predict Nintendo will drop the price of the Wii U in August, when the Zelda Wind Waker remake comes out. That will be the perfect time to do it, before the next gen consoles are released and right before a big Nintendo exclusive

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In theory you could BUT it would cause major problems for both Microsoft and developers in the short term, Microsoft would have to delay the console to change the overall architecture of the console, and developers would have to start the xbox versions from scratch because of the different architecture. So again, not a good idea unless you want Sony to dominate the next gen console market for at least 6 months.

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Apple? They don't even market their own devices as gaming handhelds, why would they get into the console business, exactly? I highly doubt it especially when gamers(both casual and hardcore) aren't even too fond of a touch screen as the main controller for playing games. Instead it will be more of online services like Steam or Sony's Gaikai that will be competing for market share, which is good either way because it highly encourages competition. We will never see a monopoly in th...

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Graphics do seem scaled back when compared to AC3, its probably because the world is so huge so it doesn't look as good as a smaller map
So definitely getting this with my PS4, not really worth buying on current gen consoles to be honest

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damn I bought crysis 3 when it first came out..oh well at least I got crysis 1 for free ;)

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No I think the disagrees are about the "PC has been blowing away the console version for years" Have AC games looked better on PC? Yes but not by much to be honest, mostly in terms of draw distance and some small improvements here and there..but only because the pc has been held back by the current gen consoles over the past few years

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