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Both are in the game.

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What the fuck?

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Hugh Jackman for Naked/Solid Snake and Liam Neeson for Big Boss!

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Cool now I have an idea as to who I'm gonna fight in Ascension: Ares?(but we killed him in GOW1) The kraken, and the 3 furies! Not bad not bad..

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Video is up on another N4G post

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God of war 3 was substantially shorter than 1 and 2, I was slightly disappointed by that. Hope this game is at least as long as the first God of war..

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drop price to $99 and include DLC from Europeans versions, then you'll have my money..

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They could have released this and completely forgot about MOH warfighter, played it at the gamestop expo earlier today, I was disappointed. and yes I did play the 2010 reboot and I actually liked it more than most people..

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Next year's E3 is gonna be the best E3 ever!

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Borderlands 2 is the only game you should be worried about this september. Maybe LBP for the vita if you have one but thats pretty much it..October is gonna be crazy though, cant wait for RE6,Dishonored and Assassins Creed 3!

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Wells thats a slap in the face to the fans. Especially since the franchise was born on Playstation and most of the games have been released first on ps1/ps2...fucking Krapcom.

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Yeah, even better if its for the vita! San Andreas would look stunning with HD visuals on the vita's screen..

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Dice and EA are fools. We dont even want BF4 so soon, we're not even anticipating it! Thats why you needed to do Bad Company 3 first, because its been a long time since BC2 and people wanna know what happens next! *sigh*

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They should include an 8gb card instead of the 4gb card, downloadable games on the vita are at least 1.5 gb each!

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The 360 visuals are sharper but also a little too dark for my taste, it loses some of the important details and I prefer they way shadows are rendered on the ps3

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Its sad but I'm not surprised, they haven't released a new title in a few years. Makes me wonder though, what do they actually work on?

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This list is fucked. Why A Crack in Time? Thats not even the best ratchet and clank game! Not to mention to a lot of people REALLY hated this one compared to the others...

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Am I the only one that thought this said "Buy Darksiders 2, get Sleeping Dogs or NCAA free"?? That would have been quite a deal indeed...

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By doing that not only do they fragment the consumers but they also fragment the online community, nice job EA.

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If they release BF3 with All DLC later this year then what exactly is the point of releasing MOH Warfighter? lol

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