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I know this is a little random but imagine if Mass Effect 4 takes place 20 years after the events of ME3, playing as shepard's son..romancing an older liara would be pretty fucking awesome ;)

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Yeah may 24th is a pretty safe bet, a few weeks after the last of us and a few weeks before E3..I would be surprised if the real release date was earlier or later than the 24th.

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I loved MGS3, it was way better than the clusterf*ck that was MGS2, but its still not better than MGS4..

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Nice job Joe for raising awareness about the imprisonment of the Arma 3 devs, JUSTICE!

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lol dude he was JOKING. Google search it if you're not aware of the definition..

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Citra is so damn sexy

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is anyone planning on buying this game, with all the other amazing games coming out early next year? Come on if the reboot doesn't sell that will force capcom to do DMC5, a REAL devil may cry game

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He did play sleeping dogs and he did like it but for whatever reason he doesn't have a ps3..freaking sad I know

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Hawken, Planetside 2 and Guild Wars 2..I know all 3 of those games are really fun but sadly I'm not a pc gamer, and the high cost and numerous inconveniences don't make things easier for anyone..

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Not really..

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WWE is crap these days, but Vince just go to EA they're a bad publisher when it comes to taking care of the fans but they do make good sports games

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actually what you think happened to him didn't really happen to him ;) let me try to be as cryptic as possible to avoid spoiling the game for others...lets just say he switched places with "someone"

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I actually didn't have any problems with the final chase sequence, probably because they made it easier thanks to the 'thanksgiving patch' ;)

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Am I the only one thats furious about this mistake? Way to screw over the guys who spent $100 on the LE or $30 on the season pas..fuck man

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Except for the fact that ME3 is still filled with plot holes, inconsistencies, and things that just don't make any freaking sense..

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Bioware needs to see this.

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Did you notice the piece of eden Washington was holding? It means Washington is a templar and he's trying to control everyone, plus the whole slavery & killing the natives thing...thats gotta piss off connor quite a bit

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Nah, we're know, playing better games and all.

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Why dont they show whats coming out for the WHOLE month like the EU store? Hell, they even had a poll about this on the offical ps blog & 'show monthly update' won by a HUGE margin

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