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I hope LBP3 has voice commands imagine using voice commands to create levels "Black and white 3d platformer" "8 bit 2d side scroller" OMG the possibilities are endless and it would simplify the creation tools without making them "casual" or "dumbed down"

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The problem is that there is no new game+ with hardcore mode, new game+ and hardcore mode are two separate yeah its gonna be a pain in the ass lol

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they'll come back as soon as Fuse is released, I guarantee it. Fuse will not sell and EA will tell them to piss off

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February is gonna be an awesome month for games!
I'll be getting Dead Space 3, Metal Gear Rising and Crysis 3
I REALLY wanna get sly cooper and aliens colonial marines but sadly not enough time or money ;(

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Notice how he says Gen 4 not Gen 8
So he's not counting from the magnavox odyseey, he's counting from the first playstation, interesting!

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It better be Bad Company 3.

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The game was normally gonna come out the same day as bioshock infinite..that would have been suicide lol

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I'm guessing the twist is that the necromorphs are part of the marker fucking with our brains, in reality the necromorphs are 'normal' humans that just went crazy and start attacking people, we see them as necromorphs because WE are also affected by the markers..thats why some have guns in this game
Probably wrong, but it would be an interesting twist

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Marketing. Its all about the ads and the way they advertise their products..Sony really did not know how how market their games this generation, sure things got better with the kevin butler videos but we wont be seeing those again anytime soon..

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Witcher 3 would be freaking awesome, its pretty much what Fable and Dragon Age 2 SHOULD have been..sad not that many people played it

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lmao cliff got dildo-slapped! and if saints row didn't any the crazy over the top elements then WHAT would make it stand out from GTA and other open world games??

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a lot of people seem to dislike the fact that you're mostly buying obscure games but whatever floats your boat man, Metal gear rising is a must buy though ;)

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Don't judge a game by its box art, look at bioschock you really think its gonna be "a generic shooter" just because you hate the box art? COME ON guys we've been through this already..its A PROFIT DEAL they have to make it look generic and "cool" so casual gamers pick it they get more they make more games! *sigh*

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Keep in mind that most of these "trophy hunters" are actually a team of a huge number of players alternating every now and then so in reality, its not that impressive.

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Ton of awesome demos next week, also looking forward to the PS+ sale!

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The problem with it is that it looks like a serial killer 'Trophy',someone who's never played dead island would be scared shitless if they saw this in someone's bed room

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Those are multiplayer screenshots..starting to get sick of GOW single player dammit!

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What do you mean making one romantic choice canon? WHAT R U TALKIN ABOUT lol

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No..*sigh* I mean if you DID NOT romance Liara in ME1-ME3 then romancing her in ME4 would be awesome, I wasn't talking about..why would you..ugh lol

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black ops declassified for $35..i can get the borderlands 2 season pass for that much! HELL NO lol maybe ultimate MvC3 only played the original on consoles and i dont have a fighting game for the vita ;)

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