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I freaking love nightwing, he's awesome. WHY did u have to spoil the surprise! :(

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PS 4.0 october 5th I'm calling it!!

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Hub world-style coop! for example: Go to omega, choose a mission and a group of people then go! Pretty fucking awesome no?

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and resistance 3 sold less thank 500K...

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Those screenshots are pre-rendered no shit they look good

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Yeah, I bet its Stephanie Brown as Batgirl

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NO SHIT its sexist the game is set in freaking 1947! DUH.

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Read steam's, it has almost the exact same thing...

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All these perks and killstreaks are actually kinda cool, hopefully they're real!

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wtf is still bullshit article, it mentioned pretty much EVERY single setting possible..what the fuck are devs supposed to do then?! lmao

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well thats interesting, cuz the games he's making now are well..boring

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the main part of the service is free you dumb,ignorant cunt! If you want extra stuff, like all the map packs for less $ THEN you pay!! OMG.

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u fucking high or something?

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holy shit this is an amazing deal!

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1.Online Pass
2. Origin bullshit
3. Physical warfare dlc and preorder bullshit

...But I'm still getting it, there's just something about it that feels somewhat fresh and unique.

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$29.99 for vita games would be pretty awesome. Sony, if you wanna beat Nintendo...

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Played the demo on the ps3, driving is fun but everything else lacks polish and it just feels rushed.

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Some of the 3D tvs out there are bigger and cheaper, but keep in mind that those are passive shutter 3d glasses, those split the resolution in half, resulting in a softer, blurrier image.

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