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GTA5 will probably come out May of next year, and why the hell would you want it this year? You're not even gonna have time to play it with all the other amazing games coming out!

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Releasing a game after black friday is the dumbest thing you could ever do. Rockstar isn't this stupid, and they're not crazy enough to compete with both Halo AND Call of Duty...

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Sony's way of advertising is simply horrible. When was the last time anyone saw a good ps3 commercial? Like last december, for uncharted 3...

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They should remake Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2 AND MGS1 but all at once and turn it into MGS5

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A $99 PS3 bundled with the Uncharted trilogy..holy shit balls that would sell like free cake!!

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Pro-tip for the people who are short on cash, I recommend getting most of the games on black friday except for a few that you just cant wait for!
For me I start with RE6, then NFS most wanted, then AC revelations, halo 4, black ops 2 and then I'll get the tons of games I missed on black friday/cyber monday!

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I bet its gonna be Left 4 Dead 2 with all DLC and all campaigns from the first game, exclusive to the PS VITA with cross platform COOP..that would be quite nice

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Most of these were either free after the PSN blackout last yer or they're free with PS+ right NOW! so go play some games dammit! Also dont forget that both walking dead EP 1 AND EP 2 are free on PS+ this week!

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The Mass Effect movie could be the end of the curse, if its done right of course. and since its being done by legendary and warner brothers imagine if Christopher Nolan directed it?! Not very likely, but it would be pretty freaking awesome...

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The killer apps to me are black ops declassified and ac: liberation but dammit sony you REALLY have to step up the marketing and show people WHY the need to get a Vita, show them what they're missing!!

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I'd be surprised if Crash and Spyro aren't in this game, and what the hell not even 1 final fantasy character, am I the only one that would freak out if Cloud is a playable character?!

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Put God of war 1,2, chains of olympus and ghost of sparta on the vita and I will shit my pants...

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Why GTA3? San Andreas HD would be 100x better!

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Yeah lucky for all 3 of you who still havent played them, but its a cool deal, I guess.
But its a pain the ass though, what if you get the 3rd episode then your + subscription expires, losing access to the first 2 games, thus losing access to the 3rd that you just bought...

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This multiplayer mode is very disappointing, aside from the new coop mode, the multiplayer is almost exactly the same as revelations but with new maps and re-skinned characters...

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Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly for the Mass Effect movie, Seth Green and Keith David, Martin Sheen and Yvonne Strahovski and use the original voice actor for the aliens! It would be pure gold.

and holy crap charlize theron was born to play samus in a movie, she's a badass

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sexy female spartans are sexy.

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Doesn't Sony make you agree to an NDA if you download the beta? Looks like someone broke an

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Galactic Invasion might be a plausible premise for the next game, since that was actually mentioned on one of the codex entries in either me1 or me2

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Am I the only that has more money during the Fall and Spring compared to summer? Thats probably why no one buys games during June- August. Or maybe its just that there aint shit to play except for the walking dead, quantum conundrum and summer of arcade lol

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