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Yeah I really enjoy this game and I feel like the update is exactly what I want. Yes Incursion is crazy challenging, but thats sort of the point. You need to be at the top of your game.

I knew the dlc would change this game and thats why I brought the season pass. I am all in for the first year, hopefully they continue to listen to consumers and make the game even better.

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I'll try to keep this spoiler free. But I definitely can see how you can assume the bad guy is the hero actually. That was something I really liked about the game.

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Well all of these sort of studies can be easily manipulated by the researcher. They either have definitions that are too lose or they assume that correlations are a causation relationship.

For instance, you can correlate higher crime rates with building a church in an area. What some researchers will do is say that building new churches lead to higher crime rates. That would be them incorrectly and maybe even intentionally trying to create a cause and effect relationship betw...

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Yeah she prefers women but she isn't opposed to men either. I guess the author of this article couldn't be bother to differentiate between the two concepts.

Either way it doesn't matter. What matters is that Ciri was an amazing character.

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The Rapp situation shows clearly that a lot of people, particularly gaming web site like Kotaku, supported Rapp without really investigating anything about the situation. They saw a woman that looked like she was persecuted and that was enough for them.

They didn't research the fact that Rapp is on record fighting for looser rights for the sexualization of content featuring children. A lot of these places jumped to her defense purely because she was a woman. Which is noth...

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I would certainly like to formally know how this information is being handled. As well as if the information is being collected and sent somewhere. I don't think that is an unreasonable request. In fact, I think Facebook should have just directly stated what was going on with that information in the first place.

I am definitely interested in VR. I just want to make sure my privacy is being respected or at least I know what I am giving up in exchange for using this technol...

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He continued to work with Kojima as Snake because of the fans that loved him in that role. Hayter honestly cared about his fans and was willing to go through with all of this for them. Sure the status as Snake was nice, but it was about the fans. Playing Snake wasn't his only job. He is a successful writer in Hollywood. So he didnt need the money, he did this for the love of the fans.

Which makes Kojima's actions all the more wrong.

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VR isn't going to fail. It is going to be a another medium. No matter who ends up having the most popular VR product, VR is here to stay. The technology finally exist to do it right. In the future, we are only going to see better VR solutions at a lower price point.

People like to think of 3D as a failed gimmick. Yet 3D movies are the mainstay of theaters. Beside all of that, ultimately VR is just a stepping stone to affordable holographic technology.

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This console could flop ten times over and Nintendo would be just fine. You need to realize that Nintendo has a lot of insanely popular IPs outside of gaming. They own Pokemon and that is more than just gaming.

Nintendo is a juggernaut of a company. People may not like there decision but Nintendo has cash to burn and then some.

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This guy wont have his job very long. Way to get yourself fired dude.

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I love The Division, but I took a break from it recently to not get burnt out. I found myself hitting that wall of being tired of grinding and getting bored. This is just in time to vanish that boredom. I am really looking forward to this content.

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Yeah I remember reading about that and thought, yeah she wont be working for Nintendo long.

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I dont think this sold so well because of sex. Plenty of free porn on the internet after all. Plenty of free animated porn featuring Dead or Alive character as well out there.

Dead or Alive Extreme 3 became a game that people brought to take a stance against censorship. As ridiculous as that may seem, that controversy ended up rallying a lot of people to the game. Heck when I get my ps4 I will buy a copy off Play Asia.

More than that, I think there are a lot ...

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The reward is very good.

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I have a lot of people on Twitch play The Culling and it looks pretty fun.

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Yeah they probably should remove that. Especially with all the idiots out there just waiting to champion a cause for people who can defend themselves.

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I think this game is going to get support from a lot of people that would normally never touch it. I will end up buying it, but normally I could care less about this game series.

However, this game is almost becoming a flagship title to take a stance on. It's weird, but it also shows how all of the sjw idiocy is actually hurting real feminism.

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People are bothered not because the review score is low. But because it is blatantly obvious the reason this game was scored so low is because of the agendas being currently pushed.

Rather than score the game fairly, the game is scored based on absurd agendas. This is the issue, not the low scores. No one really thought this sort of game would score well to begin with. But a review from a professional major site like Destructoid is suppose to have some standards. Instead we s...

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This perfectly points to what is wrong with so called "game journalism". No objectivity, all bias. What a sad state of affairs.

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I still enjoy Fallout 4, even if it did kind of get sort of boring.

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