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Well thats what happened with FF14. A ton of people where hyped for it, it came out and sucked. The developers didnt abandon it, they worked their asses off on making ti a great game for free. Now its one of the best MMOs on the market.

If a developer believes in their game enough it can still find success despite having a rocky start, but they have to handle it the right way. The story for No Man's Sky isnt even close to being over yet. I think this game will go on to ...

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So the coop stuff is still very limited (although I am surprised it extends to 16 players) and they say that upfront, they also arent making a big deal out of this like its what people truly want. However, like they say, this is the first step towards full on coop in this game. I think we know now they are working on it.

I don't think people are wrong for how they initially felt about this game, but these guys are still hard at work on improving the game for free. I rea...

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They need to be careful with those kinds of claims in general because the statement is ambiguous. Which is a problem for the UK because they have laws that protect them from claims of overt false advertisement. When a company claims they have "Uncompromised 4k" or "True 4k" there is an assumption on the part of the consumer that this is referring to native 4k. However, not all games on the Xbox One X will run at native 4k. So, it can become a case where that is viewed as f...

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This is a great idea, I can already see Casey Hudson's influence doing positive things.

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Yeah the first one was awesome. So this isnt PS4 and 3DS, but Switch and PS4. Thats a great sign on things to come from Japan. It's a major indication that the Switch is going to find a significant place in Japan. I am really to see it happen.

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You know that this series is a million dollar seller right. This is a major hit for Sakaguchi, which he really deserved. Also, Persona (which is arguably the the king of weeaboo) games sold over 1.5 million copies. So yes that is a Japanese game selling very well. Also, Nier Automata has sold over a million copies, yet another Japanese game selling well. Also, FF15 (which I dont care for really) sold very well. This is just to name a few examples.

Remember, just because you...

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Well I hope all of the white people complaining on behalf of Mexican people are happy now that an aspect of Mexican culture wont be featured on the box art. I am sure all of the actual Mexican people are jumping for joy that an aspect of their culture will no long be front in center on a major game from Nintendo that is beloved by tens of millions of people world wide. Good job white people, how ever would we minorities stand up for ourselves without you complaining on our behalf.

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Same, but then you get one with all the music and all of a sudden you are glad it is there.

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I saw the concert for Persona, it was crazy hype. There was so much energy and you could really feel how much everyone there loved Persona and there fans. It makes me proud of what Atlus has done with this series.

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Anyhow, I would say that the story for No Man's Sky isn't over yet. So long as the developer keeps working on improving and adding content then its too soon to write it off. Look at FF14, it start out as one of the worse mmo on the market, but the developers didn't give up on it. They listened to their community, took the criticism in as much silence as they could, and worked on fixing and improving their game. Years later FF14 is now one of the best mmos on the market.

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Technically Mass Effect has a lesbian female protagonist as well. But I do get that it's an optional choice, still I don't think that means the character is any less representative of a lesbian and lesbian relationships because it's optional. Lesbians are just people like everyone else and the cool thing about Mass Effect is that the story stays the same regardless of the persons sexual orientation or ethnicity. People are so weird about stuff like this and the real question is, i...

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What does it run on the Xbox One?

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I agree with you, but people have so much hate for FF13 because it was linear in the beginning. Meanwhile, FF15 is open in the beginning and then linear as heck later on. People prefer their illusions to the truth, so there isn't much you can do about it.

Also, yeah Lighting would crush Noctis. There she is off defying gods and Noctis is bending his knees to destiny. It wouldn't even be a contest.

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Lightning is actually an extremely popular character in the East. So it makes sense that she would be in the commercial. I am not sure why Snow is there, Noctis would have been the better choice for that situation but I guess they just wanted to keep with the FF13 theme.

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Oh Volition, you guys are too funny over there. I am really looking forward to this game.

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Now that is a beast of a machine.

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ME:A was terribly written and now that guy is one of the main writers for Destiny 2. If you play the beta for Destiny 2, you can clearly see his influence all over it as well. Everything has got to be stupid joke. I am so glad he isnt being let anywhere near Anthem.

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The lead writer for Anthem is Drew Karpyshyn the lead writer on Mass Effect 2 and one of the main writers on Mass Effect 1. Also, this game is actually being developed by the A team at Bioware. Make no mistake about it, this game will be good and the story will be well written. They are bringing back talent of old to get this game done right, thats how important it is to them. So, yes this game will be good.

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I'll say this to you and anyone else out there. This game has a lot of issues they needed to iron out. The developers have been put into this crazy situation where crazy people write down every little thing they say and use it in a reddit post to hang them the moment something they mention isn't in the game so they can't really communicate with their fanbase. Because if anything they say isnt directly in the game or gets delayed they are demonized as huge liars.


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I will agree that FF12 was ahead of its time. I remember playing this game and hating Vaan's guts with everything I had to the point that I deleted a 28 hour save and never came back to this game. Fast forward to now and I am watching people play this game on Twitch and I realized that Vaan isnt the worse character ever, that the story is really interesting, and that these collection of other characters are actually really great. So yes, I will say it here and now. I was wrong about FF12,...

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