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Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how you personally feel about that opinion. Titanfall is a great game, but it does have issues that some people will not get past. Rather it's the lack of a single player campaign, or the bots and player limit.

Just because you love something, doesn't mean you should blindly agree with everything about that product. It also doesn't mean that you need to bash everyone that disagrees with you and make a personal a... #1.1.1
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The thing is, Microsoft was clear on what they wanted to do. What they wasn't clear on was any actual benefits to the consumer, that's because the way Microsoft wanted to do it there wasn't any actual benefit to the consumers.

Thankfully, gamers where smart enough to realize that Microsoft was attempting to screw them over and reacted strongly against these bs policies they tried to force down our throats.

Make no mistakes, every time Microsoft... #1.1.1
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Indeed my PS4 controller already has an insane amount of wear and tear on it from, relatively limited use. #1.2.1
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eh It's nice to see the game get a solid score, but Polygon's opinion means nothing to me regardless of the score they give a game. #1.1.2
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Game looks amazing. #1.1.4
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This won't give Kickstarter a bad name, but it will make it really hard for new indie developers seeking funding on kickstarter. As an indie developer, stuff like this really piss me off because I am working so hard on getting everything together for my game and I will be funding so much of the game by myself that it upsets me to no end to know that a potential source of funding for me is in jeopardy because of these actions.

You put your all into making a product you be... #1.1
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Looking forward to DA3 at E3. With the Witcher 3 being pushed back to next year, it really is Bioware time to shine and impress with DA3. I hope they are able to make a fantastic game from beginning and especially to end. #1.2
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I actually did this on my PS4 so it's not just an isolated incident. I brought some crap $10 movie on accident. After I did that I make sure my PS4 is in standby mode when I use that controller with my PS3.

This happens because you accidentally hit the PS Button which will change your tv input over to the PS4. If you just switch your input back to the PS3 without putting the PS4 in standby mode or turning it off you are now controlling your PS3 and PS4 at the same time.... #1.2.2
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If your plot is terrible yes it is highly overrated. But when a plot is well done it elevates amazing gameplay to a whole other level. Look at The Last of Us, Uncharted, Tomb Raider, and Mario. Yes, I said it, Mario. A plot doesn't have to be super deep it just has to serve the game and help move the pace along. Mario games have incredibly simple plots, but it gives context to what you are doing and adds a lot of character to the story. Plots are essential to good games and games without... #1.1.3
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30 hours is a really long time. I am glad the game was enjoyable enough for him to go the Platinum trophy so hardcore like this. Definitely looking forward to this game. #1.1.2
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I have to say I am finally glad to see him get away from Konami. He was criminally under used and left to work on mobile games. I hope now that he will do a kickstarter or just outright makes games that he wants to make. This man is a genius and deserved better than what Konami did to him. #1.1.1
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If I was willing to spend $560 (The console and Xbox Live if you don't get a discount) for Titanfall, then I would I be equally willing to go out and spend $240 more and just buy a PC that could run the game better.

Titanfall alone isn't enough to convince me to buy a Xbox One. However, if I was already interested in the Xbox One then Titanfall would be a good reason to go buy one, in addition to the other games I am interested in, as it is an excellent game. But if... #1.1.4
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It's insane how many stories about the PS4 capabilities are so positive. Like the whole story with CoD:Ghost having issues because it goes above 60fps every once in a while. With all this positive news, I just feel great about owning a PS4. I am so glad that I woke up at 3am and brought my console on launch day from Target. #1.1.1
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Thats the point though. The hardcore crowd spends a lot of money on the game and everyone else just pays the initial price of the game and gets to have fun. That's why the Guild War 2 model works. Their model is essentially free to play, but you buy the game first and get access to premium content upfront. #2.1.1
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It's not that people aren't willing to pay a monthly fee to play a game online. It's that nothing shown in ESO motivates the average person to want to pay a monthly fee on top of buying the game. The game is just so generic and it lacks that spark that makes Elder Scrolls games so much fun. Do people what to play an Elder Scrolls game online with friends, absolutely. But this game is not what people want, it clearly shows that this game isn't being made by Bethesda but a separ... #1.1.3
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The difference between the two apps is that the Xbox Live app was designed by Twitch, whereas the PS4 app was designed by Sony. The trade off to this is that the PS4 app went live at the launch of the console, but the Xbox Live app went live later on after Twitch was able to integrate the app well with the Xbox One.

This meant that the Xbox Live app is better because it is design to function with Twitch as oppose to being just a portal for Microsoft content. For instance, yo... #1.1
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I will be jumping on the WiiU train when X comes out or Bayonetta 2 is out and there is a firm release date for X. #1.1.1
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The apology is nice and all, but these issues with the PSN online infrastructure is just unacceptable. I am loving the direction Sony is going in right now, but this is just completely unacceptable. PS4 is the most popular next-gen console, so Sony needs to step it up and stop these problems from happening on a regular basis.I don't expect the network to be issue free, that is unrealistic, but this does need to stop happening regularly. This is like the third time in 2 months that the PSN... #1.1
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Sony absolutely need to get their online infrastructure together. I love what Sony is doing right now, but lets not start turning a blind eye to the issues facing Sony as well. The online infrastructure issues wasn't a big deal before paying for online was mandatory for online mp on PS4 games. Now that it is mandatory Sony needs to get on the ball with these problems and improve their online infrastructure.

Again I love Sony right now and PS+ is simply amazing, but I am... #1.1.1
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Yep, they treated gamers like they treat people who buy their Windows OS. Basically, they said here is how things are and if you don't like it too bad for you. Unlike the PC market, there is a real alternative to Microsoft in the console market. Because of this and Sony taking the opposite stance Microsoft shot themselves in the foot and now are being heavily outsold.

If people overlook this fact because of a few empty words and Phil Spencer telling folks what they want... #5.1
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