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That is what it means to be an early adopter. Sony and Microsoft services expanded on there respective consoles as well. What matters right now is that Nintendo needs to pump out games so that people feel good about their purchases. Zelda can only hold people over for so long and it looks like Nintendo is doing that.

It's always smart to wait for a console to be out for a while before you buy it, but at the same rate a console's success depends heavily on initial sa...

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I'll say it again here, look at Bethesda and see how they aren't putting Denuvo on Skyrim and Fallout 4. Rather than focus on Denuvo the developers and publishers should have giving people a more compelling reason to buy the game. Like mod support or something.

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The issue beyond that is that Nier is going to be a niche game anyways. So no matter what, we werent going to see crazy sells for it, but now on top of that we get Denuvo which is notorious for being expensive anti-piracy software. So now, turning a profit just became that much harder. Simply perfect logic.

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This game will be hacked like the majority of other games with Denuvo on it and what is left is anti-tamper software that causes issues for legit buyers.

Oh and if Denuvo was so important to anti-piracy efforts than why doesnt Bethesda use it for Skyrim and Fallout 4? You know, those two little games that are the biggest selling titles in PC history. Perhaps you have heard of them. Ultimately, no one that was going to truly pirate this game is going to run out and spend $6...

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Honestly, thats one of the main places I want it to sell well. Because I want all of those Japanese 3DS developers to migrate to the Switch. Monster Hunter Switch would be huge.

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Oh yeah, there is a lot of potential there and if Nintendo doesn't blow it the system will be amazing. I love owning this device, going from handheld to TV mode is so cool. I find myself using tabletop mode more than I ever I thought I would use it.

I love this system the same way I love my PS Vita. The potential is amazing, but if Nintendo doesn't capitalize on that potential then it will truly be a shame. I see the groundwork for something special, now its just a...

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I played the Switch demo multiple times, because I am waiting on Zelda and it was enjoyable to me. Obviously, the PS4 version is going to be superior, but at the same rate I can't play that version in handheld mode and then switch back to my on the fly.

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This is what i wanted. Hopefully this continues so we can get that Japanese developer support. Japanese developer support is going to be key in making the Switch the console I want it to be.

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Yeah the dlc really added a lot of life to the ME3 MP. I am glad they are continuing down this path.

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Great news, its high time these developer realize that they need to bring over the full game without compromising for people that will never buy the game no matter what they do.

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I would agree with you, but Sony Europe seems to feel they are competing against Nintendo. To the point that the dropped the price of the PS4 Slim to 199 Euros Personally, I don't think they are direct competitors, but Sony would disagree.

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Awesome I am looking forward to this even more now.

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I agree with you completely and I love that you said Japanese Third Party support because that is absolutely correct.

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How many games run worse on the PS4 Pro than they do on the PS4. The reason is simple, the games is made from the ground up with another platform in mind. In case of Sony, the games was made with the PS4 in mind so when they simply release a patch to support the PS4 Pro it runs into issues. Issues that can cause the game to run worse on the PS4 Pro then it does on the PS4. It's an issue of programming not power.

Does Zelda run better on the Switch in Portable Mode, yes ...

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No games? Seriously dude, that line just makes your complaint sound childish. We know there are games for it. Oh and don't give me the whole, Zelda is on WiiU so it doesn't count thing. Assassin's Creed: Black Flag was on 360 and PS3, that didn't stop it from being one of the most compelling reasons to own a PS4/Xbox One. I loved playing Black Flag on my launch PS4.

A Browser will come in time, Netflix will come in time, music apps will come in time, there a...

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Most likely it will be updated in the future with this functionality. Would it have been nice to be their at the start, of course it would have been nice. I think people should complain so that this situation is fixed going forward. It seems like the infrastructure is in place, they just haven't finished it yet.

That's what software updates is all about. Compare the functionality of the ps4 and xbox one at present, to how they where when they initially released and ...

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That's crazy, now I am hyped for this game for real. Dragon Quest Switch has 9s across the board as well. Loving what I have been seeing.

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The fact that Nintendo understands they need exclusive content outside of their own games is another huge plus. I am sure its a timed exclusive, but even so this is good news for what the future holds.

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I just watch the whole video and I am impressed. Clearly Nintendo is making an actual effort to push for a constant stream of content on the Switch. Some of the indie titles they showed definitely appeal to me. I will almost certainly buy WarGroove and Stardew Valley on it.

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Well, modern consoles require patches day 1 now. Same was true of the PS4 and Xbox One. It is what it is. So long as you can play your games right away, then that's just what we put up with now.

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