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If you really cant stand what they represent then take a stance against them in a meaningful way. You dont need to join GamerGate or anything like that. Just stand up and make your voice heard.

Right now we have a cancer in the gaming community and we need to remove it before it becomes malignant. These SJW folks are either opportunist or just blind fanatics that think it is there personal job to defend people that dont want or need their help.

There is noth...

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That is too funny.

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He is trying to hard because he thinks that will sale his game. It is this exact same sentiment why Koei Tecmo isnt bringing DOAX3 to the West. Why would they when this happens and the game isnt even being brought to the West.

What company wants to be branded as being sexist or objectifying women? Its more than just selling the game to those of us that want it, it's a matter of public image. So because of crap like this we dont get the game and many other games here. <...

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The problem with that is that the gaming press is being largely controlled by the vocal minority.

Koei Tecmo was honest about why they arent bringing the game over here. But dont think for a second other companies arent motivated by this exact same sentiment, they just dont say anything directly about it. This culture of fear is something that has existed for a while and its not going to change unless the majority becomes vocal.

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I agree, the writing for the new Tomb Raider was laughable. Still the game itself was fun enough to play, shame that the story was so laughable.

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I am thankful for having access to the internet so I can connect with people and friends that mean as much to me as my family does. My way of thinking and seeing the world often puts me at odds with my family, but thanks to the Internet I am able to connect with people that understand, share, and respect my views.

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The problem with them doing that is that gamers don't back them. Even if gamers do back them the Gaming Press demonizes Koei Tecmo and they are left in a really bad situation. This is what happens when gamers allow the Gaming Press to do whatever they want based off of the agenda's of people on a witch hunt.

Until we as the core gamers get this situation under control in the West you can expect more and more situations like this one.

The onus falls ...

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VR will be censored on the Sony platform. If only in the form of just not getting certain games to the West that the East gets. Do you really think that Tekken Dating simulator or however it is called is coming to the West.

Thankfully Sony doesn't region lock there games so you can import them that way. But what is the odds of an English version being released of it. Hopefully the Asian version will include English voices or subtitles.

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Star Craft has its own built in install base. They can release this game against any title and be just fine. The same way CoD is fine being released at this point. Some games dont have to worry about release date and this is one of them.

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I imagine that Cloud is just a test case. If Cloud does well, I don't see why we wouldnt see a whole lot of other FF characters.

Cloud and Midgar are iconic, so its no surprise that this was the first character they went with.

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I have been playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on the 360, because I dont own a Xbox One, and I have been really please with it. I can't imagine the Xbox One version not being better so I dont see any issues with the Xbox One constraining the game.

If anything, the fact that this is another game that is on last gen consoles and current gen is the problem. If this was just a current gen console game they could have gone all out with it. Even so, there is nothing to really com...

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No large breasts, but maybe you she will write another attempted rape scene into the game and then pretend its not an attempted rape.

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Its no longer about making Laura sexy, its about making her a mass murder like Nathan Drake. Oh and occasionally she does stuff with Tombs...

Also, disregard all the orgasming she does whenever she gets stabbed with something, which seems to happen repeatedly nowadays. Also, disregard the attempted rape that happened in the first remake written by this writer. Also, disregard the fact that the other game was basically torture porn.

Yep, Laura is a strong, ind...

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Any PC game that doesnt look better than its console counterpart is a grievous example of lazy developers delivering a lackluster port to PC. For goodness sake, if the game doesnt run better on my $1000 computer compared to my $400 console there is a serious issue.

At the same rate, its not an accomplishment to say a game that is on both console and PC looks better on PC. The game had better look better on my PC and it better run at a higher frame-rate as well.

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CoD is currently set in the future and its far removed from reality. Heck, the same is true of Battlefield. Those games may use realistic weapons, for the most part, but they arent direct simulations of real life events anymore.

Plus, when they where people did complain about how it portrayed events and how it was insulting. Remember how big of a controversy the mission No Russian was?

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Actually the Japanese version of Ground Zeros had a lot more conversations where Big Boss speaks. In fact, there is a whole backstory that is left out of the Western version of Ground Zeros, which is pretty important. Its where Big Boss and Miller are talking about the past. Yes, Big Boss actually say quite a bit in that discussion.

This isnt in the Western version at all. Check it out on Youtube. I have been told that Big Boss speaks more in the Japanese versionof TPP as wel...

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Because Kojima is a big 24 fan, so he decided to throw tons of money at Keifer Sutherland (money that could have been used to complete the game). What did he get for all of that money, a character that barely says anything outside of the tapes and even in the tapes he barely speaks. Apparently, Kojima preferred hanging out with Sutherland over giving long time fans what they wanted.

To be clear, while I think its unfortunate that Hayter was replaced the real disaster was how...

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The game might be intriguing, but honestly if No Man's Sky hadn't release so much gameplay footage I wouldnt have any faith in it. There are far to many kickstarters that fail or are outright scams for me to blindly trust these guys. Plus, the whole procedurally generated Universe isn't unique to No Man's Sky. That has been done for a while now.

What makes me excited for No Man's Sky is everything I have seen and how clear it is that the developers are so ...

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I dont care about Polygon either, but this site was all over Life is Strange praising it like crazy. However, now they say its bad. I don't think you can just dismiss that as a "oh it's Polygon."

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I dont understand all the negative reviews for this game. I have been playing it on PC and loving it.

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