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I think a lot of companies are starting to realize that the folks who print that stuff wouldn't buy there games no matter what and catering to those people are just pissing off their actual consumers. It was only a matter of time before they realized this with all of these morons crying wolf so much.

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I love this game. It does have some performance issue, but other than that and somewhat janky combat the game is great. You can tell it was made by a small team but at the same time you can also tell how much love and time was put into this game. I brought it for $40 on PC and I dont regret it at all.

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Well supposedly Windows 10/Direct X12 is suppose to release architecture that allows any two cards of similar type to work together and have the game just use that power like it would one card. If this ends up happening it will be huge for AMD.

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No because you still need a PS4 or some kind to access Sony exclusive content. What Microsoft has done is essentially say you dont need a Xbox One or any kind to play Xbox exclusives going forward. That is the danger of what Microsoft has done. If Sony said all there exclusives are on PC then they would be in the same situation as well.

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No, he will just blame the failure on someone else.

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Nintendo is rolling in Amiibo and Pokemon money. They are fine financially and can easily survive a few disaster consoles. Plus, the Wii was a huge success for them in the console market. Their problem was relying on that success rather than moving forward.

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I actually beat this game and tried the online for a bit. It was terrible. The game itself was the biggest slap in the face to consumers.

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More of what? A game that has been so heavily censored that it killed its original style. I was really looking forward to this game until i saw all of the censoring the game went through. Quite frankly, its insulting.

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As someone that plays PC games primarily I am pleased with this move on Microsoft's part, it saves me money that I might have invested in a Xbox One S or Scorpio. Now I can just play Gears 4 on my PC. I don't see how this helps Microsoft sell consoles, but hey I am happy with this move from the PC perspective.

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They updated the article to reflect that the framerate is not locked. So on PC the framerate is unlocked.

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If I could get all of my Sony exclusives on PC I wouldnt buy a PS4 or PS4 Neo. I don't give money to Sony for their console because I like giving them money for nothing. I give them money for a product that has value. That value is determined by it's exclusives and the content it allows me access too. Microsoft put all of their exclusives on PC, specially Windows 10. Graphics cards, high-end graphics cards at that, are cheaper than ever. I can get a RX 480 that will do Windows 10 and ...

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Fem Shep did have a great voice actress, but I played Mass Effect as a guy. Normally, I prefer to play my rpgs as a woman, because thats just my thing. But in the Mass Effect universe I really felt like that character represented me so I played as a black guy or standard male Shep.

However, having a female lead for the series is nothing new as plenty of people enjoyed playing Mass Effect as Fem Shep. So Bioware is not new to this, I do think there will be more of a emphasi...

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I just want Nintendo to release a powerful console that doesnt put them leaps and bounds behind Microsoft and Sony. I can accept it not being as powerful, but I don't want them to be so far behind in the power gap that it is like night and day unless we are seeing a 1st party game that uses a unique art style.

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At this point, with the exclusives for Mircosoft all being released on PC the Scorpio is just another Steam Box. Or should I say Windows 10 Box. If all of their exclusive games are on PC, why would an informed consumer not just upgrade their PC? The PS4 Neo will allow users to play enhanced PS4 games so thats nice if that is important to you.

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Feel betrayed? If you are buying a PS4 after this E3 it is to play the games they showed their and all of those was showed from a standard PS4. If you want to have the best savings for your money then just wait until the PS4 Neo is announced. I plan on buying a PS4 right now and trading it in towards the Neo later on. I dont see the New coming anytime this year. Sony doesnt need to do that. At the earliest you might see a PS4 Neo Holiday 2017.

Regardless, its not like you ...

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Just play it on your PC like every other "exclusive" Xbox One game. Its going to play better on the PC anyways.

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I know, its just so insulting to people that are actually intelligent.

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Here is some truth for you, with Microsoft's Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive initiative there is truly no reason to buy a Xbox One since you can just get those exclusive titles on the PC, where they will have the best graphics and still be able to play with your Xbox One friends.

Here is another bit of truth, Phil Spencer said they would leave no one behind with the Xbox Scorpio as it would support all Xbox One titles as well. However, later on in another interview a ...

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Perfectly stated. In putting their exclusive games on Windows 10 Microsoft has made the biggest argument against upgrading to the Scorpio or even getting a Xbox One in general. If you are a someone that wants the best possible experience for your Xbox One games, then the PC is the platform you want to move too.

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After that Sony Press Conference I am fine with buying a PS4 now and trading it in down the road for the PS4 Neo. Sony showed me their product was worth my money right now. They arent dangling the promise of better games on some beef up hardware down the road, like their competitors wont have their own answer to that beef up hardware. Sony sold me on their platform with games for the standard PS4. So did they bury their next-gen rivals? Yes.

Because if I want to play the g...

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