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Of course they should be, but make no mistake about it Zoe and Anita would demonize her in a heartbeat. If you are female and you aren't crying about how badly you are abused because of gender and instead being logical about everything, then you are the enemy of these women and men that support these women. The same way if a black person (like myself) isn't crying about everything being racist then we are considered to be the enemy by extremist like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.
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There are so many people claiming that what is happening to Zoey Quinn is only happening because she is a woman. They claim that this would never happen to a man and that if it was a guy doing something like this people would applaud him. Yet this is hard proof, that stuff like this does happen to men and that when it happens they are harassed and targeted just like Zoey Quinn and that Anita chick was.

The difference, major one at that, is that Zoey and Anita got harassed by... #1.1.1
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The important thing is that Bungie can fix Destiny. Destiny is the type of game that isn't set in stone so it can be fixed and transformed into something much better. Yes Destiny has problems and I am glad the game isn't being praised universally because it does have glaring issues, but the core of Destiny is really good.

As far as the story is concerned, the story isn't bad it's just not really there but what is there is solid. However, Bungie made the mistak... #1.1.1
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Destiny is a solid game that can be the foundation for something really great. I think after a month we will all know if Destiny is going to turn into anything worthwhile. With that said, I brought the game and have put at least 50 hours into it. So yeah, I got my money worth.

There is definitely $60 worth of value in the game, but people where expecting a lot more than what Bungie delivered. Bungie only has themselves to blame for that, however this game is pretty much a mm... #1.1
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The biggest problem I saw is that the idiots at Bungie aren't allowing for every mission to be done with random pick up groups. So either you have to run around the tower inviting people, which is highly annoying, or you are playing by yourself.

I have friends that play this game, but we don't always play at the same time because some of them live in different time zones and I have work to do. I shouldn't have to set up a play date to enjoy my mp game, yet it fee... #1.1.3
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The core of Destiny is a really fun game and the story is not bad at all. There is definitely a lot of lore too, what Bungie is lacking now is content. They need to release more content for the game and it needs to be free. The paid expansion is fine, but the base game needs more content. If Bungie does that then Destiny will be fine.

I am enjoying Destiny, but the lack of mp features and the ability to connect with random people is just unacceptable, especially from a game m... #1.1.3
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I agree with you. I beat the base game in like 10 hours or so, yet the game is still opening up for me. I have put at least 30 hours into this game and will definitely put a lot more time into it. I canceled my ff14 sub for a month to give Destiny a shot and I am glad I did.

I don't know what people where expecting Destiny to be but I got what I wanted the game to be. I am level 25 and I am still looking forward to finding more content in the game. I have a long way to g... #1.2.1
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I am really enjoying Destiny. It's a solid beginning and so long as a lot more free and paid content comes out for the game it will be fine. I suggest people wait a month and see what happens with Destiny before condemning it. The base game is really good, it just needs a lot more content. #1.1.3
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I agree with that, but until recently gamers could pretend like the gaming media was credible. It's all to clear now that the current gaming media is corrupt to its core. #1.1.2
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Yeah the art style really stands out, in a good way. #2.1.1
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In all seriousness, the art style is fantastic. I would love to see an anime done in this style. #1.1
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Watch your mouth filth. #1.3
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All I want is for Destiny to be a more refined Defiance. If that is what Destiny is then I will be fine, judging from the beta Destiny will be that at least. As far as reviews are concerned, there isn't any reviewers that I trust anymore so I am not bothered that some corrupt game journalist won't be able to give me there useless opinion before the game comes out.

Also, considering Destiny is basically a mmo the initial experience that the player has will not be the... #1.1
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Honestly this is really amazing, I haven't brought Destiny yet and I own a ps3 and ps4. I was just going to get it for the PS4, but now I think I will buy it for the ps3. This excites me because it is the ultimate crossbuy, this is going to greatly increase their userbase. Very smart move and it actually gets me pumped up for the game a little bit more. For them to go this far really speaks to how dedicated they are to supporting the game. #1.1.2
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Yeah I loved the mp in ME3. I think it was one of the best put together mp released and the way it handled microtransactions was truly great. I never brought any cash items, but I had all of the best guns and characters because I played a ton. Plus people that did buy packs just got access to random stuff, so it wasn't guaranteed that they would get better stuff then me. But even if they did it was okay because the mp was coop, so them getting good loot benefited me.

I am... #1.1.1
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I will agree with you that Morpheus looks like it will be better technology initially. But Oculus Rift has John Carmack behind it, also I doubt we will see any pornographic experiences on Morpheus if it doesn't work with PC right off. While I do love what Sony is doing, please understand that Sony is a corporation just like Facebook. #3.2
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Great news. Pornography will be a major drive for VR technology. This isn't a bad thing or a good one, there is a demand that needs to be filled. I am sure people will bring up morality issues eventually, but one person morality shouldn't be imposed on another adult engaged in legal actions. Note that I said "legal" actions. I look forward to seeing what other cool experiences companies will bring to VR technology. #1.1
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I can see how the press conference would be liked in Japan. Obviously it didn't have enough flash for a western press conference but considering recent events in Japan a low key press conference like this makes sense. #1.1.1
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I loved Sony's presentation. Clearly Japan doesn't give a shit about the Pro-idiot movement. I love that the head of the Japanese studio was like hey we are making these Pink Vitas and they are being marketed towards women. And this demo for the VR stuff was super awesome. Glad to see that Japanese developers aren't letting the pro-idiot movement get in their way. #1.1.3
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We all did, but only Japan would have the guts to release this as something other than pornography title. Love how unconcerned Japan is with the pro-idiot movement. #1.1.3
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