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Most of these fees can and will be waived for major game developers. These fees will also get waived for major Indie developers as well. If this deal is anything like the WiiU then you can get the Development Kit at a reduced price initially and payoff the rest of the fee within a year. The idea being that you know if you will be developing a game for sure. Plus you can just return the Development Kit if it is too much,

Keep in mind, the point of the Development Kit costing...

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You dont use Xbox as a service, you use Windows 10. Windows 10 and the Xbox One are not the same thing.

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So,,,, you brought a console to play your games on the PC? Or do you plan on playing them on the PC and console simultaneously? Or do you plan on alternating daily?

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You make this statement like people dont have PCs in their homes right now or don't plan on to buy a new one soon.

Most people have an okay enough PC in their homes, what they are missing is a graphics card that is really capable of running these games. But most of these PCs, especially most new ones brought from the store dont have bad specs. Its not a huge deal to buy a graphics card if you are the person with a PC and want to play some modern games. This isnt everyo...

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Media in general is sexualized. Where are all the ugly fat guys in the Calvin Klein ads. Where are the ugly women in as Victoria Secret Models? In the teen magazines where are the ugly chicks talking about their lives? The reality is that people. men and women, desire to see how good looking, attractive people, that are sexy live. This desire extends to all forms of media and gaming is no exception. The unnatural thing is these groups going around arguing that things are too sexy in one media...

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Christocolus, Cindy comments are perfectly reasonable and true. Microsoft has the Xbox One console for their fans that prefer to game on a console. The issue of contention is that going forward you wont need that console to access their exclusive games and the multiple platform games will be on the PC or Sony platform. It's a simple truth, going forward you dont need the Xbox to play Xbox games.

If you prefer to play them on a console than buy the console. No one is sa...

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Does the author of this mod not realize that people are just going to kill everyone in the parade, Not because they are gay, but because its GTA and when a ton of npcs are gather in one place one of the most fun things to do in the game is to take out your guns or explosives and kill everyone. I think the idea is interesting, but maybe the mod author should have given a little more thought to how people play GTA.

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Here you go, the retailer was Target and this article explains why they removed the game

The problem with SJWs isnt that they are fighting for equal rights and fair treatment of women. The problem with them is that they are actually not fighting for equal rights and fair treatment of women. What a lot of them is calling for is not...

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You are assuming that if you had pay for dlc you would have gotten more content and that just isnt true. How much money do you think Blizzard Activision has made off of those packs they sale for Overwatch? At this point it is easily over a billion dollars, so its not like they dont have money to put out a lot more characters and maps, they just arent doing it for a variety of reasons. Look at League of Legends, a game that makes billions of dollars and is F2P. They have a ton of characters. b...

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This is a really interesting read and explains why a lot of publishers end up censoring games and why a lot of SJWs have more sway than they should despite their not buying the games they influence no matter what.

Because these publishing companies are negotiating with an older generation or people that are just out of touch, they can be easily influenced by that loud vocal minority that is saying a product is sexist because of the way it portrays women. A place like Targe...

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Right because no woman in her right mind would think Kratos is sexy in that outfit.

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Are they making it harder. Yes there are several mega games that you can't access right now. But the problem with putting Denuvo on one of these smaller games is that there is less code for those who really want to hack Denuvo to deal with. This may seem like a great thing for them, but the reality is this is going to help with cracking Denuvo protection because it is a smaller game so figuring out why everything does what it is does is going to be that much easier.

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I think they ended up learning a really hard lesson. A lesson the initial development team must have known and this has lead them to do F2P the correct way. Evolve was always a game that people liked the idea of but 2K tried to screw over people in a major way and it backfired on them. Guess what, consumers arent stupid. A lesson a lot of major companies have had to learn the hard way.

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The main difference there is that the option to buy Sony exclusives on the PC doesnt exist. That is what keeps getting in Microsoft's way. If you want the device to play your Xbox exclusives on in there most powerful form then going forward its the PC, now the Xbox One S or Scorpio and that is a bigger deal that a lot of people think.

Plus Sony hasnt officially confirm release dates for PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo, right now there focus is pure on PS4. That way there messagin...

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The price of 4k players will drop fast. Having the Xbox One S on the market will be one of the main factors that causes that to happen. The same was true of the ps3 as a blu ray player. So while now this is the cheapest solution for a 4k movie player it wont be for very long.

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If you dont have the Xbox One, not willing to wait for the Xbox Scorpio, dont have a powerful PC, dont want a powerful graphics card that you can get for $249 (1060 6gb) or $230 (RX 480 8gb), and you are interested in Microsoft exclusive titles then yes the Xbox S may appeal to you. The reality is that Microsoft has made it far to easy to not buy the Xbox One S. Undoubtedly they will sell out of the initial stock, but how long that last will be the true test.

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With the news that this wont be censored, I think I will pick this up. Be it physical or digital, however physical would be nice.

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Hopefully they dont censor it to hell. If they are going to censor it I don't even see the point in doing a Western release. Just do an Asian release with English subtitles and let people import it so they can play the game the way it was meant to be played without compromising the developers original vision.

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I really enjoyed the original Prey game and that potential sequel looked amazing. To be fair though, that sequel didnt feature Tommy, it featured some other guy who was a Marshall or something like that. So its not like this new Prey axed Tommy being the star and who is to say that Tommy wont be in this sequel in some form. Regardless, I am still excited about this new Prey as well.

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Nintendo just needs to make their console into a purchase that a great deal of gamers, beyond the Nintendo loyalist. actually want by having a powerful console and a variety of amazing games. They dont need to turn it into the primary console, just make it must have console. In order to do that they need exclusives being delivered in a timely manner and a console that isnt generations behind what is currently on the market despite them saying there console is current gen. Because no matter wh...

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