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Dont worry, Nintendo will gladly resale everyone the same old classic games for every platform they can.

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So... is this what we where all expecting and wanting? 4k60fps indie games? I mean thats good and all, but seriously if this is what is being held up as an accomplishment, I feel sorry for the future of Xbox One X True 4k games.

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If you feel that the PC is the best place for FPS games than thats fine, thats just your opinion. Millions of people love playing there FPS games on console just fine. The real thing this points out is that Destiny 2 should be 4k60fps on Xbox One X, but it isnt because of CPU limitations. So how often is that going to keep being a factor for the Xbox One X? If this keeps coming up and a person does want the best 4k experience than it would mean upgrading their computers.


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If you are that into graphics than you must only play on PC. Because everything is a big steaming pile of crap compared to a PC that is $3000 plus dollars. If on the other hand you play console games than you do so because you enjoy playing great games. Guess what? Switch has a bunch of great games on it and coming to it.

Is the Switch as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One? Nope, not at all. What the Switch is, is a great platform with great games on it. Would someone only want t...

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I dont dislike this and the visuals are like a Pixar movie. I do feel like the trailer was trying a little too hard to be all inclusive, but I am not really against that. I know Avatars are still a thing, but there is barely an emphasize on them. I guess they plan on doing something with them that will allow the player to express themselves.

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The reality is that if Microsoft had the console lead they would take the same stance. Just look at Aaron Greenberg who is still a talking head for Microsoft. Phil Spencer may be a good guy, but make no mistake Microsoft is playing both side of the coin.

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Honestly, I thought the Switch version would look worse. I am surprised it doesn't look worse. The image resolution is messed up, but thats because of the comparison method. Even so, I think that this will actually look solid on Switch, especially in handheld mode.

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Nintendo did a fantastic job at E3. They did the most important thing they could have done. They showed they had games coming this year that people want and that going forward they have big titles that people have wanted for years.

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Hopefully people keep complaining and eventually they cave on this stupid point. I dont mind phones as being an option, but I dont want it to be the only way.

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Ok its great that they have these exclusive, nevermind the fact that they will also be on PC. So... should I buy the Xbox One X in 2 to 3 years as well when these exclusives are actually out.

You are selling me a console now, not 2 to 3 years down the line. It was bad enough that most of the things Sony showed was for 2018. Microsoft knew when the Xbox One X would be out, so how about impressive exclusive games for it now. You know like Scalebound.... oh wait they cancelled...

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I am glad not everyone is blind to this reality. When its all said and done, he will have done more harm to the Xbox brand than any other major publisher could have hoped to do. I swear, its like this guy was sent in by Sony.

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I would be more impressed with Microsoft True 4k if they showed me some major, graphically intense, 3rd party games running in Native 4k at 60fps without dancing around the issues. Instead, they show off indie games that look like they could run on 5 years old PCs and boast that those are True 4k. Of course those games are True 4k.

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The ARK devs are so shady it isnt even funny.

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If Valve was releasing Half Life 3 people would be happy as well. Its not a Nintendo pass, its an iconic game that people have wanted forever from a company they trust to deliver a high quality product.

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Extra thicc!

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No, because this game is going to be delayed until 2018. I want this game, but not if its not ready and the footage they showed wasnt ready.

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If anything I hope they go further with this game. Games are art and developers have every right to make games with societal commentary, the same way movies and music can contain social and political commentary. What needs to stop is games being made to fit someone else's agenda. Be that agenda, one that promotes positive growth or negative growth. An agenda can be about pushing LGBT issues, racial issues, or it can be about pushing a certain character type because publishers believe it s...

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Whats important to note is that the people normally crying about racial or gender issues is almost never the actual folk that should have the complaint. It is normally some SJW group that wants to enforce censorship on anything they dont agree with.

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So it begins, the idiots that would never buy the game in the first place have begun complaining about it. I hope Ubisoft stays true to their vision and don't let these racist morons stop them from making the game they want to make.

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The thing is that CDPR actually tried to do the right thing and buy his work for a percentage of the total profits they would eventually make. But Andrzej Sapkowski said it himself, he didnt believe in them so he just wanted the cash upfront. Talk about extremely naive.

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