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That's horrible news, thanks goodness his daughter was saved.

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I have over 61 hours in the Division right now and I love every moment of it. From the start you can play everything with random people or friends as you see fit.

I have over 400 hours into Destiny and from the start that game was one let down after another. Raids where fun, but the campaign felt like an after thought unless you went to Bungie's web site and read the story there. Which is the biggest of jokes. Destiny had it's moments and the shooting is excellent in...

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I don't know. I feel like this is the old scenario where Borderlands launched in the same release window as Call of Duty. Everyone thought that game was being sent out to die but the style and personality of it all made it standout.

I think that Battleborn is offering enough things that Overwatch isn't to make it standout. Having a single player campaign that you can play co-op (even couch co-op) is pretty big. Plus Overwatch is more of a Team Fortress 2 style game t...

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So the PSVR will allow me to play pornographic games? It will allow me to play my PC games on it? It will allow me to access open source content? Until they announce that PSVR is an open platform device, lets hold off on that, it can do what HMV can't stuff.

PSVR looks like a great deal for Sony's playstation closed platform and I am glad to see them being aggressive with this price.

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Unless Mario, Zelda, and Metroid is on the Playstation VR Nintendo has nothing to worry about. Also, Sony needs to be careful because $400 is too much for their device considering it will most like be a closed system device.

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That was freaken god like.

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You stated that what he experience is a rarity and I will say that to you as well. The reality is that people behave poorly online when you go into random matches.

Remember how excited everyone was for Xbox Live and having a headset to talk on when the 360 first came out. Fast-forward to today and people steer clear of random conversations with random strangers as much as possible.

Also, he wasn't saying that its every woman's fault that she is harass...

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Well, the Creation kit will go a long way to allowing other people to fix Fallout 4. But if you look at how much they changed the game with Survival mode in Fallout 4, after the fact, I wouldnt count out how much Bethesda will be changing the game themselves.

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That was great, I guess I need to install Fallout New Vegas again.

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All hate aside, this just means more time to polish the version of the game that was ready to release to begin with.

Look at how polished and feature rich Rayman Legends ended up being because of the decision Ubisoft made them go with. Of course, we all want the game now. However, people can forgive a delayed game. They won't forgive a game that lacks polish and is far too buggy.

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Okay so this seems really bad on the surface and it's not a very classy move regardless. However, this is great news. Why? This is great news because The Division by Ubisoft is now directly taking on Destiny by Activision.

This means competition and that means innovation and more features for players of both games. This is good for the consumer because now both companies will be trying to out perform one another and when that happens the consumer always wins.

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That looked amazing.

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Interesting how fast these games with Denuvo on them drop in price. Maybe it is just an odd coincidence.

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So Microsoft is taking those backwards draconian plans they had for the consoles and applying them to the PC. Microsoft will never change, they just shift direction and faces.

I love games, but I am not so blinded by a game that I would lose focus of the bigger picture.

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Sounds like some good content is in the pipeline and I guess Incursion is their version of Raids. Alright, I am all in. I am just going to pay a $100 and make this mistake. What the hell, I made the Destiny mistake so why not this one.

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I am about to pay $60 for The Division, which probably doesnt even have 1/20th of the content in No Man's Sky, so yeah I will pay $60 for this game no problem.

Indie doesn't mean low quality. I have put hundreds of hours into Binding of Issac, but I wouldnt pay $60 for it because the presentation of that content isn't worth it. However, the presentation of No Man's Sky content and the amount of it clearly marks it a full price game. I never once thought it wo...

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I just got back into Pokemon with X, lol.

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I think I will buy this off of Steam and wait for reviews before playing it. If the Reviewers are saying its terrible, I will get a refund. I hate to do that, but if this is how its going to be then they leave me no choice.

At the same rate, I get why it is this way considering the game cant be fully experienced as they need a lot of people on it.

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It's quite telling in a democratic society that pushes Freedom of Speech how little Freedom we actually have in North America.

It's sad how we let these anti-everything groups ruin our country. Groups that push equality by taking away freedom and civil liberties from others.

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These guys are just going nuts with this game and I love it. I guess thats one of the benefits of just focusing on releasing the game in Japan, instead of having to worry about the silly social justice stuff in the West.

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