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The only thing wrong with the Xbox One, after all the of the revisions, was the price tag. A Xbox One at $399 with Kinect was a good value proposition. Without Kinect, then the question is why wouldn't you just buy the more powerful console for the same price? On top of that, Microsoft has constantly said that the Xbox One was designed around the Kinect. Now all of a sudden, we get the Kinectless Xbox One at $399.

The problem with this is that the original concept for the... #1.1.1
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I am all for comparisons, but come on this is the PS4 vs X360. Of course the PS4 version looks radically better, I would be shocked and disgusted if it didn't. This is coming from a X360 and PS4 owner. This comparison isn't even valid. #1.1.3
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Microsoft needs momentum in order to win against Sony. Hell they need momentum just to catch up to Sony. Now the difference between the 2 console will come down to games and the fact that one console is more powerful than the other.

At $399 the PS4 is still the most powerful console on the market and Sony has a heck of a lot more 1st Party Studios than Microsoft. Most of the hottest upcoming titles are coming from Sony's camp.

The price point was only one... #1.1
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Every where you look there are people are trying to find ways to earn a little money. It isn't surprising to find people will to make magazines like this and do these sorts of things.

However, this would not exist if it wasn't for the fact that there are people willing to buy this stuff. I find the idea of selling this more radical than anything else, with so much free porn on the internet one wonders why people would even bother to buy this at all. This is just peopl... #1.1.4
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Yeah I thought the same thing the first time I glanced at the box art. #1.2
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I hope this is true, because I am waiting on X before I buy the WiiU. Well, Bayonetta 2 may push me over the edge. #1.1.3
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I really hope this game redeems Bioware, but I will take a wait and see approach. #1.1
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I don't get why people are giving Activision so much grief over Advance Warfare. Well, thats not true, I do get it. It's CoD, so people feel the need to stand around and point out how unoriginal it is.

Meanwhile, the movies and games that this CoD game is supposed to be ripping off are hardly the progenitor of those ideas. I liked Elysium, but it wasn't original in the least. Power suits and the storyline of that movie have been done before a ton of other times. M... #1.1
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The screenshot of the guy standing in the hallway reminds me a lot of Demon's Souls. I am really looking forward to learning more about this game. E3 Hype. #1.1.3
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I want to believe that this game will be good, but I actually played through all of FUSE. After beating FUSE I saw potential, but I also saw a really flawed game. #1.1
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I love my PS4, but if you have a really nice PC why wouldn't you buy this game or most other games for it. The possibility of mods is something that is really hard to pass up on.

As far as this game is concerned, when I thought it was a PS+ title I was interested in it. When it was revealed that it wasn't, any interest I had immediately dried up. I might have brought the game if it was really good, but apparently it's not and it's supposedly very short. I thi... #1.2
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I would be more concerned if the more powerful console wasn't the lead platform. Ultimately Xbox One people benefit from this as well because the game is being optimized for the higher end console. #1.1.1
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I don't mind paying to play a MMO. In fact, I think it can be a good thing, I am really enjoying FF14 right now. But nothing in ESO says to me that it is worth paying for at all. #1.1.4
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This trailer is really good. Love it. #1.1.2
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Already have a Vita, love the system. #1.2.2
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Yep looks amazing. This is why ESO is going to have such a hard time. Modding the Elder Scrolls games is integral to what makes Elder Scrolls fun on the PC. Certainly the base game is great too, but it is the limitless possibilities of the PC mods that really take Elder Scrolls to the next level. Hopefully, Zenimax will allow players to do mods like this, but I am not sure how that would work in an mmo setting. #1.1
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Really interesting to see Titanfall going on sale so much. I assumed it would be like CoD, in that it takes forever for the price to drop or go on sale. Then again, GoD: Ghost dropped in price and went on sale relatively fast too. This generation is shaping up to be interesting in pricing trends. #1.1.1
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Lots of great Sony news. Glad to see all of the enhancement coming to the PS4. Really couldn't be happier with my Ps4 purchase. #1.1
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The problem with this number is that there are a lot of cheaters in Dark Souls 2 running around with max souls so this number doesn't mean what it could. #1.1.2
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This is great news, not just for Sony but for everyone looking forward to next-gen games becoming the lead platform for 3rd party games. When you look at Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed it's clear that the lead platform was last gen consoles. The sooner the PS4/Xbox One is the lead platform for games the better for everyone. #1.1.6
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