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Ultimately the Xbox One doesnt matter since you can get the exclusives on Windows 10 anyways. Save yourself some money and just buy a RX 480 or a 1070 for your PC. If all of Sony's exclusives where on PC I don't know why you would buy a PS4 or Neo either.

Microsoft did a fantastic job of convincing people to upgrade to Windows 10, but I don't see why you would get a Xbox One S anymore. If exclusives are what you want, well they are coming to Windows 10. I don&#...

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Nintendo isnt even trying to compete with the other 2 right now, which is probably for the best. The reality is that they are fine regardless and Zelda will be a major seller for them. It looks like they are getting ready to milk it big time too. So Nintendo is fine regardless.

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All of the censorship this game is receiving has killed my interest in it as anything other than a rental. Sad too because I was really excited for the game.

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Should they be good at games? Well maybe they dont need to be the best at them. However, they should be competent. The person in that Polygon review looked like they never played a game before, let alone a FPS. They dont need to be pro or even good, but they should be competent. A concept that seems to be lacking in the Game Journalist department on more than one level.

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If you played Mars War Log then you have an idea of what sort of game this is going to be. I really enjoyed Mars War Log personally and this looks like a much more realized version of that game.

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Censorship... I just dont really think it is necessary. If anything it discourages their target demographic from buying the game.

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They need to focus on making good games and not investing in draconian drm. The money they wasted buy into Denuvo could have been spent on making Homefront a better game.

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It will have Denuvo drm almost certainly and that is pretty much the same thing as always online.

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It is great news, hopefully this comes to PC.

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Regardless of the quality of the game, if they where going to do this then they should have done it in advance. Instead they got an extra $20 off people. If you don't feel cheated than that is wonderful and all for you. However, for everyone that does feel cheated they are 100 percent justified. It was a crummy thing to do to early adopters.

After all, if this price drops immediately when Overwatch hits or close to immediately then Gearbox had these plans in the works f...

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They have and the whole time everyone watches this footage they will be thinking how much better its going to look and play on the NX. That may seem like a bad thing, but if this looks amazing on WiiU, people are going to have insanely high unrealistic expectations for the NX. As such, there desire to buy the console will sky rocket.

Essentially Nintendo is intentionally letting people imagines run wild to sell their console. Not a bad business tactics.

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I am not great at shooting, but at the same rate I dont really want to be a healer. At least not all the time anyways. Thankfully, I can play Reinhart and smash people in the face with a hammer and block damage to support my team. I can be a real threat without having to resort to some role that I dont really want to do. This is one of the things that make Overwatch great. There really is a character for everyone and you dont need to level up to unlock those characters. Instead of wasting a t...

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Lots of good changes here, in between playing some Overwatch I will check out these new updates.

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The problem here is that a lot is getting lost in translation. I am not referring the the language barrier, I am referring to the laws. So these girls are at least 16 and this art style is some what chibish. In Japan that is just because the age of consent is 13, however the many municipalities have their own laws like in Tokyo the age of consent being 17. So over in Japan this would be a little raunchy like American Pie or something silly like that. However, outside of Japan when you have th...

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Maybe they should have spent more money developing their game than wasting it on draconian DRM for a game you can rent on consoles.

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It seems daunting, but I think you will get the Platinum. If you go on a hot streak with a good team you will get some of the more difficult trophies sooner than you think. Plus if you get the game soon enough, you can take advantage of the Christmas noobs and do really well. As for the other trophies, those will come in time if you are enjoying the game. I think the main is too just play the game and have fun. There is a character for every play style so you will definitely do well when you ...

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This will be one of the largest selling factors for PC VR. Regardless of how good or bad this is done, it will become a staple of VR. Porn has always been one of the biggest factors in the adoption of new technology and VR will be no different.

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This game will also have a season pass that is overpriced as well. It's like people forgot this was EA in their rush to praise the game.

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I understand the sentiment and I think if the history of how consoles are produced remain the way it has always been than this wouldnt even be an issue. But from the looks of it, Sony is getting ready to release a PS4.5 or PS4 Neo and there are credible rumblings that Microsoft is getting ready to release a Xbox One 2.

If this ends up being true than that whole 5 to 8 year console lifespan is no longer true. We could be seeing update iterations of consoles every 3 years, ve...

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You mean the same way Destiny has a cash shop. The same way Guild Wars 2 has a cash shop. The same way you can buy max lvl characters in WoW from Blizzard. The same way CoD charges for season passes after spending $60. The same way Evolve from 2K tried to charge for every little additional thing. The same way the new Doom has a $40 season pass. The same way Battlefield games have a $50 season pass on top of the $60 game. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.


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