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The Division, like Destiny, is a mmo regardless of what the developer says. So yeah you need an online connection to play a MMO. No one is surprised about this. Battleborn is not a MMO. It specifically has a sp mode and couch coop mode. There is no need for it to be always online. The online was the main draw to the game so it wouldnt have had the issues many other sp only games face.

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Shame, I really wanted to buy this game. Now I won't just on principle. Oh well.

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True, but that is for the complete package. I like the fact that Sony did it this way, so you know full well that if you get the bundle you will be able to access PSVR in all its capabilities.

If you already own a camera and controllers than you have to specifically seek out the PSVR only. This way Sony stops confusion by having consumers buy a product with everything for the maximum experience.

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I got my preorder in at Gamestop so I am all set. VR is definitely the future and I am looking forward to what Sony can do in this space. I really hope they let their device be used with the PC, but that is just wishful thinking. Still, I can dream.

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I got a pre-order in from Gamestop.

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Right, VR is definitely the next trend in the market. VR has a lot of applications and gaming is just one of them. Will Sony be dominate in the VR space? I don't know. The reality is that if you want the optimum VR experience from Sony and you just own the PS4, like the majority of their customers do, then its a $500 entry point. However, that isnt a bad price all things considered.

I think price point isn't going to be the main selling factor for VR. After all, there...

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Does this guy not know that the premise of this game is that it's Pokemon in Tekken style.

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Phoenix Credits arent even hard to get. Purples drop like crazy in DZ as well. I wont begrudge people for doing this, but it isnt needed.

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I was down on Sony's VR because I didnt know the final price of it, with everything you need for the optimum experience. But $499 for all of this is one hell of a deal.

Sony you have won me back over. I am on that hype train now. I need PSVR in my life. Hopefully I can snag one of those pre-orders.

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Right, too some people it is $399. But the marketing campaign isn't $399 for some people. Or $399 if you already own this other accessories. The marketing campaign is PSVR $399.

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It's not dangerously close to false advertising, it is false advertising. Sure you can just use the headset to watch movies, but that is not how these product is specifically being marketed.

The real price of the PSVR is closer to $500, around $450 if you only consider the Camera which is required according to Sony (The Camera plus a PS Move controller for optimum experience), but that doesnt sizzle like the $399 price point. Plus if there is only a $100 or less differenc...

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That's just it, there will be cosplay of these outfits. I wonder what the sjws will call the women (and men) that cosplay these outfits.

I think folks forget that people will always do far more than in most games.

Also, this game would be a system seller for PSVR. Bundle it Sony, bundle it.

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I don't. I enjoyed this and don't feel the need to feel ashamed about it. This is hardly that far out there anyways.

Anyone going to a real beach is going to see far more.

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I have had so many intense fights in The Division so I really love their gameplay. Plus I tend to roll with a sniper in The Division and I love that headshot kill sound. It is so satisfying.

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That's horrible news, thanks goodness his daughter was saved.

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I have over 61 hours in the Division right now and I love every moment of it. From the start you can play everything with random people or friends as you see fit.

I have over 400 hours into Destiny and from the start that game was one let down after another. Raids where fun, but the campaign felt like an after thought unless you went to Bungie's web site and read the story there. Which is the biggest of jokes. Destiny had it's moments and the shooting is excellent in ...

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I don't know. I feel like this is the old scenario where Borderlands launched in the same release window as Call of Duty. Everyone thought that game was being sent out to die but the style and personality of it all made it standout.

I think that Battleborn is offering enough things that Overwatch isn't to make it standout. Having a single player campaign that you can play co-op (even couch co-op) is pretty big. Plus Overwatch is more of a Team Fortress 2 style game t...

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So the PSVR will allow me to play pornographic games? It will allow me to play my PC games on it? It will allow me to access open source content? Until they announce that PSVR is an open platform device, lets hold off on that, it can do what HMV can't stuff.

PSVR looks like a great deal for Sony's playstation closed platform and I am glad to see them being aggressive with this price.

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Unless Mario, Zelda, and Metroid is on the Playstation VR Nintendo has nothing to worry about. Also, Sony needs to be careful because $400 is too much for their device considering it will most like be a closed system device.

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That was freaken god like.

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