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These guys are just going nuts with this game and I love it. I guess thats one of the benefits of just focusing on releasing the game in Japan, instead of having to worry about the silly social justice stuff in the West.

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Maybe that is just the pre-load size and once the game releases proper you will have to download some more data.

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The way Quantum Break is being handled is just weird and I dont think it's going to help the game at all. The game coming to PC is fine, I understand why people are upset though.

The game being Windows 10 store is okay I guess, but again I see why people are upset.

You add to this the one month preload in advance thing and you have this weird situation that I dont see helping the game do well. I am a fan of Remedy so I hope this game hits well for them. I...

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What in the world is she even thinking. What she is saying is just stupid as hell. Does she not understand that different countries have different laws. So while 13 maybe legal in Japan its not legal in other countries. Even in Japan, 13 maybe legal but its still taboo. People arent walking around looking for 13 year old kids to date.

The 13 year old law is more of a byproduct of rural areas as oppose to the city. Heck it's legal to have sex with animals in some parts of ...

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The open beta did not sale me. However, this recent 12 minutes of footage of late game content did. The open beta was just not enough of what the game really has to offer. It's a slice sure, but I needed more and got that more in the 12 minutes of footage they showed off.

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I am sold on this game after watching this. I know it will be another Destiny, but I feel like it will be a Year One Destiny. So yeah, I am all in. It's probably a mistake, but hey I spent a $100 on Destiny so I will roll the dice on this game.

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Remember when other anti-pirating programs, like secure rom, where considered the end all be all to stop pirating. Well what happened to those programs being so great? They got popular and developers decided to flock to them to "secure" their games against the evil pirates. The end result was that enough popular games used those DRM protection methods that hackers turned their full attention to those DRM protection methods and completely hacked them.

Denuvo is so ha...

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This isnt a fighting game. This is a spinoff of the series and it is the third spinoff. It's more of a volleyball/management sim/hanging out with the DoA chicks game. Its not a fighting game, nor is it being marketed as one.

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It doesnt matter how people react to it, they arent releasing it in the West because of morons anyhow. So now they can just go nuts and do whatever they want. Thankfully this will an import friendly game. The sad thing is that by not releasing in the West, Westerners will get to experience the game the way it was intended when they import it. I know I all looking forward to this title as well.

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I recently rented and beat Devil's Third. Overall the game is pretty bad. But some of the mechanics are close to being ok, until you realize how little depth is in them.

The best part of this game is the ending credits that says: A Tomonobu Itagaki Game. Itagaki actually had the nerve to attempt to emulate Hideo Kojima signature for his game. It's laughable considering the lack of quality in the game, but hey I will give him credit for being that gutsy.

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That comment made my day.

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If the base game has plenty of new and unique content. Then I will definitely pick this game up provided the gameplay is great. I played Destiny hardcore from the start and I feel like I got cheated.

I want say I didnt get my money's worth because I did. But we where all lead to believe Destiny would be this amazing experience with this deep story. A year later Bungie begin to live up to that promise. Which is fine for those who werent there Day 1 like me.

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No, my friend. Watch the anime, this is a really good series. This style of game is a genre in itself now. Has been for a while to be honest. Anyhow, this is fantastic news. Really, check out the anime, it's very good.

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That was excellent and it reminded me how much I did enjoy Fallout. Also, it made me really happy that I picked the choice I picked.

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Fallout 4 was hacked day 1 yet it sold a hell of a lot more copies than Just Cause 3 on PC. Being able to pirate a game has nothing to do with why people buy a game or don't. As far as Denuvo is concerned, having this sort of drm does more to hurt than help. Plus, if Denuvo was on Fallout 4 it would have been hacked in a week.

The reality is that most people just don't care about Just Cause 3. What I wonder is how many of there technical issues stem from this drm.

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I just brought a WiiU to primarily play Xenoblade Chronicles X. I picked up Splatoon and my WiiU came with Mario Kart. So far, I am in love with the console. Is it a ps4/xbox? No, but I didnt want it to be those consoles either. I am honestly very pleasantly surprised with the console and there are a lot of other games I want to try out also.

I think the author of this article is making the mistake of desiring quantity over quality. The quality of the Nintendo exclusive WiiU...

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I doubt that this will play WiiU games out of the box. Not because it is a technical impossibility, but simply because they still want to sale WiiUs.

From the article, I gather that the NX will be a console device that will probably work with whatever handheld or existing handheld device that they have on the market. Suggesting that perhaps the NX will work with the New 3DS and boost its speed and power in the process. This is something that has a lot of potential and it make...

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The only way to combat this is for those of us that are reasonable to start standing up and making our voices heard. I wont decry anyones effort to make the world better, but the world isnt made better by bullying people with a different perspective and going on witch hunts.

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It doesnt surprise me at all. This is a person that got ahead by taking the spotlight away from the people who did the actually work on AC. Why should she behave with class now, when she never had any to begin with.

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In short, the one guy spoke honestly and Koei Tecmo is running from the controversy. To their credit, they didnt outright discredit the guy which is good. Ultimately, they are still confirming his comments by saying the game is only for Japan and Asia.

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