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So glad they have confirmed this will come to the West complete intact.

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Just because he can't make money in VR experience doesn't mean there is no money there to be made. There is plenty of money to be made for the person that is smart enough to figure out how to sale VR experiences properly. Adult entertainment will and already is profiting off of VR experiences. There is a reason they keep producing VR content.

Thats just one example, but its hardly a minor one. I think developers need to be careful with the silly notion that just bec...

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People can say what they will and be as skeptical as they like, but that level of reaction and excitement resonates with the general population in a big way. I found it to be a bit cringe myself and skipped through a lot of it. But again, that level of excitement just sales products.

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I am glad to see this because its just ridiculous how petty people can be now. Now they have an official ruling so people can finally be satisfied. Really, they wont be because they just want to complain.

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Sure, but it wasnt and they got crucified for it. It is available now. Are you willing to give them credit for implementing these features instead of cutting and running or are you going to forever belittle them because it wasnt there at launch.

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This is the start, so that may come in time. They are basically not going to talk about things that arent 100% anymore because of the massive backlash they received. So maybe that will come in time and maybe it wont.

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Its not a Sony exclusive either, it came out on PC and PS4.

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Yeah you would just rather commit the criminal practice of sending death threats, hate comments, and of course rape threats against them and their family.

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There is a huge difference between false advertising and failing to be able to deliver on promised content.

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God you seem like such a fanatic for having that reddit link handy for every person that doesnt hate No Man's Sky or just isnt on a moral crusade against the developers. Seriously, is that your Home Page. Do you read that site everyday and get upset all over again...

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Ugh your reaction towards Hello Games does little to promote you as a respectable person. Its like you are unwilling to even see any attempts that these guys are making to fix things as being worthy. You're behaving like a child over all of this stuff. We all know that the developers fail to deliver on a lot of their promises, we all know that the mp isnt in the game, what we dont know is why it isnt in the game and why they arent being open about it. I suspect their lawyers are advising ...

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The negative reaction to them was so overwhelming and hateful that they "didn't want to talk about anything in it until it was 100% certain". So is this what the community really wants? Personally, I preferred when Hello Games talked openly about what they wanted in their game. But clearly thats no longer going to happen because if they did it would be put in a Reddit post as yet another lie.

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I agree and it was probably the plan all along when they where talking about features openly. Yet, people got it in their head that this small team would be able to deliver all of these features right off. Yet, in order to do this they needed funding that they didnt have especially since they released multiplatform. If they had the backing of a major company as an exclusive maybe all of this stuff would have been their day 1. Instead they tried to do right by all and they got massacred for it...

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Whats so great about the PS4 Pro is that you don't feel like you need one to experience great PS4 games. If the PS4 Pro had been this insanely powerful upgrade, then it would basically be a new console and all of those people that currently have or just brought a new PS4 would have been screwed out of their money. I think the people feeling like, oh this isn't a super powerful upgrade so I feel disappointed, are missing the point. PS4 Pro shouldn't be such an insane upgrade that ...

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Sad about the delay, but I am hyped for those Japanese voices. Plus I would rather a delay then a bad experience.

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I disagree. I am sure a lot of folks where waiting on PS4 Pro. Not just to buy it, but also to figure out where the PS4 Slim stands in comparison to the PS4 Pro. What people found was that the Pro is a fantastic upgrade, however its not leagues above the original PS4. This freed up people from their hesitation to buy the PS4 Slim with the Pro on the way.

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I don't think this game is dead at all. Too many games have had a second revival. FF14 being the classic example. Yeah the game has issues, but I don't think it is so broken that it can't be fixed.

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I never paid a penny for any microtransactions in ME3 and I adore the mp. I still play it. Microtransactions for ME3 is very much like Overwatch. Surprisingly, EA actually did microtransactions right and they support the mp with a ton of free content.

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Developers go for those extra pixels because saying there game is 4K is a much bigger selling point than saying there game is 1080p but 60fps. You can blame that on consumers that put a higher demand on graphics over frame rate.

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Of course not, do you have any idea what sort of a beast machine it would take for that. Even on PC that would be a challenge and certainly beyond a 399 machine.

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