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Really interesting to see Titanfall going on sale so much. I assumed it would be like CoD, in that it takes forever for the price to drop or go on sale. Then again, GoD: Ghost dropped in price and went on sale relatively fast too. This generation is shaping up to be interesting in pricing trends. #1.1.1
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Lots of great Sony news. Glad to see all of the enhancement coming to the PS4. Really couldn't be happier with my Ps4 purchase. #1.1
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The problem with this number is that there are a lot of cheaters in Dark Souls 2 running around with max souls so this number doesn't mean what it could. #1.1.2
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This is great news, not just for Sony but for everyone looking forward to next-gen games becoming the lead platform for 3rd party games. When you look at Watch Dogs or Assassin's Creed it's clear that the lead platform was last gen consoles. The sooner the PS4/Xbox One is the lead platform for games the better for everyone. #1.1.6
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"The very fact that Metal Gear Solid is receiving so much bad publicity for its treatment of Paz and Quiet only serves to highlight the hypocrisy of the gaming community."

I couldn't agree more with this statement. Clearly the people complain either have an agenda or have no idea what they are talking about. This whole issue is knee deep in hypocrisy and is only serving to expose people with their little agenda's that don't really care about the issue. #1
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Meanwhile, this oh so not evil company is actively trying to stop the Banner Saga developers from using the word Saga in their game. This company is worse than Zynga and thats saying a lot. #1.1.4
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I am happy to see them improving the online network in this fashion. Definitely a good sign and there is plenty of room for improvement. #1.1.1
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This is a smart move on his part. No telling when the whole Walking Dead gig is going to end. This way he becomes a popular broadcaster on Twitch and Youtube by capitalizing on his current fame. Very smart move. #1.1
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Okay the cloud will be useful, great. But the thing is all of the companies will eventually have their solution to "The Power of the Cloud." If everyone has their solution to it, then no one is going to have an advantage based on the Cloud.

This is really what people need to get in their head. Also, while Microsoft spends a lot of time talking about "The Power of the Cloud," Sony has actual practical applications right now. Playstation Now is up and runni... #1.1.5
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This looks really cool, interested to see how it turns out. #2
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This looks really pretty. Want to see more of it. #1.1.2
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This really is do or die for Bioware. Looking forward to seeing what they can do when the pressure is this high. #2.2
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I ordered the PS4 Logo from these guys. Really love it. It makes the Light bar into art, as oppose to being constantly bright and annoying.

Oh and there is almost no way these guys don't get a cease and desist order sooner than later from Sony. I highly doubt they have the right to use these logos in this fashion. #1
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I am glad Namco is actually going to attempt to do something about the cheaters. People using that stupid Dombomb garbage and other exploits are just ruining a really great game and killing other people experience. #1.1.1
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For Target to go this far to move these units, that really isn't a good sign. Still, it's a great thing for those who waited. #1.1.3
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While I did disagree with your initial post, I didn't disagree with your previous ones. I agreed with them, because I do agree that a lot of definitions as well as laws need to be redefined with the times. Also, I understand what you where trying to say in subsequent post, but your initial one didn't explain your stance well. #3.5
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If you think this sort of article is sexist, than you are severely underestimating what is truly sexist. Sexism isn't an article dealing with asses, but something that tries to force all women or/and men in one role because of their gender.

This is an article on nice asses. The sexist part, if there is one, is that their aren't any nice man asses in this list. I would easily put Snake above all of these characters, well maybe second to Bayonetta. Than you have Zangei... #3.1
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This is a solid list, but where the heck is Snake from MGS4. That ass was easily one of the best designed ones in gaming. Could crawl around for days. #1.1
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I am glad they clarified everything so people expectations can be inline with reality. Bioware can't afford another DA2 or ME3 ending. This game has to be stellar on all levels. Pretty much their reputation as a developer that delivers great AAA games is on the line. #1.1
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MilkMan Bioware has to know that people are watching them exceptionally closely after the whole Mass Effect 3 ending debacle and the DA2 situation. I think you are right to be skeptical, but lets just take a wait and see approach. I am cautiously optimistic about DA3, honestly either Bioware redeems themselves now or they doom themselves.

I think that if you look at how careful they are being with this game it is clear that they want it to be a huge success. I get the feelin... #1.1
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