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I look at Gears 4 or God of War and I am seeing games that look amazing, so why do we need to fracture the market in this way. Hell look at Zelda WiiU on a less powerful console than the Xbox One and PS4. Its not about a new console, its about developers that understand how to get the most out of the hardware.

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The problem with this is that it fractures the market. So if you want the Xbox that places all of the Xbox games you now need the Xbox Scorpio. Otherwise you are getting left behind. Microsoft exec claimed that no one would be left behind but this clear won't be the case when the exclusives roll out.

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VR at it's best lol.

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If you are just looking to view 4k content then the average consumer isn't going to buy a game console to do that. We know that is true because of how the PS3 didnt resonate with the average consumer looking for a blu-ray player. If you are a gamer and you are informed then you know its more beneficial to just upgrade your PC and play these awesome games on Windows 10. Best of all, you can do that without leaving your friends behind since its crossplay.

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If all of Sony's exclusives where coming to the PC, I wouldnt buy a PS4 Neo or PS4 either. The article asks a very valid question. Windows 10 is basically free and you can get a RX 480 for 200 to 250, which is going to be more powerful than the Xbox One S.

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Windows 10 cannibalize sales of both the Xbox Slim and Xbox Scorpio. The informed consumer purchases a console for their exclusives first and access to 3rd party games. A lot of people are going to realize its smarter to just upgrade their PC since they can get all of the exclusives that way and access to much more content.

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Awesome, I am looking forward to playing this game.

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I'll say this, they succeeded in selling me on Windows 10. Which wasn't really necessary since it was only a matter of time until I switched over as Microsoft has that market cornered. But hey, I will gladly play Gears 4 and Dead Rising on Windows 10. There isn't a reason for me to buy a Xbox One, Xbox One S, or a Xbox Scorpio since it has no true exclusives. But I am looking forward to upgrading to Windows 10... eventually.

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The biggest misleading/lie Microsoft is spreading is that no one is going to be left behind. It is up to developers if they want to develop games exclusively for the Scorpio or not. Microsoft has made this optional. If the Xbox One was a huge success than developer would continue to support it for sure. But since it wasnt a huge success, why would developers spend resources to ensure that their game works on the Xbox One as well as the Scorpio. Certainly the bigger companies, will but it wont...

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Since all the exclusive games that people are excited for on the Scorpio will also be on Windows 10, what does it even matter how powerful the Scorpio is at all. Heck, when you accept the reality that everyone with a decent PC has a Scorpio, since all the exclusives are coming to Windows 10 what is even the point of the Scorpio.

Let me add this to be clear, if I could get all of the Sony exclusives on my PC I wouldn't buy a PS4 Neo or PS4 either. My loyalty is to excell...

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Ultimately the Xbox One doesnt matter since you can get the exclusives on Windows 10 anyways. Save yourself some money and just buy a RX 480 or a 1070 for your PC. If all of Sony's exclusives where on PC I don't know why you would buy a PS4 or Neo either.

Microsoft did a fantastic job of convincing people to upgrade to Windows 10, but I don't see why you would get a Xbox One S anymore. If exclusives are what you want, well they are coming to Windows 10. I don&#...

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Nintendo isnt even trying to compete with the other 2 right now, which is probably for the best. The reality is that they are fine regardless and Zelda will be a major seller for them. It looks like they are getting ready to milk it big time too. So Nintendo is fine regardless.

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All of the censorship this game is receiving has killed my interest in it as anything other than a rental. Sad too because I was really excited for the game.

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Should they be good at games? Well maybe they dont need to be the best at them. However, they should be competent. The person in that Polygon review looked like they never played a game before, let alone a FPS. They dont need to be pro or even good, but they should be competent. A concept that seems to be lacking in the Game Journalist department on more than one level.

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If you played Mars War Log then you have an idea of what sort of game this is going to be. I really enjoyed Mars War Log personally and this looks like a much more realized version of that game.

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Censorship... I just dont really think it is necessary. If anything it discourages their target demographic from buying the game.

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They need to focus on making good games and not investing in draconian drm. The money they wasted buy into Denuvo could have been spent on making Homefront a better game.

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It will have Denuvo drm almost certainly and that is pretty much the same thing as always online.

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It is great news, hopefully this comes to PC.

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Regardless of the quality of the game, if they where going to do this then they should have done it in advance. Instead they got an extra $20 off people. If you don't feel cheated than that is wonderful and all for you. However, for everyone that does feel cheated they are 100 percent justified. It was a crummy thing to do to early adopters.

After all, if this price drops immediately when Overwatch hits or close to immediately then Gearbox had these plans in the works f...

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