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I think it all depends on how well the Nintendo Switch gets adopted and how hard Nintendo pushes it. If Nintendo is able to achieve success with the Switch, then we very well could see all of those 3rd party developers for the 3DS move over to Switch development.

I think we will start seeing games appear across the Switch and 3DS, like we see with Playstation 4 and PS Vita. The difference here is that the Switch is a portable device as well as a home console, so we could se...

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If the Nintendo Switch catches on well enough, it would not surprise me to see their mobile market migrate towards the Switch. If they did do that, then they would have all of the 3rd party support they could hope for right there.

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I love that all of these jrpgs are coming to Steam.

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All I can do is laugh when I see this stuff. At the same time, I am happy to see this sort of content exists, it moves us that much closer to the holodeck experience.

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The original Sega Genesis controller.

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Hey make it a couple thing and the girlfriend or boyfriend can be performing an adult act on you while you are in the VR world. Adult content isn't for just single people after all.

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Short of featuring children, I don't think there should be any limits to adult content.

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The problem here is that they originally stated no changes would be made to the game and they made this change. Is it a big deal? No, not really. At least as far as changes goes, however this isnt what they originally said. If the had said from the start this would be the only change, no one would have a problem with this insignificant change. There where people championing and buying this game because of the promise of no changes. Is the change understandable, absolutely. However, it is stil...

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I don't know, I could see some really cool VR content for FF15. Maybe check out the wildlife or the people in VR. I definitely could see something interesting coming from it.

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I am glad some people still have their eyes open to the truth.

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If it is an exclusive for Nintendo then they are funding it, like they did with Bayonetta 2. Instead of crying because the game isnt coming to your platform of choice, be glad you are finally getting this game.

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Sure, but that isnt hurting his books. Its hurting his ego.

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If anything this guy should be working with CDPR to figure out a way to promote his books. Of course the story in the game is different or told in a different way from the books. Thats not a bad thing, it just means people can read his books for the true telling of the story. What a moron, here he has an audience hungry for The Witcher content and all he can do is be jealous of the success of another interpretation of his work. There are no words for how childish this guy is behaving.

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It is a great situation and this is yet another game that is running in native 4k on Playstation Pro, something that people didnt think was possible. So great news all around.

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Regardless of whether its deserved or not this is a good thing for Hello Games. Personally, I don't think they truly did anything wrong. Not being able to deliver on a feature doesn't make Hello Games a bunch of lying villains. Regardless of my opinion or a bunch of other random people, this investigation will either put them in the clear or it will show they did do something wrong. If it clears them, then they are golden. If they are found to have done some wrong, than all of the peo...

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So you are saying that if you can beat a game in 2 hours its not worth 20 bucks, no matter what? So all of those indie games that you can beat in 2 hours that cost 20 bucks simply isnt worth it? I am sorry, but I disagree. If the experience is well done enough, then it can easily be worth 20 bucks.

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I didnt realize Nintendo released official specs for the NX yet. Right now its all just speculation and wild guesses, Quite frankly, I have had more than enough of that. We need some official news on this console hybrid.

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I love this game, but everything with the change of late has put me off it. So I am waiting for the 1.4 patch to drop and see if that take cares of a lot of my core issues. I spend hours playing the game and dont have any real solid drops to show for it. I dont have all day to grind for gear anymore. I need an efficient, well thought out process that lets me play the game for a hour and get me a drop or two that isnt pointless.

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The point of the PS4Pro is to play Sony exclusive games in 4k or close to 4k HDR. Unless Xbox One S now plays Sony exclusive games as well, there is nothing redundant about it.

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You do get that most folks dont have a 4k tv that is HDR capable yet. The reality is that Microsoft didnt make a big enough deal about HDR 4k right now. When the Scorpio drops it will be a huge deal for the games, but right now it isnt. Thats a problem that Sony is running into when talking about the PS4Pro right now as well.

The difference is that by putting a sticker on the box it becomes a feature that stands out enough that it needs to be reviewed. The PS4Pro is being b...

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