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Really looking forward to this, I hope it lives up to the high standards set by the other Darksiders games.

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So, I checked out Gunfire Games, the ones making Darksiders 3, and yes this team was founded by 7 core members of Vigil Games. Vigil Games is the original team that made the Darksiders games. Gunfire Games also did the remastered PS4/X1 Darksider games as well. So yes guys, we are going to get a true Darksiders 3 game here. I am so happy this is happening.

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It's so pathetic to see this spin attempt in order to cover up how much of a let down this game was for a Mass Effect game. The reality is that the game wasn't good enough and no amount of badass women is going to make up for that. Oh and those badass women are as poorly written, and animated as their male counterparts. So in that they have achieved equality, they all suck equally.

Instead of pandering to groups, how about focus on making a badass game like Horizon:...

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Shhh, the truth is going to hurt some folks way too much to hear. People need Nintendo to continue believing Nintendo is inferior. Nevermind that the 3DS is a huge success and the WiiU had some of the best games ever made. You can't be dropping them truth bombs like that.

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The WiiU never had the hype or support that the Switch has right now. Also, it does have 3rd party support, just not a lot of western 3rd party support. It was clear from the first conference Nintendo held that they are banking on Japanese 3rd party support and Indie support. Which they have, games are announced to come out in the short term. Games are released right now.

The problem with the WiiU was that Nintendo tried to get major western 3rd party support (looking at y...

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It's already selling well and it still has hype. Regardless of your opinion of the system it is successful and looks to continue that success.

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Honest and shortsighted. Also, I think people are confusing major western third party support with all third party support. The 3DS has a ton of third party support and most of it comes from Japanese and Indie developers. Apparently, Japanese and Indie developers have figured out the formula for being successful in the portable market.

Its sad, because western developers are going under one after another or being brought out by major publishers like EA all the time because ...

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Right... because Bayonetta didn't just release on Steam. Because all of the Trails in the Sky games arent on and coming to Steam. Because of all of the Trails of Cold Steel didn't just get announced for Steam. Because a ton of other Japanese games aren't coming to Steam.

The reality is that PC gaming is flourishing and Japanese games that people have wanted forever are coming to Steam by the droves.

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The Scorpio can be the most amazing machine ever, but as long as its tied down to this idea of not leaving behind the Xbox One than it is limited by that. The best we can hope for is a boost mode like the ps4 pro, but even boost mode has its fair share of issues. The Scorpio is a beast, but its a beast limited by the Xbox One. If Microsoft allows developers to make Xbox Scorpio exclusive games than that would be something, but if they do that they leave behind Xbox One users and essentially k...

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I am a 143 hours into this game and its not good enough. Its no where near as good as a Mass Effect game should be. I like the game, but that doesn't mean I am blind to the glaring issues the game has in it. You shouldn't be blind to those issues either, otherwise we will get another substandard Mass Effect game. This game was basically a cash in, 5 years of development and the single player is a cash in on the Mass Effect name. I am sorry but that is not good enough, I love the mp th...

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How dare they make an ad showing off thick girls like that. Pure rubbish I tell you lol.

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The base game for Homefront is flawed and falls into a lot of the traps of typical poorly done open world games. However, the dlc is really good. Its a shame because a lot of people will never know how good the dlc is for this game. The dlc is directed in a way that the main game should have been made. They found their voice and their style in the dlc. I can only hope we can get another Homefront game from them because the dlc is actually really good.

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This is life, this is love, this is gaming lol.

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There already is diversity in games. In fact, there always has been. Now could there be more? Sure there could be more, but we need to do that by finding people who are interested and have a passion for the industry. Not just fill some quotas.

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No, Mass Effect Andromeda has a lot of issues. Anyone saying otherwise needs to take off their blinders and this is coming from a person that loved ME3 from beginning to end. Also, I brought Andromeda despite it not being that great. Why? Because I am a huge Mass Effect fan and I really enjoyed the mp.

The difference is that I brought Andromeda knowing full well it didn't live up to my expectations. I went in with my eyes open and so did most other people. The backlas...

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How is that not hot.

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It's easy to point at Nintendo and be upset with these actions. But you all do realize that Olympic athletes don't get money for winning gold medals right? They compete because they want to and it is their dream to push themselves that far and earn that spotlight. These athletes get money from sponsorship deals. There is nothing stopping this from being true of the e sports athletes as well. I think people are far to quick to assume they should get paid for every little thing. The bot...

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I disagree that ME:A is the DA2 of the series. For one thing DA2 was rushed, it didnt have 5 years of development like ME:A. Second, while the areas you could go to was limited the characters where all good. Then you have the fact that the animations for the characters in DA2 where actually better than the characters in ME:A. Oh and the characters looked good, if nothing else. Oh and the dialogue for when you lost a significant other was actually well done. Oh and the writing was better overa...

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Cosplaying the human characters from Andromeda will be hard. As not blinking or not being emotive is a lot harder than people think. I guess you could always go with the option of blinking all the time. Or you could put a paper bag over your head and go with the whole, my character is so ugly I don't want to be seen in public thing.

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Denuvo is just another SecuRom. Developers that are actually knowledgeable understand that overly intrusive DRM only gets in the way of making a good game. They also understand that piracy isn't something that most people, even on PC, engage in. Look at Skyrim, you could pirate that game before it even officially released an yet it is the top selling PC game. The same is true of Fallout 4 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. All publishers are doing is wasting time and resources on draconia...

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