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I dont mind games as a service, provided they give me a full game first. Sea of Thieves was barebones in the beta and their 10 year plan is basically to add the rest of the base game to the initial release. In short, this game will fail. Even if this was a f2p game it wouldnt be all that popular after the initial period. If you have the Game Pass this is free for you, but for everyone else its still a full priced game. Get the game part right first, then try to sale me on the idea of more pai...

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They actually put Bayonetta on this list... thats just sad.

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I am older than your double 16, you can never go too far sexy wise. As long as we are referring to legal stuff of course, but really that should just be assumed to be so. Games, like every other medium, is an art form that allows content producers to express themselves. What needs to change is people childish outlook on what gaming is and what it can be.

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I knew they wanted to change the lame ending. No surprise. I welcome a new ending and all the improvements to make the game suck less.

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That offends me good sir or madam.

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Yeah just make a great game. I really liked what I saw so far.

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There is no issue, its not historically accurate. If Black people where present it would have been as slaves. The game is historically accurate, as much as possible. There is no issue. You just know that the people complaining about this are white. I am sorry, but us Black people have real stuff to worry about. You know, like not being shot by the cops even when we comply. Heck, white people have to worry about that too now. I just hate that this bs is going to be viewed as Black people compl...

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I have seen some of this game get played on Twitch. Its well done and funny. I dont know if I would take its advice too seriously, but I do think it is full of some helpful tips and even better the reasoning for why something would or wouldnt work is stated. So I think it can help, but you will notice the guy in the video is attractive, British, and confident. So he pretty much has a lot set in his favor already, still I think their are some useful tidbits here and as much as they have fun wi...

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Bioware is pulling out all the stops for this game. They have brought in the guy who oversaw the good Mass Effect games to lead Anthem and Bioware as the General Manager. They have the best writer from the Mass Effect games and the whole studio is dedicated to making Anthem special. I think Anthem is poised to be the masterpiece that we have all been hoping and knowing Bioware could make with the major backing of a corporation like EA behind them.

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Monster Hunter World proves that the west definitely wants that content that has been traditionally popular in Japan, but when it is done well and set on a grand stage. If anything, the success of Monster Hunter World prepared the west to be ready for Dynasty Warriors 9, after all, this is the grand daddy Muso game and we have all been enjoying the spend off Muso games like the new Fire Emblem. So the stage was set for Dynasty Warriors 9 to be huge, instead it was a huge let down. Graphics ar...

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I was done with the game after 5 minutes, its terrible.

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Kaz is becoming the Chairman of Sony. So he is getting a promotion, a pretty big one at that. Kenichiro Yoshida is getting moved up to Kaz old role. "Kazuo Hirai, currently Director, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and Chief Executive Officer, will become Director, Chairman, also effective April 1, 2018."

The article title is worded in such a way that its a bit confusing, and a little click baitish, but yeah overall this is all great news.

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So this is how people felt when they kept pushing FF13 on people.

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Of course not, most people are blind sheep and wont buy this game because its a Metal Gear game not by Kojima... Quite frankly, thats pathetic. I am probably not going to buy it because of the always online bs for sp.

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Yeah, I was looking forward to this on PC. But right now there are so many games coming out that there is plenty to hold you over. People dont remember delays, but they never let you forget if the game is broken out the gate. So take the time and get it right.

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KoA is simply amazing, I couldnt agree more.

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Most games on the Switch actually looks good. It makes you really think about this 4k craze going on right now when some of the most beautiful games we can point to our on the Switch. Certainly, you can see the limitations. But its not so bad that it would make you not want to play the game.

I am not saying 4k and better graphics is bad or anything. I am just saying, that what we are being offered right now isnt enough to make the performance the Switch outputs so bad that ...

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Always online? No, thanks. I was one of the people that was seriously going to buy the game as well. But no, I wont be supporting always online single player games. Yes, there is mp but there is also sp and I shouldnt have to be online for that. Thats how I feel. So, I will pass based on what they are doing with the game and not some misguided hate of Konami.

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It looks like he was blacklisted. Then he posted on the Internet about it and it caught like wildfire. Then all of a sudden he is being told he is no longer blacklisted. This is great news because now other actual game journalist will know how to handle being blacklisted like this in the future.

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I love that this is going to be a thing.

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