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Personally, I wouldn't mind if they crossed the line in went with full on nudity. Lets see all the characters, male and female, in all their nude glory. Thats just me though.

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I don't think you get it. There isn't going to be a Destiny 2. There plan for this game is to build out Destiny with expansions. The same way that Blizzard does with World of Warcraft. There will probably be a GOTY version sometime, but not a Destiny 2. The Destiny that was originally shipped is going to be worlds different from the Destiny a year from now. Even now they have made a bunch of smart changes.

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I would love to his the trilogy with all of the content on one disc. Instant buy for me, heck if they did it with Halo why not Mass Effect?

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Really good article, keep up the good work informing people with facts.

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The game looks cool, my only concern is how will the menus look on my large 1080ptv. Higher resolutions can benefit pixel style, it makes the pixels look really sharp. Long as the game looks good I am fine and this game seems cool.

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.2 from a 9 though, EA should have brought more ads from Ign.

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Of course it's Polygon, that site is such a click bait joke nowadays. Funny how the author makes this claim yet you guys list off all of these games that do feature Mothers in the game. Yeah the Boss is amazing too. Wouldn't it be nice if the author actually did some research, of course the author will just say that in most of the cases these aren't playable character so they don't count and they will find some way to discredit Crimson Viper. Why? Because it's all about pu...

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I think the main game will be 720p60fps for mp too. But they probably want a rock solid 60fps and I think that in this instance that is probably the correct way to go. I do hope they can pull off 1080p60fps, but I don't think an unstable frame rate is worth the sacrifice in this case. The mp needs to be butter smooth and if this is what it takes then so be it.

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I do agree with that too an extent, but I appreciate foreign games more because they don't compromise their vision to please someones lame political agenda. Clearly too many western developers aren't willing to stand up for their creative vision.

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True feminist argue for women to be sexual as well. Feminist aren't against sexuality, it's people like Anita that push their extremist agendas that are against it. Don't be fooled into thinking the nonsense that Anita is pushing is actual feminism.

Remember doing the 60s women where burning bras and walking around bare chested because they where making the statement that they had the right to expose their bodies as they saw fit. At the same time, they where figh...

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Day One purchase!

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The preorder bonus seems cool to me and I would much prefer this to being giving out advanced weapons and armor.

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I will hold my judgment until the game is out and the game is being released in parts so there is no need to make a full commitment. I think that the response, critically and financially, to RE6 versus Revelations was enough to make them rethink a lot of things. I don't see them making a full blown survival horror game, but there will definitely be a lot more of those elements mixed in with an action game.

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Microsoft has enough money to get Halo 5 out by console launch and Sony could muster up enough money to finish The Last Guardian. It's not about money, it's about taking the necessary time to polish a game and make it great. Once the game comes out no one will care about how long it took for the game to come out, so long as the game is amazing. Everyone will care if the game doesn't live up to the hype.

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I love these articles because it tells me exactly which sites to never trust again.

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Yeah I am not really a fan of this guy either and I don't like the call for objective reviews being belittle in this fashion. There actually did use to be objective reviews before reviewers started taking money from every other influencing source like it was no big deal and turning their reviews into a place for their political agendas. I didn't mind FF13, but I get why people don't like it. However, there where a lot lies told about FF13 because reviewers never bothered to comple...

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Sounds like a good way to get alcohol poisoning lol.

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They have Trip and that is basically an updated Nariko.

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That would be surprising as ND is known for recruiting people with proven talent. I am not saying she isn't talented, but she has yet to prove it from what I can tell. The AC series was someone else creation, Splinter Cell was already on it's path before she had anything to do with it and Watch Dogs was a disappointment. Is there any work that she was directly involved in as the lead director that has been a huge success?

Not to disparage her, but I only know who she...

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I agree, the reason these attacks against #GamerGate continue is because it is successful and that success increases everyday. #GamerGate is being fueled by the truth and all the shady comments by outsiders want cover up the truth. Those who have been getting away with far too much are afraid of having their affairs looked into to closely so they attempt to smear #GamerGate. All this gets is them being scrutinized and most of those against #GamerGate aren't credible.

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