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If this is like every other Microsoft exclusive it will be on PC as well. If you want the optimum Crackdown 3 experience than it would seem investing in a beefy PC would be the way to go.

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Have you not heard of Joan of Arc, Fu Hao, Trung Trac and Trung Nhi, Laskarina Bouboulina, Juana Azurduy, etc. These are all women that where warriors from ancient times. Women warriors are nothing new, it isnt revisionist history at all. You just need to broaden your knowledge base a little and you will realize that or do a quick google search.

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The smart move is always to wait. That was true of the PS4 at launch, the Xbox One, and every other console. With that said, being an early adopter has it's own pleasures as well. I loved having my PS4 at launch and I will enjoy having my Switch day 1 as well.

On another note, gaming has never been a cheap hobby and it never will be a cheap one. If the price is too much for people then they shouldn't be investing their money in a game and saving it for rent instead....

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I think you hit the nail on the head with that statement.

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More appealing than the ps4 games, maybe not. But Zelda can hold it's own against those titles. It's a highly anticipated game, that will probably be amazing, so it was a smart move on Nintendo's part to have it at launch. However, if you own a ps4, you are hardly going to be hurting for games to play right now that are exclusive to the console. Still, I am sure many ps4 owners will be picking up Switch consoles as well, so they don't have to choose one over the other. They ca...

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The difference between Nintendo and Sega is that Sega was barely holding on. Nintendo is rolling in cash. Just because they aren't following the current trend in the market doesn't mean they are desperate and about to go under.

Also, Steve Jobs said that when a company is exceptionally profitable they should take risk and buck the current trend. Remember that this little thing called the ipod was a device that didn't follow the current trends at all. People said...

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This is actually using the combat system from memories of celceta. I am playing it right now, actually I am close to beating it. So, I immediately recognized the combat system. Its a great game, if you have a Vita or Vita tv its worth checking out.

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Maybe, but it's clear Nintendo is actively advertising the Switch. That is definitely working to their advantage, something that didn't really happen with the WiiU.

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That is true of so many games that it is sad.

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That statement is a bit to enthusiastic. The Vita isn't dead, you are correct in that. But that statement is more true for Japan than anywhere else. Don't get me wrong, I love my Vita, I am playing Ys: Memories of Celceta on it right now. However, the reality is that in the West the Vita isn't a successful platform. The reason being a simple one, Westerners are more geared towards home consoles and PCs.

All of these Vita games we are seeing coming to the West ar...

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it's pretty telling how they play up the mobile aspect in Japan. It's a good thing though.

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I don't know, it seems a little disrespectful to me. But how is this different from praying that any other materialistic object is successful and/or that you receive one. Maybe it was a kid, maybe it was an adult. Plenty of people argue that praying in general is weird and pointless. I don't know because I don't know this person. So I won't judge them harshly. Plenty of folks was praying to god, in churches, that X NFL team won in the Super Bowl. Folks didn't consider that...

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Why don't Microsoft or Sony switch to being a 3rd party developer? Such a stupid question considering Nintendo is constantly rolling money from one idea to another. A few "failures" on hardware doesn't change how strong Nintendo is going financially.

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People doing that are going to find out the hard way they are only going to get like a $150 extra for the console.

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Playing a pirated version of a game that has a heavy online focus means little to nothing. All people playing that copy is doing is getting a demo of the core elements of the game. If anything, it will serve to get people to buy the game. Since the real draw of these survival games is to play with and against other people.

Honestly, considering this reality the game should not have implemented denuvo in the first place. All the publisher did was waste a bunch of money that...

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That's just it, we don't know and that's Nintendo's fault for not releasing specs. But I highly doubt Platinum would be will to sacrifice the quality of their game for the sake of them being on the Switch.

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I think its more telling that Platinum Games actually would be up to do it then anything else. That shows this isn't a WiiU situation where the console was so weak compared to the competitors that this sort of thing would be out of the question. I can only imagine how great Nier Automata would look running on handheld mode. My goodness Nier on the go, yes please.

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Because Platinum Games would lower the standards for their game just to put them on Switch. Switch isnt as weak as people think and these developers that actually know the hardware specs for the Switch keep saying they can't believe it is only $299 considering whats inside it http://nintendoeverything.c... . Obviously its not on the le...

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I got rid of my ps4 early on for a graphics card and I have never regretted it once. Mind you, I will get the ps4 pro much later on but I can wait until later for that.

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Thats just it, the Japanese support is going to be amazing and its region free to boot. But notice how every Japanese developer comments on HD Rumble as being this great innovation. Its like everything Nintendo showed at their press conference spoke to these Japanese developers and they completely got it. I am really looking forward to how the Switch develops.

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