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I put over 30 hours into this Alpha. I can't think of the last fps game that I put that much time in, in recent memory. This is what Defiance, Halo 4, and Borderlands 2 should have been. I like all of the games that I just mentioned and I am glad to see that Destiny takes the best elements of those games and just makes a great game.

I reached lvl 8, max level for the Alpha, very fast but I continued to play to get better gear and because the game is fun. Over 30 hours in... #1.1
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Like Dumahim said, because someone asked her for a comment on this topic. You don't like her, well that's fine but she does have celebrity status and unlike a lot of celebrities she actually knows what she is talking about. A quick read of the article reveals that fact. She is relevant to the conversation because she has worked hard enough to obtain the status to be relevant. I am just happy that she didn't go off on some stupid tangents. Clearly she gets it or is smart enough to... #3.3
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If you bothered to read the article you would know that Aisha Tyler says pretty much the same thing that you just stated in a less annoying matter. But instead of reading the article you choose to past judgement based on what you think she would say. #3.2
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Aisha Tyler says almost the same thing that you said right here. The article is worth a read, as it shows that Aisha Tyler really does get it and isn't about blaming others for the lack of diversity in the industry or pretending like the industry hasn't made a great many strides. #1.2
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So long as Booth Babes are treated with respect by everyone there than their isn't a problem. The problem comes in when someone thinks that they can treat them like shit because they are in a low cut outfit.

Using beautiful women and men to sell or show products isn't bad or good, it's just a part of how our society works. When you get people stepping in acting like they need to stand up for a grown woman than you get these ridiculous situations where Booth Babes... #1.1.3
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Okay so if that is Link, maybe you can pick to be a male or female Link. That would be a cool option. I still think that this Link is female, I am sure they will confirm one way or the other eventually. #1.1
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I do think the character is a girl. Not every girl has super huge boobs or anything like that, plus if you look at the angles they show the character you can't quite make out the chest size. The moment I saw the character I thought the character was a girl and not in the effeminate male sort of a way. #1.1.1
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Yeah I really think it is a female too. I know the difference between an effeminate looking character and a woman. That character looks like a woman. #1.2.1
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I am really glad the fans did what Square Enix refused to do, but it is completely disgusting that Square Enix just didn't translate the game themselves. Japanese companies need to be smarter about how they market and sell their games in the West, because simply not bringing a game to the West for fear of poor sales is just stupid. Poor sales is better than no sales and selling a game isn't always the highest priority. Getting exposure for the game in the West can help grow the franch... #1.1.1
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Well this just means that the big name games coming out in 2014 have a lot of room to shine. I am hopeful that Bioware delivers on Dragon Age 3. They really don't have any competition right now so this is the time for them to shine. #1.1.1
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I read that article talking about how the NOE president is different from other Nintendo presidents, but it seems it really is true. This is hilarious and brilliant. #1.1
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Unless this dlc adds checkpoints and a decent camera angle to the final part I will pass on this dlc. I really can't believe they did that to the very end of the game. An otherwise great game ruined by a really stupid decision. #1.2
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An advantage implies that one party has an edge that the competing group does not. However, Sony has their own Cloud solution and so far it would appear that Sony is doing more with the Cloud than Microsoft. I am referring to Playstation Now. Microsoft and Microsoft supporters need to stop hyping magically things that mean nothing and start talking more about the games. #1.1.3
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This is very good to hear. I am glad to know there are developers, particularly indie developers like myself, saying that games can sell well on the WiiU. You have to be smart about it, but clearly there is an audience on the WiiU that wants to buy games. #1.1
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Wow I just posted this too, didn't realize you have posted it. Either way, this would be so awesome if true. #1.3.3
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I would love for this to be true. Loved Reading Rainbow as a kid. Sweet childhood memories.

Butterfly in the sky
I can go twice as high
Take a look
It's in a book
A Reading Rainbow

I can go anywhere
Friends to know
And ways to grow
A Reading Rainbow

I can be anything
Take a look
It's in a book
A Reading Rainbow
A Reading Rainbow #1.1.1
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I put well over a 1000 hours in Demons Souls, well over 400 hours into Dark Souls 1, and around 300 hours into Dark Souls 2. I have beaten Demons souls and dark souls at lvl 1 with a pure melee build. With that said, I agree with this review score. I brought the game and I found it to be riddled with artificial difficulty and just cheap gimmicks. When the game is good it is simply amazing, but far too often the game is cheap. The Belltower boss is the perfect example of that. I do love Dark S... #1.4
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The only thing wrong with the Xbox One, after all the of the revisions, was the price tag. A Xbox One at $399 with Kinect was a good value proposition. Without Kinect, then the question is why wouldn't you just buy the more powerful console for the same price? On top of that, Microsoft has constantly said that the Xbox One was designed around the Kinect. Now all of a sudden, we get the Kinectless Xbox One at $399.

The problem with this is that the original concept for the... #1.1.1
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I am all for comparisons, but come on this is the PS4 vs X360. Of course the PS4 version looks radically better, I would be shocked and disgusted if it didn't. This is coming from a X360 and PS4 owner. This comparison isn't even valid. #1.1.3
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Microsoft needs momentum in order to win against Sony. Hell they need momentum just to catch up to Sony. Now the difference between the 2 console will come down to games and the fact that one console is more powerful than the other.

At $399 the PS4 is still the most powerful console on the market and Sony has a heck of a lot more 1st Party Studios than Microsoft. Most of the hottest upcoming titles are coming from Sony's camp.

The price point was only one... #1.1
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