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When the article said Current Gen Only, I was thinking wow that sucks only on PS3 and 360. I really need to get use to thinking that Current Gen is the PS4 and Xbox One already.

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This is my reason for buying a WiiU.

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I am the same, it took me over a 100 hour to beat Dark Souls 2 and thats like a 20 hour game.

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Hey now, Old Snake from MGS4 had ass for days. So many wonderful crawling scenes. The wonders of muscle suit technology.

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I was hyped for this game before I started reading about the censorship. Quite frankly it's pointless because the same people that would have complained before the censorship will still complain after the censorship. All they succeeded in doing is depriving customers of the original experience.

I did want to buy the game on release to support the developer, but I am not willing to support censorship. Shame because the game looked interesting and harmless. Seriously, peopl...

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Oh good I hope they hire a talented writer this time because the humor in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel was terrible. The Tales of the Borderland was infinitely more funny than anything that Andy guy wrote.

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Microsoft did make a lot of claims that without the 24 hour check in and Always online it would be impossible to do this sort of thing. Then shortly after they made that claim, Sony implemented what they said was impossible without Microsoft restrictive sounding policies. After that Microsoft said they would reevaluate if it was possible and implement similar features later on.

In short, Microsoft got caught in their lie and Sony came out looking like the hero because of Mic...

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What surprises me is that Microsoft wasn't the first one to market with this sort of technology considering the emphasize Microsoft put on the Cloud. I have to say I was against Cloud game and while I am still skeptical, I really enjoy PS Now. The service is simply amazing technology. PS Now does make me wish Microsoft would have found a better way to introduce their old policies without them seeming like it was all restrictive limitations. If they would have took Sony's approach and...

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At first I felt like PS Now subscription deal was just bad, but the more I think about it the more I like it. The reason for that is because you have instant access to over a hundred games.

I have been with Gamefly for over 2 years now and I love that service. But the truth is that while I have access to hundreds of games, it isn't instant. I have to wait days, if not a little over a week sometimes to get a new game. Whereas with this subscription plan I can instantly acc...

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This is hardly killer savings, you only end up saving like $10. So thats not really a killer deal.

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Right now I have no interest in getting a WiiU, but if Nintendo dropped the price down to $150 from $250 I would buy one in a heart beat. People aren't arguing about the price drop being a smart move and obviously it is the correct move in order to move consoles. What people are arguing is the significant level of the loss because of this move.

The WiiU is the perfect example, for the longest time Nintendo refused to drop the price of the console from $300, why? Because a...

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Thats the exact message they needs to be afraid of sending. Right now, they needed to do something not to lose the Holiday season. Sony's answer to this was an event that displayed why the ps4 is worth $400. Microsoft needs to figure out a way to make people feel like the Xbox One is a steal at $350 with games.

If people start feeling like that $350 with games for the Xbox One is reasonable then they are going to be losing profits for a long time. If anyone can swallow th...

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If they don't make the price of the Xbox One permanently $350 they will see a backlash. In the form of consumers not buying the consoles anywhere near as much because they think a price cut or really good bundle is just around the corner.

The real test will be if, and when, they raise the price of the Xbox One back to $400 after the Holiday season is over. Honestly, I don't think its a good idea for them to do that and I believe Phil Spencer is going to use this boos...

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It won't be permanent, but I can see this group causing the network to go down for a few days. Which is really messed up. I just hope Microsoft doesn't rattle these people cages by saying anything, because these guys clearly want to be challenged.

These guys may think they are cool for this sort of threat, but in this day and age these sorts of threats can be seen as cyber terrorism. Only a matter of time before someone gets made an example of by the government.

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The WiiU and Nintendo is interesting in general because there products doesn't really fall in value. Mario and Zelda titles from last generation held on to their $50 price tag long after popular games on Sony and Microsoft platform dropped in price. The reason for that is how high quality and well polished the games where when released.

Thats a lesson that many game developers, looking at Ubisoft with AC:Unity and the Drive Club developers, could take a lesson from. This...

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Personally, I wouldn't mind if they crossed the line in went with full on nudity. Lets see all the characters, male and female, in all their nude glory. Thats just me though.

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I don't think you get it. There isn't going to be a Destiny 2. There plan for this game is to build out Destiny with expansions. The same way that Blizzard does with World of Warcraft. There will probably be a GOTY version sometime, but not a Destiny 2. The Destiny that was originally shipped is going to be worlds different from the Destiny a year from now. Even now they have made a bunch of smart changes.

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I would love to his the trilogy with all of the content on one disc. Instant buy for me, heck if they did it with Halo why not Mass Effect?

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Really good article, keep up the good work informing people with facts.

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The game looks cool, my only concern is how will the menus look on my large 1080ptv. Higher resolutions can benefit pixel style, it makes the pixels look really sharp. Long as the game looks good I am fine and this game seems cool.

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