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And I thought I couldnt get more excited for this game.

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I am really happy to see this because I brought my Switch day 1, so hopefully this translates into more 3rd party support.

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Best article of today.

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Lets not throw around random allegations. Let's wait for more information to come forward. This is obviously only the start.

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What makes it sexist? She isn't being forced to do something she doesn't believe in? She is getting paid well and she is representing a product that appeals to millions of people world wide. So again, what makes it sexist? Does her being in a bikini make it sexist? Instead of throwing around a word like sexist, properly explain why this is sexist. Something tells me if you did that you would sound even more foolish than you already do.

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I completely agree with you.

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I really enjoyed FF13 personally. A lot of people I knew felt the same way. Yes, FF13 is a heavily linear game, but I dont know when people started feeling like that was an issue for a jrpg. Nowadays we have all of these open world experiences and most of them dont really hold up. You can point to a few stellar examples like the Witcher 3. But there are so many open world games that are just go here and do X, over and over again. X is literally the same thing you have done before with no dive...

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Seriously, with what he is trying to do he wont be done with BG&E2 anytime soon. I doubt the tech even exist to fully realize his vision and I don't see his game even being on the PS4/Xbox One generation of consoles. I hope he can pull it off though.

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P5 is an amazing game. I love it. However, it holds your damn hand way too much. You don't have close to true freedom until about 10 hours into the game. Mind you, its done in such a way that it doesn't feel that restricted but in reality you are really limited. P5 simply holds the player's hand for far too long. It's an amazing game, with an amazing story. But man I really wish it wasnt so restricted.

Mind you, P4 restricted the player for the first 2 hour...

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To be fair, it probably was better than Crackdown in it's current form. But considering Microsoft delayed Crackdown because they didnt feel it was good enough to release that doesnt say much for Agent of Mayhem.

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Now here is a question, how much did the Denuvo drm help them in making sales? None. In fact, it ended up being a limitation for them. Here is this single player only game, but you need to be online to play it. They would have been infinitely better off leaving out Denuvo and making the game as mod friendly as possible.

Even without Denuvo the game would have been a hard sale. Which is a shame because the game is fun enough. Honestly, they should have used the Saints Row br...

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I do understand where you are coming from. At this point though, people are either so down for the Destiny "experience" that they blindly defend the game or they chose not to play Destiny.

I am in the latter category myself. Even if there are these glaring issues, I just don't see them getting fixed any time soon. Apparently, the majority of people who are all about Destiny don't feel the need for the game to change much. Maybe they will fix this and maybe...

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Thats really a shame. I get they wanted to do something new and I don't dislike Agents of Mayhem. But they should have done another Saints Row game first. Or they should have put Saints Row in the title of Agents of Mayhem. That would have ensured sales for the game was much better. I hope the core team stays in place and these talented developers can make the next Saints Row. They are a great team.

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It does, but it looks better than that trailer. I think the point of this video is to say, yeah we get it. We know the facial animations in that trailer wasnt great and that we are still working on it. It looked robotic, but it didnt look anywhere near as dead and plastic as the previous trailer. So the game is still coming along. As long as they fix it before it releases than thats fine.

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The point of the Switch version is playing Doom on the go. You know, a huge feature that the other versions can't do. Obviously, if you just want to straight up play Doom on your big screen tv you arent buying the Switch version. I find it funny that people are even implying that you would simply buy the Switch version for docked mode.

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Yeah this is horrible. Let's fire correct this issue by firing all of these women and putting them out of the work. Obviously, we strong men need to come to the rescue of these confused, helpless women. It couldn't possible be that these damsels in distress take pride in their jobs and understand what they are doing. No, these poor mindless women need to be rescued by us by strong men.

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They probably want to get as much performance out of the Switch as possible. I am shocked the game is even on the Switch. Honestly, I would only play this on Switch to play it in handheld mode so it really isnt a problem for me. If you want the full graphical experience with 60fps than obviously you want to buy Doom on the PS4/XB1/PC.

The Switch version is compelling, because you have Doom on the go. Thats something that the other platforms can't say and why Doom on Swi...

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If you need to ask a question like that, then why did you buy it in the first place? You don't have to buy something because its popular. It's okay to wait or not buy that product at all. If you are buying the console only for traditional Nintendo games, then you either wait until enough of them are on the console to buy it or you play the one Nintendo game that is out and then wait for more to come out.

I love my Switch, but I never tell people to buy one. I always...

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I wouldnt put no cross-network on the same level as what Microsoft pulled. But I will agree that it is a company decision meant to benefit Sony as oppose to the gamers. At the same rate, that is the nature of exclusive content right.

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The problem wasn't that he was a dick, although that is certainly true from the way he put himself out there. The problem was with the game itself. First off, the game should have been free to play. I am sorry, but Blizzard's Overwatch not only beat them to the punch, but that game is superior to Lawbreakers.

The world and the characters had been in development for years prior to the development of Lawbreakers and they transitioned that into a hero shooter. So, fro...

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