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If they release PSO2 on this thing for the West, I will buy it. It can be my PSO2 machine.

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Right... because its okay for Kojima to screw over David Hayter, but its not okay for Konami to fire the beloved Kojima. A man works 10 plus years as a voice actor, putting up with repeated insult after insult by Kojima, and he doesnt even get a damn call notifying him they are going with another actor. That's just business of course, Kojima simply has every right to go with a different voice actor... But Konami doesnt have the right to fire Kojima...

I am sorry, but it...

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Don't bother trying to change the minds of blind fools that think Kojima gives a damn about them as people or MGS fans. These folks have on their blinders and are more than content to hate the game before giving it a real try. F* Konami and all that other sheep mentality stuff idiots say.

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Exactly right. Besides, several of the best selling games only have one thin layer of drm and was cracked before the game even released. I am talking about Skyrim and Fallout 4. Oh and the Witcher 3 is one of the top selling games and it has no drm if you buy it on GoG.

Instead of wasting time, money, and resources on drm that just makes the game run worse, invest in making the game more appealing to consumers. Its like Publishers look at games like Skyrim, Fallout 4, and T...

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The problem isnt that EA imposes restrictions on freedom, its the exact opposite. EA gives too much freedom. Which sounds like it would be a good thing, but too much freedom can be a bad thing. By imposing a structure it tells people what they can and can't do. So they dont waste time trying to do grandiose things that are far beyond the scope of their talent.

EA collects these amazing companies and then just lets them do whatever. Because for EA they where after the es...

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We all knew that Twitch would play favoritism like this anyways. If you are going to have rules like this, then enforce them evenly across the board.

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You do know real women are into these games as well. Stop trying to measure society and people on a whole by your incredibly limited and ignorant view of the world.

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Because we have a bunch of Nazi here that play moral police. So we adults arent allowed to enjoy this type of entertainment because it might corrupt us. Meanwhile, look at all the other stuff going on in the US.

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Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash and The Witcher 3 are not adult games. Such a silly list.

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Not good, the reason I was so hyped for Anthem was because he was one of the lead writers. This is just not a good sign.

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Mod support will end of being the driving force for this game sale's.

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Sure they pushed graphics, but they released complete games. Thats the point Lucky is making. This isnt just add ons, they are literally changing the story. If I didnt see this coming a mile away I would feel cheated had I brought the game initially. This isnt just dlc for additional story, they are literally completing the game in these dlc packs.

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True, I will say that nothing in FF15 compares to that original trailer they released for Versus 13. Square Enix got so afraid of the negative backlash for FF13 that they completely changed everything for FF15. Which would not have been so bad if they started fresh, but they didnt and you can tell from the later parts of FF15 that the game suffers greatly because of it.

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I dont mind games as a service, provided they give me a full game first. Sea of Thieves was barebones in the beta and their 10 year plan is basically to add the rest of the base game to the initial release. In short, this game will fail. Even if this was a f2p game it wouldnt be all that popular after the initial period. If you have the Game Pass this is free for you, but for everyone else its still a full priced game. Get the game part right first, then try to sale me on the idea of more pai...

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They actually put Bayonetta on this list... thats just sad.

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I am older than your double 16, you can never go too far sexy wise. As long as we are referring to legal stuff of course, but really that should just be assumed to be so. Games, like every other medium, is an art form that allows content producers to express themselves. What needs to change is people childish outlook on what gaming is and what it can be.

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I knew they wanted to change the lame ending. No surprise. I welcome a new ending and all the improvements to make the game suck less.

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That offends me good sir or madam.

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Yeah just make a great game. I really liked what I saw so far.

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There is no issue, its not historically accurate. If Black people where present it would have been as slaves. The game is historically accurate, as much as possible. There is no issue. You just know that the people complaining about this are white. I am sorry, but us Black people have real stuff to worry about. You know, like not being shot by the cops even when we comply. Heck, white people have to worry about that too now. I just hate that this bs is going to be viewed as Black people compl...

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