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So if they dont fix their game they are bad guys, but if they do fix their game its broken and they didnt do a good job. No pleasing people like you. People that probably played the game for 40+ hours and got a refund.

I am glad they are continuing to work on the game and I believe a year out this game will live up to what they promised. It's sad that the game wasnt what it should have been a launch and its good that people who are really upset managed to get refunds. ...

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Right. The sad thing is you have these people behaving like this stuff is worse than the real violence. All it does is devalue real world events. Then you have this ridiculous notion that people are encouraged to commit real violence, sexual, physical, or both from digital content is nothing short of heinous. This is just the outdated argument that music, comics, and movies as well as other forms media lead to actual violence in the real world. It's sad to see that no matter how much thin...

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In Japan it may end up being an exclusive because Microsoft just doesnt have a foothold there. However, in the West it will be on the Microsoft console and PS4. I am more curious if Kingdom Hearts 3 will come to PC with this new Xbox One and Windows 10 initiative that Microsoft is doing. Then there is the possibility of the NX, albeit a small one with all of the unknowns.

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I like No Man's Sky, but I didnt buy it because I waited to hear reviews and see what people I trust have to say about it. I don't agree that the game is bad, but I do think that it isn't worth $60 and there are missing features for sure.

I did my job as a consumer and didn't throw $60 around like it was nothing or buy a product with overly high expectations. It's called being informed. If you aren't informed as a consumer you have no one to blame b...

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All the in game man butt is just a male power fantasy.

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I am playing this with mods and its like a different game and right now the mods aren't that in depth. I know how strongly people feel about this game. But if you look at the game for what it is, it's a solid game with some really impressive tech.

Mods will transform this game. Just a few of the mods I am playing with have greatly increase the quality of my experience.

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I absolutely agree with you. The people out for a witch hunt need to seriously calm down and stop trying to make this guy into a villain. Gamers need to remember to be an informed consumer first when purchasing a product.

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What can I say? I like big butts and I cannot lie.

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Mommy, mommy, the mean man lied to me!!!!! Whatever, I am I going to do mommy? I trusted the mean man blindly mommy and he lied to me. Boo ho, mommy the mean man lied.

That is how all of you idiots sound saying that. No Man's Sky was a game with a ton of hype and very little information. If you arent a complete idiot you wait until after the game is out to see what features are actually in it or not. Features get cut, some features dont make it into the game, downgrades...

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The ending wasnt that terrible to begin with. It wasnt what we wanted, people I dont inherently hate the ending.Either one of them.

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Star Citizen is a game that will not be out anytime soon with a budget of over a 120 million dollars as well as being support by over 3 studios in multiple countries. I damn well hope it does more than an indie game developed by 5 people originally and pushed to 14 people over time.

These comparisons to Star Citizen are nothing less than ridiculous. Its like comparing GTA5 to No Man's Sky. People really do need to come off of it because it just makes them look silly. O...

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Games are worth whatever people are willing to pay for them. From the start people knew how much No Man's Sky would cost, so if there was an issue with the price they should have waited for reviews or watched videos of the game. Assuming they did that, then they can decide for themselves if this was a game they want and/or this game was worth the price of admission for them.

For me, No Man's Sky wasnt worth it, so I didnt buy the game. At the same time I spent $100 ...

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Well its a spin off. Would you really want them touching proper Metal Gear Solid before they proved they even understand what fans want. Too be honest, this doesnt look bad. It looks interesting, so I am willing to try it out for sure.

I just hope people give it a fair chance and not automatically hate on it because Kojima isnt making it. Lets see what these folks can do and what better place to see that then in a spin off. No matter what happens in this game, it isnt MGS ...

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I like what he said and it actually makes me more interested in the final product. Before I had the feeling the game would be sort of bad, but now I am pleased with this development. If they are taking things this seriously than this really could be a game to remember. People will forgive a delay, they wont forgive a game that is riddle with technical issues. Look at the fallout over No Man's Sky. If they had delayed the game another month and fixed these problems people would be singing ...

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The problem with what you wrote here is that it assumes if the games where all DRM free no one would buy them or a large contingent of their audience wouldnt buy them. However, that simply isnt the case. The Witcher 3 is DRM free and it is one of the best selling games on PC. Fallout 4 isnt using Denuvo and is cracked, yet it remains to be one of the best selling games on PC.

The downside to pirating a game is that you are locked out of things like online and achievements. ...

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Some of the most memoriable games I can think of are on the WiiU. It would be nice if they had third party support for those that ignore other consoles for some reason. However, I will just gladly settle for a powerful console that lets 1st and 2nd party games shine. I love Xenoblade Chronicles X, but the whole time I kept seeing how all of the technical limitations clearly stopped Monolith from pushing the limits. I want to see what Nintendo does with a truly powerful current gen system. Doe...

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What this really did was reminded hackers how much praise and status they get from taking down places like Denuvo. Vorksi was given god like status for just a bypass, which admittedly took a lot of skill. I am sure Vorksi and others knew this would be patched and they where expecting it. The question is, what did Denuvo team reveal in order to patch this game? If they revealed something valuable, which is almost certain they did, then it could spell the end of their dominant status.

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I loved buying upgrades for my weapons in the RE games. Stuff like that made a sort of RE sense.

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We dont, but we know when about its releasing. So people can start factoring that into their budget and its only going to take one press conference to give us the rest of the details.

Apparently, Nintendo thinks they have an idea that Sony and Microsoft might try to copy and if you look at the past it isnt out of the question to think this is true.

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I played a little of this game, its actually not terrible.

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