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Denuvo is just another SecuRom. Developers that are actually knowledgeable understand that overly intrusive DRM only gets in the way of making a good game. They also understand that piracy isn't something that most people, even on PC, engage in. Look at Skyrim, you could pirate that game before it even officially released an yet it is the top selling PC game. The same is true of Fallout 4 and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. All publishers are doing is wasting time and resources on draconia...

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You overpaid for this game. At best its worth $30 for the mp.

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In short, no pleasing anyone. They practically ruin the game with this crap story and poorly written characters to pander to the SJW community and low and behold it didn't pay off. Why? Because people want a good game before anything else. Hopefully this slap in the face wakes them up and they make the sequel decent.

Yes it is sad that gay scenes aren't as meaningful and well done as the straight ones. But this is yet one more thing the game did wrong.

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The good thing is that early can do that for $5 or free if they already have Origin Access. If a person doesn't have it they should seriously get it before wasting money on ME:A. 10 hours is more than enough to show off how much of a disappointment the game is now.

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Dragon Age 2 was limited, but it was still good. It had good writing, good characters, and the animations didnt look like shit. Oh and when the main character suffered that early tragedy, he or she (depending on who you made) didn't walk around making dumb ass jokes every time they discussed it. They had emotions that showed pain. DA2 had a lot of issues, but the core of a good game was there. All ME:A has is combat, which is fine for the mp but not okay for anything else.

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Unless Microsoft says these games dont need to run on the Xbox One and can just be exclusive to the Scorpio devs can't full use the power of the Scorpio. Its the same thing with the PS4 Pro, unless Sony and Microsoft give the go ahead to make exclusive games for their new console the older consoles are going to hold the system back.

Otherwise, Scorpio is a new generation of console.

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Within the first 30 minutes of Legend of Heroes you are thrown in a compelling situation, with compelling characters. After 8 hours of the sp for Mass Effect Andromeda none of the characters are compelling outside of Alec Ryder, who SPOILER ALERT isnt around after the first 15 minutes of the game. From beginning to the end of the early access preview Mass Effect Andromeda is a let down and this is coming from a person that like Mass Effect 3 in its original state from beginning to end.

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The problem is that the characters look terrible in general. None of the characters are really sexy (I am including the men in that statement) and then you have these characters that have hair styles that would never fly. I get this is primarily a civilian ran operation, but why is the security guy hair that crazy. Why are so many people walking around with dyed hair like they are a "gamer girl" or something. It's weird and it doesn't fit. It reeks of listening to a bunch of...

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Tell that to the guy that made Minecraft and the people behind Stardew Valley. What Nintendo needs is steady quality content. Not shitty triple A titles dumb down for the Switch. Also, a lot of big name people are leaving and have left triple A companies to form their own small indie studios. Indie no longer means insignificant.

Sure Nintendo needs support from major third party developers. That is they need support from major Japanese third party developers, the ones that...

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I love Yoko Taro. The guy is just straight up honest.

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Damn straight.

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Hey, lets not blame the cosplayers. Lets blame these idiots that complain without understanding or caring about the issues.

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No he is probably a straight (most likely white male) defending women that don't need or want him to defend them. He probably thinks that writing these articles is going to get some of these women to look his way, but they actually have standards and just want to have fun. So that isn't likely to happen.

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No one because both parties want attention and know what they are doing. You of course have to be respectful about it all but that is just life.

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The thing is most cosplayers want people to pay attention and take pictures. Yes, you need to be respectful but that is simply being a decent human being. These cosplayers (male and female) don't go through all of the trouble of getting dressed up in these outfits to be ignored.

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Right, what really needs to happen is a constant ramp up of sales. Switch has been doing well so far, but its the coming weeks that will determine a lot. Also, Zelda has been doing well in Japan and usually Zelda isnt a game that normally resonates so well in Japan. So good signs so far.

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That is built into the console and that is stupid. All they are doing is making it so people dont buy the Nintendo copy of the game.

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If they simply added an attachment that either had a second screen that output 1080p just to the retina display then it wouldnt be an issue. On top of that, I haven't seen 720p in VR so that resolution might be fine. If not, its still possible to work around this issue, but the device the console plugged into would need its own processor to boost the console power. I think frame rate would be more of an issue than resolution.

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That is what it means to be an early adopter. Sony and Microsoft services expanded on there respective consoles as well. What matters right now is that Nintendo needs to pump out games so that people feel good about their purchases. Zelda can only hold people over for so long and it looks like Nintendo is doing that.

It's always smart to wait for a console to be out for a while before you buy it, but at the same rate a console's success depends heavily on initial sa...

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I'll say it again here, look at Bethesda and see how they aren't putting Denuvo on Skyrim and Fallout 4. Rather than focus on Denuvo the developers and publishers should have giving people a more compelling reason to buy the game. Like mod support or something.

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