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Nintendo just needs to make their console into a purchase that a great deal of gamers, beyond the Nintendo loyalist. actually want by having a powerful console and a variety of amazing games. They dont need to turn it into the primary console, just make it must have console. In order to do that they need exclusives being delivered in a timely manner and a console that isnt generations behind what is currently on the market despite them saying there console is current gen. Because no matter wh...

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When you are only paying a extra a $39 there is no reason not to buy the 8gb card.

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Your example fails to take into account that you still need to buy Sony exclusive hardware in order to have access to those games. Despite what you may think, PC is a completely different platform than Xbox no matter how much Microsoft tries to act like it is the same platform. Just because they have Walled off the Windows 10 store. If Sony put their games on PC and PS4, PS3 then no you wouldnt need to buy their consoles. Because there games would no longer be exclusive to their hardware. ...

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Its not about boycotting them or anything. Its about realizing you are better off not buying a Xbox One if your PC has Windows 10 and DirectX 12 capable graphics card. Again, its not a case of people hating Microsoft its a case of people being smart with how they spend there money.

I don't give Sony or Nintendo money for a console because I like Sony and Nintendo on a personal level. They are a company, I pay them for there product. If I can access there exclusives from...

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Every word you have wrote here is pure truth. It's amazing how much in denial people are over this move by Microsoft. Let me say this, I dont own a Xbox One and I am thrilled with this new move because now I dont need to own a Xbox One to play xbox exclusive games. It's great because I definitely want to play Gears, Halo 6, and Scalebound. So much so I was considering buying a Xbox One if it was cheap enough. No need to do that now, I will just play them on my PC.


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Yeah they said that previously when this initially was announced.

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Some of the podcast that talked about this experience they had at E3 said they actually did have things akin to face condoms, so yeah they did have protection for it. Otherwise this whole thing would be one big pink eye simulator with some porn mixed in.

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A lot of the Nvidia cards can beat the RX 480 in terms of performance. That isnt the question, the question is does the 1060 beat the RX 480 in terms of performance to price. So how much is this card going to cost and is it worth it for the end user to give up 2 extra gbs? The biggest flaw in this card is that it is a 3gb/6gb card at a time when having a 8gb card is really the way to go.

GTA5 exceeds 4gb when you max everything out at just 1080p resolution. So really what w...

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You understand that the 1060 is just a 3gb or 6gb card. That is a huge drawback when so many of these games are exceeding 4gb when factoring in maximum settings for graphics card memory. Plus, its not just about being better than the 480, a lot of these tests show that the 970 is on par and the 980 exceeds it. Price, directx12 support, and the latest architecture support is a huge deal as well. for $239 you can get a RX 480 8gb card, that is huge. For $39 more you get an additional 4gb. I don...

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Exactly, I want the content the developers put out in its original form. It's like people behave as if these developers set out to make child porn or some damn nonsense. There is nothing wrong with the content in its original form and we all need to send a strong message as the actual consumers that this is what we want.

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I think a lot of companies are starting to realize that the folks who print that stuff wouldn't buy there games no matter what and catering to those people are just pissing off their actual consumers. It was only a matter of time before they realized this with all of these morons crying wolf so much.

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I love this game. It does have some performance issue, but other than that and somewhat janky combat the game is great. You can tell it was made by a small team but at the same time you can also tell how much love and time was put into this game. I brought it for $40 on PC and I dont regret it at all.

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Well supposedly Windows 10/Direct X12 is suppose to release architecture that allows any two cards of similar type to work together and have the game just use that power like it would one card. If this ends up happening it will be huge for AMD.

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No because you still need a PS4 or some kind to access Sony exclusive content. What Microsoft has done is essentially say you dont need a Xbox One or any kind to play Xbox exclusives going forward. That is the danger of what Microsoft has done. If Sony said all there exclusives are on PC then they would be in the same situation as well.

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No, he will just blame the failure on someone else.

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Nintendo is rolling in Amiibo and Pokemon money. They are fine financially and can easily survive a few disaster consoles. Plus, the Wii was a huge success for them in the console market. Their problem was relying on that success rather than moving forward.

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I actually beat this game and tried the online for a bit. It was terrible. The game itself was the biggest slap in the face to consumers.

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More of what? A game that has been so heavily censored that it killed its original style. I was really looking forward to this game until i saw all of the censoring the game went through. Quite frankly, its insulting.

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As someone that plays PC games primarily I am pleased with this move on Microsoft's part, it saves me money that I might have invested in a Xbox One S or Scorpio. Now I can just play Gears 4 on my PC. I don't see how this helps Microsoft sell consoles, but hey I am happy with this move from the PC perspective.

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They updated the article to reflect that the framerate is not locked. So on PC the framerate is unlocked.

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