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I thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough of the game. I beat it in one sitting because I felt compelled to continue playing the game and see the story to the end. There arent many games out there that make me feel that way and I play games shorter than The Order 1886. A really fun game from beginning to end that does a lot of things average but a few things absolutely fantastic, making for a great game. #2.1
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I agree with the sentiment of wishing you could explore the world more. Bioshock Infinite had the same problem. #4.2
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Hey thats great and all, but the problem is that IGN (like most reviewers) submit their scores to metacritic and a 6.5 on metacritic is not considered a good score. If their point is that the game is average than that is a 7.

All these sites can talk on and on about how their site reviews games according to their scale, but when they take those scores and submit them to metacritic then their scores need to be inline with what metacritic considers to be a good or bad score fo... #2.1
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This is them attempting to do damage control now that people have actually tried the game and realize it isnt terrible. #1.1
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I really enjoyed The Order so I definitely hope we see a sequel. The game is good. #1.1.4
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I really enjoyed it as well. I felt compelled to play it all in one sitting. Lasted like 9 hours with exploring and playing on Hard. I wasnt bored at all and the game looked amazing, the World was very well defined, and I loved the characters.

I just dont get these review scores that are crazy low. The Order may not do anything exceptionally well, besides graphics, but it doesnt do anything wrong either. How this game is getting such low scores is beyond me. #1.4
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I beat this on hard at close to 9 hours. Yep the qtes did catch me off guard, but overall I had a good time with the game. It doesnt really do anything wrong and the graphics are really pretty. A solid 8 from me. #2.3
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I loved the mp in Me3 and I am really looking forward to what they do with Me4 mp. #1.1.1
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I want it to be true as well, but that is so soon after the Japanese release date. I was thinking it would at least be around Christmas time. Still I am not complaining, the sooner the better. #1.1
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Hey wasnt that Vincent from Catherine in one of those cells. At 1:58 that looks just like Vincent. #1.1.1
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The hell is wrong with them. This is disgusting. #1.2
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When the article said Current Gen Only, I was thinking wow that sucks only on PS3 and 360. I really need to get use to thinking that Current Gen is the PS4 and Xbox One already. #1.1.1
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This is my reason for buying a WiiU. #2.2
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I am the same, it took me over a 100 hour to beat Dark Souls 2 and thats like a 20 hour game. #1.2.1
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Hey now, Old Snake from MGS4 had ass for days. So many wonderful crawling scenes. The wonders of muscle suit technology. #1.1.4
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I was hyped for this game before I started reading about the censorship. Quite frankly it's pointless because the same people that would have complained before the censorship will still complain after the censorship. All they succeeded in doing is depriving customers of the original experience.

I did want to buy the game on release to support the developer, but I am not willing to support censorship. Shame because the game looked interesting and harmless. Seriously, peopl... #1.1
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Oh good I hope they hire a talented writer this time because the humor in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel was terrible. The Tales of the Borderland was infinitely more funny than anything that Andy guy wrote. #1
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Microsoft did make a lot of claims that without the 24 hour check in and Always online it would be impossible to do this sort of thing. Then shortly after they made that claim, Sony implemented what they said was impossible without Microsoft restrictive sounding policies. After that Microsoft said they would reevaluate if it was possible and implement similar features later on.

In short, Microsoft got caught in their lie and Sony came out looking like the hero because of Mic... #8.1
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What surprises me is that Microsoft wasn't the first one to market with this sort of technology considering the emphasize Microsoft put on the Cloud. I have to say I was against Cloud game and while I am still skeptical, I really enjoy PS Now. The service is simply amazing technology. PS Now does make me wish Microsoft would have found a better way to introduce their old policies without them seeming like it was all restrictive limitations. If they would have took Sony's approach and... #1.3
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At first I felt like PS Now subscription deal was just bad, but the more I think about it the more I like it. The reason for that is because you have instant access to over a hundred games.

I have been with Gamefly for over 2 years now and I love that service. But the truth is that while I have access to hundreds of games, it isn't instant. I have to wait days, if not a little over a week sometimes to get a new game. Whereas with this subscription plan I can instantly acc... #1.1.2
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