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I agree for the most part, but FF13 was not a bad game. It was a linear game and a lot of the combat mechanics where handed out way to slow. But it was not a bad game. Also, open world doesnt always mean good. Hell in most cases, open world just means lazy game design. Yes there are those exceptional cases like Witcher 3, but if you really think about it there are far more bad examples than good ones.

Oh and the reason a lot of the characters and story line in FF15 feels u...

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OH MY GOD! I cant wait until this unlocks.

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I much prefer Destiny 2 when its being heartfelt and emotional. I hate all of the "jokes" in the game. They are so forced that they just ruin your immersion. If the developers don't believe in their story than who will? Halo had light heart moments that made you smile and laugh. But they are trying so hard to be funny in Destiny 2 that it feels out of place and ruins a greater experience that you could be having. The same is true of this trailer.

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I dont know honestly. I have played Skyrim a lot, but the idea of playing Skyrim on the Go does appeal to me. I don't know, maybe I will, probably not Day 1 at full price though.

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Hey, the 90s where great.

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My power went down in Hurricane Irma, but I was able to keep playing my Switch. It was really nice having that to take my mind off all the stuff going around me. It really helped me relax. I love playing the Switch in handheld mode in general. I didnt think I would care for it too much, handheld mode that is, but I really love it.

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China is a huge market for PC gaming. I know we dont traditionally think that way, but having a game be successful in China is actually a huge deal. Obviously, they will be fine without China, but that is a huge market they could potentially lose out on.

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Even worse then that, it was their C team. The B team was brainstorming and working on the next Dragon Age game.

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Not all the blades shown are women. Plus the amazing thing here is that all of these legendary designers are making Blades for this game. Its insane that this is happening, we haven't seen this level of talent contributing to a game since... Let It Die with the music collaboration.

Something truly amazing and unique is happening with this game. That is what should be paid attention to, not the gender of the Blades.

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Has this person never used a N64 controller before?

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And I thought I couldnt get more excited for this game.

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I am really happy to see this because I brought my Switch day 1, so hopefully this translates into more 3rd party support.

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Best article of today.

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Lets not throw around random allegations. Let's wait for more information to come forward. This is obviously only the start.

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What makes it sexist? She isn't being forced to do something she doesn't believe in? She is getting paid well and she is representing a product that appeals to millions of people world wide. So again, what makes it sexist? Does her being in a bikini make it sexist? Instead of throwing around a word like sexist, properly explain why this is sexist. Something tells me if you did that you would sound even more foolish than you already do.

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I completely agree with you.

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I really enjoyed FF13 personally. A lot of people I knew felt the same way. Yes, FF13 is a heavily linear game, but I dont know when people started feeling like that was an issue for a jrpg. Nowadays we have all of these open world experiences and most of them dont really hold up. You can point to a few stellar examples like the Witcher 3. But there are so many open world games that are just go here and do X, over and over again. X is literally the same thing you have done before with no dive...

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Seriously, with what he is trying to do he wont be done with BG&E2 anytime soon. I doubt the tech even exist to fully realize his vision and I don't see his game even being on the PS4/Xbox One generation of consoles. I hope he can pull it off though.

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P5 is an amazing game. I love it. However, it holds your damn hand way too much. You don't have close to true freedom until about 10 hours into the game. Mind you, its done in such a way that it doesn't feel that restricted but in reality you are really limited. P5 simply holds the player's hand for far too long. It's an amazing game, with an amazing story. But man I really wish it wasnt so restricted.

Mind you, P4 restricted the player for the first 2 hour...

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To be fair, it probably was better than Crackdown in it's current form. But considering Microsoft delayed Crackdown because they didnt feel it was good enough to release that doesnt say much for Agent of Mayhem.

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