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So this is how people felt when they kept pushing FF13 on people.

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Of course not, most people are blind sheep and wont buy this game because its a Metal Gear game not by Kojima... Quite frankly, thats pathetic. I am probably not going to buy it because of the always online bs for sp.

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Yeah, I was looking forward to this on PC. But right now there are so many games coming out that there is plenty to hold you over. People dont remember delays, but they never let you forget if the game is broken out the gate. So take the time and get it right.

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KoA is simply amazing, I couldnt agree more.

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Most games on the Switch actually looks good. It makes you really think about this 4k craze going on right now when some of the most beautiful games we can point to our on the Switch. Certainly, you can see the limitations. But its not so bad that it would make you not want to play the game.

I am not saying 4k and better graphics is bad or anything. I am just saying, that what we are being offered right now isnt enough to make the performance the Switch outputs so bad that ...

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Always online? No, thanks. I was one of the people that was seriously going to buy the game as well. But no, I wont be supporting always online single player games. Yes, there is mp but there is also sp and I shouldnt have to be online for that. Thats how I feel. So, I will pass based on what they are doing with the game and not some misguided hate of Konami.

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It looks like he was blacklisted. Then he posted on the Internet about it and it caught like wildfire. Then all of a sudden he is being told he is no longer blacklisted. This is great news because now other actual game journalist will know how to handle being blacklisted like this in the future.

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I love that this is going to be a thing.

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Same, it was the biggest news of the Direct. I am so glad to see the game get a remix version.

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Seriously, beside the draw of this on the Switch is the same draw of all these games on the Switch. Its the on the go aspect, which turns out is really and truly compelling. I love my Switch because I get these great games on the go.

I never thought of myself as a mobile gamer, but with the Switch I get the best of both worlds.

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You are not alone in thinking this way. don't be discouraged by people with their blind loyalty.

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Kojima had been saying for years that he wanted to move on anyways. He said it so much that it became a meme. People can be as split as they want to be right now, if the game is good when it comes out then the fanbase will be there for the game. Quite frankly, I am looking forward to seeing a mainstream MGS title that is done by someone else. Kojima has some crazy ideas, but his stories tend to fall apart when you look to closely at them.

With that said, yes Konami behaved...

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Kojima profited greatly off of David Hayter and treated him like shit as well, so whats your point? It's called business and sometimes business is heartless. I am not saying Konami is a good company or anything, far from it, but I will judge this game based on its own.

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Loot boxes aren't inherently bad. If done right they are just another mechanic in the game. Loot boxes have been done right before and surprisingly EA was one of the companies to do them right with Mass Effect 3. Obviously, loot boxes can become a plague that ruins games as well, but we wont know that until the game is out.

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I will wait until the game is out before I judge it. I feel people are far to eager to hate anything Konami related because of the Kojima stuff. I am sorry, but the man was not a saint or did we all simply forget how David Hayter was discarded by him. Konami certainly doesnt deserve praise, but what corporation truly does? I will judge Metal Gear Survive on its own merit and not blindly hate something because its the cool thing to do.

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How many hours per day did he spend playing the game? Busy people actually don't have a lot of time like people without jobs or people that just plan on focusing heavily on this game. I am not taking away anything from this guy, but that sentence along gives us no information. It just plays on the assumptions that people make about this sort of statement.

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Every step of the way Bungie is ripping off their consumers. Why are people even still playing this game? I don't care that its fun, the company is scamming you every step of the way. Wake up people, damn.

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The gaming industry is making more money now than ever. That was true before the loot box craze started. The reality is that publishers are greedy as hell. Thats all there is to it, pure and simple. I pay $6 to see a movie that cost $100 million dollars plus to make. You know what, those movies still end up making a billion dollars plus in many cases.

Game publishers simply want to ripoff their consumers at every level they can. They don't care about their consumers and...

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Honestly, this crap is why government regulations are going to come to gaming and I can't say I am displeased.

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No actually, you can't earn all the stuff by simply playing the game. That is why people are outraged. Its not that they are pushing loot boxes, its that even if you just played the game constantly you can't earn all of the stuff. You literally have to buy loot boxes in order to access game content.

If you are okay with these horrible practices, then just say so. But please stop making excuse for a company with horrible anti-consumer policies.

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