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What Bungie is doing is low and its not okay. I am hooked on Destiny so I will buy the dlc, like I brought all the other dlc. Bungie has me and many like me in there pocket for Destiny. However, my opinion of Bungie is low as it can be at this point but I am all in. With that said, I have no interest in buying any Bungie products anymore. #1.1
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I really liked what I saw here. I am thinking it will be 4 player coop or 4 players with different stories to tell. I wasnt the biggest fan of Mafia 2 but I did like it. This really feels like its going to be good so far. #1.1.3
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They arent feeling it cause the main protagonist isnt white. The dude does look interracial but thats not enough for them. #1.4.3
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I feel like Dorian was a missed opportunity, and I will say so right now.

Also sorry for the wall of text.

***************SPOILER WARNING*********************

Through out the Dragon Age series you constantly hear references to the Tevinter Imperium Magistrates, these guys are the big bad wolves. They are the ones who enter the Golden City (basically Heaven or Olympus) and tried to claim the power and throne of the gods. For this they where pu... #1.1.1
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I didnt realize how sad I was until I saw these pictures and now the tears are flowing. Goodbye Iwata and thank you. #1.1.1
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You can win yours after I get mine. In all seriousness, its really cool of N4G to do stuff like this for us. #1.5
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I think its great what N4G does as well with the giveaways to loyal fans. #19
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Oh yeah this game looks like a blast. I am super excited to try it out. #1.3
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I do too, I think a mp game life depends on making sure new players have a fun experience early on. A good matchmaking system is absolutely required for that. #1.1
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Right, I love that this is on PS+. This game looks cool and all but I dont know that I would normally buy it. #1.2
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I love that Sweet tooth is in the game too. I am really happy to see that this is happening. #1.3
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The game looks amazing and it will no doubt be a technical marvel. What concerns me is that every time we hear these extended sessions of Big Boss talking it tends to be the Japanese version of the game. Maybe I am wrong but previous games heavily featured the Western voice actors when showing off new content.

Love or hate the change voice actors all you want, but my concern is that they built up Kieffer Sutherland as being this big deal as he portray Big Boss very well, acc... #1.1.2
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I love how Japanese companies could careless about being politically correct. It's a nice change of pace from all the PC silliness. #1.1
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Steal and digital copy probably isnt two words you want in the same sentence.

Anyhow, this is a great deal for a great game. #1.1
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I am glad I didnt sale off my copy of DA:I, it really was a great game. Time to boot it back up and have another go at it. #1.1
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I am glad this game is getting a PC release. It was weird and fantastic on the Xbox One. Sadly, the game never really got that push it deserved, marketing wise. I know this game was suppose to be episodic, but at its current rate I am not sure it would receive its follow up episodes. I think the nature of this game is something that appeals to a lot of people and with a PC release it has a chance at being truly successful. #1.2
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I am buying a WiiU just to play this game. The other WiiU games will be enjoyable but it is this game that I am buying the console to play. So it is a system seller. Many people, like me, are waiting for this game to come out or get a firm release date before they purchase a WiiU. I think this game is going to surprise people with how well it does and the boost in WiiU console sales.

It looks like Nintendo might be using this as their big game for the holidays. If that happe... #1.2
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On May 19, I am buying The Witcher 3. A game I know want be a huge disappointment. #1.1
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"Hardcore feminist" is probably code for sexist against men. Calling oneself a hardcore feminist seems redundant, a feminist should just be a feminist. Unfortunately, there are some people trying to push a pro female agenda as oppose to an equal rights agenda. Which just makes them sexist, but they like to hide behind the feminist label.

OT: I don't necessarily think there is anything wrong with being offended by gaming content in general. After all plenty of pe... #1.1.1
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Now the question is how will Rockstar react to this advancement? I hope they are okay with it and don't try to actively block it, but I just don't know what they will do because of their fake currency they want everyone to buy. #1.1
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