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I have a lot of people on Twitch play The Culling and it looks pretty fun.

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Yeah they probably should remove that. Especially with all the idiots out there just waiting to champion a cause for people who can defend themselves.

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I think this game is going to get support from a lot of people that would normally never touch it. I will end up buying it, but normally I could care less about this game series.

However, this game is almost becoming a flagship title to take a stance on. It's weird, but it also shows how all of the sjw idiocy is actually hurting real feminism.

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People are bothered not because the review score is low. But because it is blatantly obvious the reason this game was scored so low is because of the agendas being currently pushed.

Rather than score the game fairly, the game is scored based on absurd agendas. This is the issue, not the low scores. No one really thought this sort of game would score well to begin with. But a review from a professional major site like Destructoid is suppose to have some standards. Instead we s...

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This perfectly points to what is wrong with so called "game journalism". No objectivity, all bias. What a sad state of affairs.

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I still enjoy Fallout 4, even if it did kind of get sort of boring.

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Butthurt? No way. This is a guy that cared about his job and the fans. A guy who invested himself in a character for over 10+ years. Then he was summarily tossed to the side like garbage.

You work a job for 10+ years and tell me how you would feel if they fired you without any proper notice. Hayter could have been a lot more salty about this whole thing, but from day 1 he has said to fans to play the game they have invested so much time and love in.

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He isn't his clone by the way. And they used the same Japanese voice actor for Venom Snake as Snake in all the previous games.

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Yeah Kojima sounds like a royal ass that got what was coming to him with the whole Konami debacle. I think if we all had more information about why Konami got rid of him, there wouldnt be so many folks thinking he is oh so great. Konami gave him a taste of his own medicine and I am glad Hayter moved on.

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Just dual boot or use another program to add a Windows partition in for your Mac. I believe nowadays it isn't even necessary to reboot the Mac into a Windows only environment.

The great thing about the Mac is that you do have those options.

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I am just glad that there will be the option to download the whole thing. It's a shame that it couldnt all be included on the disc, but I prefer this option. Not everyone wants to be connected online the full time or maybe there internet isn't stable because there internet provider, like Comcast, suck.

This is a good option.

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The Division, like Destiny, is a mmo regardless of what the developer says. So yeah you need an online connection to play a MMO. No one is surprised about this. Battleborn is not a MMO. It specifically has a sp mode and couch coop mode. There is no need for it to be always online. The online was the main draw to the game so it wouldnt have had the issues many other sp only games face.

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Shame, I really wanted to buy this game. Now I won't just on principle. Oh well.

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True, but that is for the complete package. I like the fact that Sony did it this way, so you know full well that if you get the bundle you will be able to access PSVR in all its capabilities.

If you already own a camera and controllers than you have to specifically seek out the PSVR only. This way Sony stops confusion by having consumers buy a product with everything for the maximum experience.

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I got my preorder in at Gamestop so I am all set. VR is definitely the future and I am looking forward to what Sony can do in this space. I really hope they let their device be used with the PC, but that is just wishful thinking. Still, I can dream.

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I got a pre-order in from Gamestop.

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Right, VR is definitely the next trend in the market. VR has a lot of applications and gaming is just one of them. Will Sony be dominate in the VR space? I don't know. The reality is that if you want the optimum VR experience from Sony and you just own the PS4, like the majority of their customers do, then its a $500 entry point. However, that isnt a bad price all things considered.

I think price point isn't going to be the main selling factor for VR. After all, there...

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Does this guy not know that the premise of this game is that it's Pokemon in Tekken style.

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Phoenix Credits arent even hard to get. Purples drop like crazy in DZ as well. I wont begrudge people for doing this, but it isnt needed.

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I was down on Sony's VR because I didnt know the final price of it, with everything you need for the optimum experience. But $499 for all of this is one hell of a deal.

Sony you have won me back over. I am on that hype train now. I need PSVR in my life. Hopefully I can snag one of those pre-orders.

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