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Yeah don't hate, PS4 has way more games than the Bone. All those AAA indie megatastic minercraft clones, and innovative never been done before side scrolling games, push the PS4 right past the Bone. The Bone just has more of those silly little AAA blockbuster titles. Who wants those?

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"Apps, services and entertainment? That's what don brought."

Later to be copied by Sony and Nintendo.

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"I'm pretty sure it's free" Not for the cash strapped near bankrupt Sony it isn't.

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Whether you like it or not, Skype is free disagree ninjas. Go back to your delays.

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What "huge margin"?

It's like a denial train jumped the tracks and ran through the PS fanboy village spilling jealous juice everywhere.

You PS fans should probably leave this news alone. You look like complete utter fools with every comment.

"there is no proof of this actually being true" There is no need for proof. Everyone on earth knows the benefit here but you PS guys.

Ever since MS dropped this me...

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PC is superior, even an Xboxer like me knows that. Even with issues it still looks better on PC. And just like on console, there will be patches.

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If you want to know what NeoGAF is like, just look up.

Look how they claim that there are more PS fans on earth. Ignoring the 2 billion PC's, and Nintendo.

I think it's a bold move for MS. It says "come Sony fans, check out our show"

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missed the boat

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I bet you wish you could edit that.

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PS guys have such short term memories. Not long ago when Watch Dogs was announced to be sub 1080p on PS4 (the day Sony got caught lying) resolution didn't matter anymore.

hypocrisy shines.

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You PS guys used the "RGB" excuse last gen on the PS3.

You guys are just vomiting up 8 year old excuses.

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Yeah, they went from bashing Crytek to now having to like Crytek.

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Jag http://dictionary.reference...

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12 vs 12 PVP Lag lag lag

Should be using servers, or cloud.

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Japan doesn't love Sony the way they once did.

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Only on N4G does "trolling" get a well said.

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Cryteks games don't look average. Try finding a game that looks better than Ryse.

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Dude this is N4G, the biggest Sony fan site on the net. They actually manipulate Xbox news here.

Gamers hated DRM, Kinect, Paywalls so MS ditched them. The PS fans and bloggers here at N4G are desperate to downplay the news out of fear.

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Same things Sony does.

Nice try though.

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The fact that they removed it shows that they do.

Nice try though.

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