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Maybe they mean the PS4 has no good games.

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No thanks.

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Shouldn't you be playing CoD?

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The comments are priceless.

Evil grin.

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Lot of damage control around MS's launch in China lately.

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Titanfall is a huge success. I wouldn't be surprised if MS wrote a bigger check to keep it exclusive, they sure have enough money.

And to think some people predicted (cough wanted) Titanfall to fail. Even had nicknames for it like Titanflop and Titanfail.

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Maybe because they see the company that owns them is about to go bankrupt.

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Yeah MS needed the space because the landfills with all the Sony failed products like PSP's, Move, Walkman, Sony TV's, Viao's and Eyetoy's are full.


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Great more ports of old games. Thanks S**y for starting a new trend of charging people for games they already own.

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So will you say that when Sony announces it's next project?

@josephayal What Xbox? Haven't you been caught lying about having an Xbox before?

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Funny, when MS talks cloud you guys say "Claims, claims, claims" or "Don't believe it" but when Sony talks cloud it's "great, great, great" and "we believe all of it".

Make up your minds. Cloud can't be "fairy tales" when it comes from MS, but real when it comes from Sony.

You know, Sony bought into cloud after they seen how it was going to benefit it's competitors, like MS.


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Looks like georgeenoob ruffled a few PS feathers with truth. Look how fast the PS fans jumped to try and downplay the X1's higher scoring games.

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Sony is going bankrupt, that's why they keep selling off assets.

Wake up!

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4 key people have jumped ship in the past month.

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You god disagrees because you mentioned DX12, and DX12 scares PS people.

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So basically right now the PS4 offers little in the way of games, and features.

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MidnytRain you need medication.

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"Please, no more cloud lies"

Reminds me of the people who once thought the world was flat, or that thunderstorms are gods wrath.

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andrewsqual here is your link

Stop with the denial.

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