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patrik23 or you

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Good score. The tears from camp delay are delicious.

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Did MS pay Sony to run Killzone sub HD?

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Xbox gamers just have more experience gaming online. One: they been gaming online longer. Two: Live has always been the biggest selling point. Xbox gamers were gaming online while Sony was still trying to figure out how it worked. When it comes to gaming online, the experience level goes like this.


That is why you see PC and Xbox at MLG but no PS or Nintendo. Sony is still playing catch up. Hell, PSN has been 100% ...

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How can anyone root for something that has already failed to deliver? That's like rooting for a football team to lose when it lost the game.

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Yeah, you are.

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@NewMonday I have never seen so much damage control. 343 did a fine job with Halo 4 and Halo Anniversary. Halo MCC is a beast of a game. So, I would place bets on Halo 5 being pretty damn good.

Apparently in the MS/Bungie divorce, MS got all the talent. What is sad is Bongies worst Halo game is better than Destiny.

Halo ODST 83


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It's clear that some people here were wishing Destiny would be bigger than Halo. Keep wishing, maybe next time. All that money Sony spent on ads, dlc, and a PS4 bundle just for a mediocre game. The saddest part is Bungie can never return to Halo and the Halo fans.

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Yet it won graphics of the year, multiple times.

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You're not alone, there are a couple of you running around.

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Perfect dream article for N4S. Do people here even realize Sony just lost another 2 billion?

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Destiny is the most traded game I seen in the store all year. One guy traded it and hit the bargain bin, left with 15 games.

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So PSN goes down or a couple people and the first reaction on N4G is to deny it and jam disagree.

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Titanfall is usually thrown in by the fanbase who doesn't get to play Titanfall.

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N4G will continue to block it until it goes viral and they have no choice. N4G is a Sony site, ran for, and by Sony people. Of course they're going to do what ever they can to block negative news. It's like FOX news.

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LOL what is desperate is this article. MS has the money to burn or spend however they like. Sony, not so much (maybe they need welfare)

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That's funny Bloodborn you should say that considering Sony is heaviest when it comes to DRM. Yup :)

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I knew it was going to be an average game. Activision is crap when it comes to quality control. They make the cheapest product, rush it out the door, and milk it as much as they can.

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Critics? Most gamers and critics feel the same about Destiny. It's an average game, nothing special.

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